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Artist Trading Cards

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Artist Trading Cards Or ATCs What are ATCs? ATCs are masterpieces in miniature that are swapped and collected just like baseball, hockey and trading cards. Original art Unlike other trading cards, ATCs are miniature pieces of art created by artist and strictly traded or swapped, never sold.

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what are atcs
What are ATCs?
  • ATCs are masterpieces in miniature that are swapped and collected just like baseball, hockey and trading cards.
original art
Original art
  • Unlike other trading cards, ATCs are miniature pieces of art created by artist and strictly traded or swapped, never sold.
  • When creating a card, you are limited by just one thing: size.
  • The cards must measure 2 ½ inches wide by 3 ½ inches tall or 64mm x 89mm.
small canvas
Small Canvas
  • Artist have found all kinds of ways to fit painting, collage, rubber stamping, watercolor, transfers, beading, found objects, stitching, photography, computers graphics, and even metalwork onto their cards.
3 dimensional cards
3-Dimensional Cards
  • Although the base of most cards is cardstock, some can be made from fabric, metal, and even dried gourds.
  • They can be 3-d and interactive, with pop- ups, doors, rotating wheels, levers and other playful features.
one of a kind
One of a kind
  • Unique ATCs are called originals.
  • The cards can be created as one of a kind originals, or a set of identical cards called multiples.
  • A set of identical ATCs are called editions and are numbered.
  • Editions can have small differences like color.
  • They will be the same repeated image, example a print or stamp.
  • ATCs that are based on one theme and are different are called a series.
atcs an unofficial history
ATCs: An Unofficial History
  • After admiring a collection of hockey trading cards, Swiss performing artist M. Vanci Stirneman was inspired to develop a concept of “A Collaborative Cultural Performance” in 1996.
1000 trading cards
1000 trading cards
  • He then created over 1000 Artist Trading Cards, displayed them in his Zurich book store and on the last day encouraged anyone who wanted one to create their own ATCs to trade.
  • ATCs might still be known by just a few if not for the Internet. Unencumbered by borders, ATCs have now spread worldwide.
trade sessions
Trade sessions
  • These days you can find a ATC trade session occurring regularly in most major cities, and swapping cards is as close as a computer keyboard.
  • ATC trades have been based on all kinds of ideas, interests and obsessions.
  • ATCs can be academic or silly.
  • ATCs are as diverse as those who create them.
art class restrictions
Art Class Restrictions
  • I will always say NO to the following subjects.
    • Alcohol
    • Drugs and paraphernalia
    • Nudes
    • Sexist or Sexual content
    • Racial or Bigotry
    • Gangs and gang symbols
  • You can explore these on your own.
  • ATCs are not about money.
  • Cards are typically trade one-for-one, but just like baseball cards, some artists are more sought after.
1 2 3
  • One of the biggest challenges for those that are new to this art form is using too many images that are all of approximately equal in proportion.
  • This results in ATCs that seem very busy to the eye.
your first project
Your first project
  • You will be creating a total of nine ATCs.
  • The first 3 are to be
    • 3 original art works
      • They can be pencil, computer generated, or pen drawings.
      • You can add color using color pencils or watercolor paints.
how to get started for an original
How to get started for an original.
  • Rules for an original art work.
    • One main focal image.
    • Fill up the entire card
    • Can be abstract or non objective.
    • Can focus on an element of art like:
      • Line
      • Shape
      • Color
your second project
Your second project
  • A series
    • 3 of a series
      • Must have the same theme.
      • They can be a collage, pencil, computer generated or pen drawings.
      • You can add color using color pencils, markers, gel pens or watercolor paints.
      • You can collage on paper, stickers, written notes and found objects.
how to get started for a series
How to get started for a series.
  • Rules for a series.
    • One main focal image.
    • Two pieces of background paper
    • Three tiny embellishments.
your third project
Your third project
  • An edition
    • You must have 3 of the same image. The only way they are to be different is by their color or backgrounds.
      • They can be a collage, pencil, computer generated, or pen drawings.
      • You can add color using color pencils or watercolor paints.
how to get stated for an edition
How to get stated for an edition.
  • Rules for an edition.
  • The same image must be used 3 times.
    • One main image repeated 3 times.
    • Colors and bacgrounds can be the only changes.
    • Must be number
      • 1/3, 2/3, 3/3
working on your own
Working on your own
  • You are required to:
    • Come in at the start of class and get all your work and supplies out.
    • Ask me if you need something at the beginning of class. Do not sit in your chair doing nothing and then say something at the end of class.
    • Work on your own and do notbother other people. This may include loud talking, tapping, singing and other bad habits.
    • Tell me when you are finish with all 9 ATCs.
turning in project
Turning in project
  • All9 must be turned in at the same time.
    • You can paper clip them together or use a rubber band.
    • Or place all cards in a trading card plastic sleeve holder.
  • They all must have your information on the back fill out the card information and glue to the back of your ATC.
  • Place your competed project in the turn in box.
back information
Back information
  • Fill out and glue to the back of your ATC.
  • Artist Name:__________________
  • Grade:___________________
  • School: __________________
  • Type of ATC: Original Edition Series Other____________
  • Number: ________________
  • Artist Statistics ___________
after turning in your project
After turning in your project
  • If you understand the project, you will be allowed to create some ATC for trading.
  • I will allow you to post or display your extras for trading.
  • You will be allow to continue trading cards all year long.
rushing or dragging your feet
Rushing or dragging your feet
  • If you rush the project and turn in bad work you will have to do all the work over until I am happy.
  • If you drag your feet, you will have to come in after school to complete your assignments or have homework.
trade center
Trade center
  • Open trade - cards to be traded between all my art classes are to be posted on the bullet board.
  • If there is a card you want you must trade it for one of your own.
  • Do no just steal the card or replace it with a bad or unappealing card.
  • If you do not want your work in open trade you can offer to trade in your class.
  • This project is due one week after it has been assigned to you.
  • If you have any problems you must talk to me.
groups or forums
Groups or Forums
  • Flickr.comgroups/95067770@N00
works cited
Works cited
  • Internet
  • Books
    • Artist Trading Cards
    • Trading Cards Techniques & ATCs