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WordSkills : Lesson One

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WordSkills : Lesson One - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WordSkills : Lesson One. Word parts: Prefixes Students need to write down the prefix, its definition, and at least two examples to help you to remember the meaning. There are 3 major parts to a word. Prefixes- comes at the beginning of a word Roots- the middle “root” word

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wordskills lesson one

WordSkills:Lesson One

Word parts: Prefixes

Students need to write down the prefix, its definition, and at least two examples to help you to remember the meaning.

there are 3 major parts to a word
There are 3 major parts to a word
  • Prefixes- comes at the beginning of a word
  • Roots- the middle “root” word
  • Suffixes- comes at the end of a word
  • Predetermined-Pre (prefix meaning before) deter and min (root) ed (suffix determining time frame)
a an no not without lacking
a (an): no, not, without, lacking
  • amnesia

a (without) mne (memory) ia (condition, state of)

  • anarchy

an (without) arch (rule, government) y (result of)

  • atheist

a (lacking, without) theo (god) ist (one who)

ambi both
ambi: both
  • ambiguous

ambi (both) ag (do, drive) ous (full of)

  • ambidextrous

ambi (both) dextro (right-handed) ous (full of)

  • ambivalent

ambi (both) val (strong) ent (full of)

anti against
anti: against
  • antidote

anti (against) dot (give)

  • antibiotic

anti (against) bio (life) ic (having characteristics of)

  • antisocial

anti (against) soc (society) al(having characteristics of)

circum around
circum: around
  • circumference

circum (around) fer (carry) ence(state or condition)

  • circumscribe

circum (around) scribe (write)

  • circumnavigate

circum (around) nav (sail) ate (make, cause)s

de down from
de: down, from
  • demote

de (down) mot (move)

  • descend

de (down) scend (climb)

  • decline

de (down) clin (bend)

dis di dif apart away not
dis (di, dif): apart, away, not
  • divert

di (away) vert (turn)

  • differ

dif (away) fer (carry)

  • disrupt

dis (apart) rupt (break)

endo inside within
endo: inside, within
  • endoderm

endo (within) derm (skin)

  • endocardium

endo (inside) cardi (heart) ium (condition, place)

  • endocrine

endo (inside) krin (separate)

exo outside
exo: outside
  • exocrine

exo (outside) krin (separate)

  • exotic

exo (outside) ic (having characteristics of)

  • exosphere

exo (outside) sphere (sphere)

extra extro beyond
extra (extro): beyond
  • extraordinary

extra (beyond) ordin (order) ary (place where)

  • extrasensory

extra (beyond) sens(feel) ory (having characteristics of)

  • extraterrestrial

extra (beyond) terrestri (earth) al (related to)

hetero different
hetero: different
  • heterogeneous

hetero (different) gen (kind) ous (full of)

  • heteromorphic

hetero(different) morph(shape) ic(having characteristics of)

  • heterosexual

hetero (different) sex (sex) al (related to)

homo same
homo: same
  • homonym

homo (same) onym (name)

  • homogeneous

homo (same) gen (kind) ous (full of)

  • homophone

homo (same) phon (sound)

in il im ir in into
in (il, im, ir): in, into
  • inject

in (in, into) ject (throw)

  • illuminate

il (in) lumin (light) ate (make, cause)

  • import

im (in) port (carry)

  • irrigate

ir (in) rigar (water) ate (make, cause)

in ig il im ir
in (ig, il, im, ir)

Inactive in (not) act (act, do) ive (having power)

Ignobleig (not) nobilis (noble)

Illegal il (not) leg (law) al (related to)

Imperfect im (not) per (thoroughly) fect (make)

Irrationalir (not) ration (reason) al (related to)

inter between among
inter: between, among
  • interact

inter (between) act (act, do)

  • interrupt

inter (between) rupt (break)

  • intervene

inter (between) vene (come)

intra intro inside within
intra (intro): inside, within
  • intravenous

intra (inside) ven (vein) ous (full of)

  • introduce

intro (inside) duc (lead)

  • introspect

intro (inside) spect (look)

iso same
iso: same
  • isometric

iso (same) metr (measure) ic (related to)

  • isosceles

iso (same) skelos (leg)

  • isothermal

iso (same) therm (heat) al (related to)

macro large great
macro: large, great
  • macroscopic

macro (large) scop (look, see) ic (having characteristics of)

  • macrocosm

macro (large) cosm (world, universe)

  • macrocyte

macro (large) cyte (cell)

micro small
micro: small
  • microscopic

Micro (small) scop (look, see) ic (having characteristics of)

  • microcosm

micro (small) cosm (world)

  • microcyte

Micro (small) cyte (cell)

medi middle
medi: middle
  • median

medi (middle) an (related to)

  • medieval

medi (middle) ev (time, age) al (related to)

  • medium

medi (middle) ium (state, condition of

per through thoroughly
per: through, thoroughly
  • perspire

per (through) spir (breath)

  • permit

per (through) mit (send)

  • perennial

per (through) enn (year) al (related to)

pre before
pre: before
  • prefix

pre (before) fix (place, put)

  • precede

pre (before) ced (go)

  • prevent

pre (before) ven (come)

post after
post: after
  • postpone

post (after) pon (place, put)

  • postscript

post (after) script (write)

  • postmeridian

post (after) meridian (midday)

se apart away
se: apart, away
  • secede

se (apart) ced (go)

  • seclude

se (away) clud (close, shut)

  • seduce

se (away) duc (lead)

syn syl sym sys same together with
syn (syl, sym, sys): same, together with
  • synonym

syn (same) onym (name)

  • symphony

sym (together) phon (sound) y (result of)

  • syllable

syl (together) lambanein (take)

ultra beyond
ultra: beyond
  • ultraliberal

ultra (beyond) liber (free) al (related to)

  • ultramodern

ultra (beyond) mod (now) ern (related to)

  • ultrasound

ultra (beyond) son (sound)