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WORDSKILLS:. Lesson 7. WORDSKILLS: LESSON ONE. PART ONE. act (ag): drive (force), do. Ag it ate Ag (force) ate (make,do) Ag ent Ag (do) ent (one who) re act Re (back, again) act (do). * andr: male. Andr oid Andr (male) oid (resembling, having characteristics) * Phil ander er

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Lesson 7

act ag drive force do
act (ag): drive (force), do
  • Agitate

Ag (force) ate (make,do)

  • Agent

Ag (do) ent (one who)

  • react

Re (back, again) act (do)

andr male
* andr: male
  • Android

Andr (male) oid (resembling, having characteristics)

* Philanderer

Phil (love) andr (male) er (one who)

* Androgenous

Andr (male) gen (origin) ous (full of) –producing male offspring.

NOTE: Androgynous

Andro (man) gyn (women) ous (full of), means having both male and female characteristics.

arthr joint
arthr: joint

* Arthropod

Arthr (joint) pod (foot)

* arthritis

Arthr (joint) itis (inflamation)

* Arthropathy

Arthr (joint) path (disease) y (result of)

biblio book
biblio: book
  • Bible

Biblio (book)

  • Bibliography

Biblio (book) graph (write, record) y (result of)

  • Bibliophile

Biblio (book) phil (love)

calli kali beautiful
Calli (kali): beautiful
  • Calligraphy

calli (beautiful) graph (write) y (result of)

  • Calisthenics

Calli (beautiful) sthenos (strength) ics (science of)

  • Kaleidoscope

Kali (beautiful) eidos (form) scop (look)

capit head
Capit: head
  • Capital

Capit (head) al (related to)

  • Decapitate

De (down, from) capit (head) ate (make, do)

  • Capitulum

Capit (head) – dense, headlike cluster of stalkless flowers: Small knob or head-shaped part as on end of a bone

chron time
* Chron: time
  • Chronic

Chron (time) ic (having characteristic of)

  • Chronological

Chron (time) log (study) al (related to)

  • Synchronize

Syn (together) chron (time) ize (make, do)

emia blood condition
* emia: blood condition
  • Anemia

An (lacking, without) emia (blood) – a pathological deficiency in the oxygen-carrying materials in the blood

  • Toxemia

Tox (poison) emia (blood)

  • Leukemia

Leuk (white) emia (blood)

NOTE: HEM and HEMO mean “blood” also, but emia means more specifically “a condition of the blood.”

flu flow
* Flu: flow
  • Fluent

Flu (flow) ent (full of)

  • Confluence

Con (together) flu (flow) ence (state, condition)

  • Superfluous

Super (over, above) flu (flow) ous (full of)

fus pour
fus: pour
  • Confuse

Con (together) fus (pour)

  • Effusive

Ef (out) fus (pour) ive (that which)

  • Profusion

Pro (forth) fus (pour) ion (state)

gno know
gno: know
  • Agnostic

A (not, without) gno (know) ic (related to)

  • Ignorance

I (not) gno (know) ance (state, condition)

  • Prognosis

pro (forward) gno (know) sis (process)

greg flock gather
* greg: flock, gather
  • Segregate

Se (apart, away) greg (gather) ate (make, do)

  • Congregation

Con (together) greg (gather) tion (act of)

  • Gregarious

Greg (flock) ious (full of)

hem hemo blood
Hem (hemo): blood
  • Hemorrhage

Hemo (blood) rrhage (flow)

  • Hemophilia

Hemo (blood) phil (love, fondness) ia (condition)

  • Hematology

Hemat (blood) logy (study of)

ism belief doctrine
ism: belief, doctrine
  • Communism

Communis (common) ism (doctrine)

  • Chauvinism

Chauvin (a legendary French soldier who fanatically supported Napoleon) ism (belief)

  • Egoism

Ego (self) ism (belief)

jur swear
jur: swear
  • Juror

jur (swear) or (one who)

  • Perjury

Per (thoroughly) jur (swear) y (result of)

  • Abjure

Ab (away) jur (swear) – to recant or repudiate

lat side
lat: side
  • Lateral

Later (side) al (related to)

  • Unilateral

Uni (one) later (side) al (related to)

  • Quadrilateral

Quadr (four) later (side) al (related to)

mania craze obsession
mania: craze, obsession
  • Maniac

Mania (obsession)

  • Kleptomania

Klept (steal) mania (obsession)

  • Pyromania

Pyro (fire) mania (obsession)

neuro nerve brain
neuro: nerve, brain
  • Neurology

Neuro (nerve, brain) logy (study of)

  • Neuralgia

Neuro (nerve, brain) alg (pain) ia (condition)

  • Neurectomy

Neuro (nerve) ec (out) tom (cut) y (result of)

ped pod foot
Ped (pod): foot
  • Pedal

Ped (foot) al (related to)

  • Pedestrian

Ped (foot) ian (one who)

  • Podiatrist

Pod (foot) iatr (cure, heal) ist (one who)

rupt break burst
rupt: break, burst
  • Rupture

Rupt (burst) ure (state of)

  • Erupt

E (out) rupt (burst)

  • Interrupt

Inter (between, among) rupt (break)

scrib script write
Scrib (script): write
  • Scribble

Scrib (write)

  • Circumscribe

Circum (around) scrib (write) – to encircle or to limit

  • Post script

Post (after) script (write)

terr land earth
terr: land, earth
  • Terrain

Terr (land) ain (related to)

  • Inter

In (in, into) ter (earth) – bury

  • Terricolous

Terr (earth) colere (dwell) ous (full of) – dwelling in or on the earth

tors tort twist
Tors (tort): twist
  • Torso

Tors (twist)

  • Distort

Dis (apart, away) tort (twist)

  • Tortuous

Tort (twist) ous (full of)

vers vert turn
Vers (vert): turn
  • Reverse

Re (back) vers (turn)

  • Convert

Con (together) vert (turn)

  • Versatile

Vers (turn)

vor eat
Vor: eat
  • Devour

De (down) vor (eat)

  • Carnivorous

Carn (flesh, meat) vor (eat) ous (full of)

  • Voracious

Vor (eat) cious (having qualities of)