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Country case studies: Cohesion Policy Funding

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Country case studies: Cohesion Policy Funding - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Country case studies: Cohesion Policy Funding. Environmental harmful subsidies – a real threat to biodiversity 11. January 2010, Brussels Franziska Mey , EU-Policy WWF Germany. Content. Funding allocations Case studies Spain and Poland Outlook. Funding Allocations.

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Country case studies: Cohesion Policy Funding

Environmental harmful subsidies – a real threat to biodiversity

11. January 2010, Brussels

FranziskaMey, EU-Policy

WWF Germany

  • Funding allocations
  • Case studies Spain and Poland
  • Outlook
Funding Allocations

Bildleiste: Feuerfalter

To remind: 2007-2013 appr. 347 billion Euros for Cohesion Policy

Funding Allocations

Bildleiste: Feuerfalter

Good news

  • 30% of cohesion policy funding is potentially for the environment
  • forthefirst time fundingofbiodiversityandrelatedinvestmentsamount 3,8 billion Euros
  • (nearlytwicetheamountof LIFE)
  • … but 30 % environmental spending allocates for:
  • is 2/3 for transport, environmental infrastructure and risk prevention! (red)
  • Climate change investments include more than 50% for rail and risk prevention
    • Intelligent transport and clean urban transport account for 7bio €
    • Energy efficiency and renewables account for 9bio € which is only 2,6% of cohesion funding (light green)
  • Biodiversity related investments can reach 4 bio € (dark green)=>1,2% of cohesion policy funding
Funding Allocations

Bildleiste: Feuerfalter

Challenging news

Cohesion policy funding 2007-2013

…for biodiversity equates 1,2%

  • …for infrastructure equates 13%
  • appr. 46 billion Euros are still allocated for motorways, roads, ports and airports
  • - railways might also harm natural habitats

National and regional authoritiesofthe EU Member States still stick tooldstructures

e.g. German Coalition Agreement ofthenewgovernmentsays:

„ERDF investments must in future still considerclassicalbusinesssupport“

46 billion Eurosaredirectlydedicatedto traditional infrastructureinvestments

case studies
Case Studies
  • Negative Impacts due to EU Regional Development Funding (ERDF)
  • Funding for construction of dams and other infrastructure cause negative impacts on nature, includinglossand fragmentation of habitats
case study 1 spain
Case Study 1: Spain
  • Last funding period 2000-2006

Infrastructure projects - La Breña II Dam and Arenoso Dam (both in the province of Cordoba)

  • negative impact on the fragmentation of the territory of the Iberian lynx
  • received important funding through the ERDF funds
  • La Breña II Dam the European Union provided € 79,878,501 of a total budget of € 159,757,002.
  • Arenoso Dam the total budget is € 59,997,251 and the provision from the European funds is € 29,998,625
  • WWF Publication on Conflicting EU Funds
case study 2 spain
Proposed route of A-43Case Study 2: Spain
  • Funding period 2007-2013

ERDF Operational Programm

Castilla la Mancha

Major project: Highway A-43

allocated total budget of 50 Mio. €

  • will negatively effect 12 Natura 2000 sites and important areas for the Iberian Lynx

Iberian Lynx habitats

but on the other hand
… but on the other hand
  • in the same Operational Programme of the region Castilla la Mancha


51 Mio. Euro are allocated for „Categorie 51 – Promotion of biodiversity and nature protection (incl. Natura 2000)“

case study 3 spain
Case Study 3: Spain
  • Spanish Plan of Infrastructure and Transport (PEIT) 2010-2020
  • Plannedexpendituresofappr. 250 billioneurosuntil 2020
  • 20% of the financing in the last four years came from European funds (European Regional Development Fund and Cohesion Funds)
  • In 2000-2006 1/3 ERDF funding was dedicatedtoinfrastructureprojects
  • Will negativelyaffect 180 Natura 2000 sites
PEIT Highway Network Horizon 2020

Natura 2000

Infrastructure planning

Natura 2000 network in Spain

Case Study 4: Poland

Bildleiste: Biebrza Nationalpark

Via Baltica - 277-mile run from Warsaw to Helsinki

  • Case => section of “Via Baltica” expressroad (the bypass of Augustow city) should be funded by ERDF
  • The road was planned to cut pristine wetlands in Rospuda river Valley within a protected Natura 2000 site
  • Due to strong efforts of different stakeholders in Poland and the rest of the EU a bypass route was found which
  • Poland released the environmental consent for the Augustow bypass

A case which could serve as startling wake-up call to

infrastructure developers across central and eastern


  • Still conflicting EU fundingandcontradictory EU policies
  • Need ofmoretransparency on Cohesion/ ERDF funding
  • Need ofsoundinformationandmonitoring on theimpactsofCohesion/ ERDF spending
  • Assurea constructiveparticipationofstakeholders in the different monitoringcommitteeof ERDF
Bildleiste: Altwelt-BiberOutlook
  • Continouslyraisingawarness on sustainabilityissues (e.g. climateprotectionandbiodiversity)

PawełSamecki, Comissioner DG Regio

Orientation paper on futurecohesionDecember 2009

    • “Cohesion policy has a key role to play in smoothing transition to a low-carbon economy and enhancing environmental quality”
    • “Improving […] environmental sustainability through the Cohesion Fund”
Bildleiste: Altwelt-BiberOutlook
  • Whatneedstobedone:
  • Strenghtingtheuseof EU cohesionfundsforbiodiversityand Natura 2000
    • Development andimplementationofsuccessfulprojectexamplestoprotecthabitatsandcontributetonatureconserveration
  • Considerationof TEEB andecosystemservicesapproach in the EU budgetreform
  • Lobbying for EU policyandbudgettowards a more long term sustainability path