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StratSim PRESENTATION Guidelines PowerPoint Presentation
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StratSim PRESENTATION Guidelines

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StratSim PRESENTATION Guidelines - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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StratSim PRESENTATION Guidelines. Dr. Elango. StratSim PRESENTATION. Every group will make a presentation. Every group in class will be allocated exactly 10 minutes (10 min talk + 2 min for Q&A). There will be a 25% penalty for overtime.

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stratsim presentation
  • Every group will make a presentation.
  • Every group in class will be allocated exactly 10 minutes (10 min talk + 2 min for Q&A). There will be a 25% penalty for overtime.
  • All members of the group should participate in the presentation.
  • You need to be dressed formally for the presentation.
  • Students failing to show up for presentation will receive no points.
  • Assume that other students in the class are your shareholders.
  • You will Need to Justify Your Teams Performance [GOOD or BAD] to Earn Your Simulation Grade.
  • The comment that it was the “Simulation’s Fault” or “Stupid Simulation” is at best good for one quarter only [you had two trial rounds - I assume you know the old American saying “dog bites once, shame on … ; dog bites you twice shame on . . .”]
stratsim presentation guidelines3
StratSim Presentation Guidelines
  • A high-quality professional presentation with a self-explanatory slides is required (No written report is needed – therefore expectations are High!). A hard copy of the power point presentation (and other supportive material) need to be turned in to the professor on the day of the presentation.
  • You also need to e-mail me the Spreadsheet Files used by your group. Please send all the information/files in a single e-mail (I do not one file from each group member – it just tells you are sloppy group!).
  • If you have information which could document your presentation better – you can pass the same to me. Paste post-it on points you would like me look at.
  • The following two slides elaborate the issues you need to cover in your 10 minute presentation.
stratsim presentation format
StratSim Presentation Format
  • What was your initial strategy, goals and assumptions? (2 Minutes approx.)
  • Show your performance over the last five periods as well as the 2 additional periods (This is definitely an opportunity for graphical illustration!)(2 Minutes approx.)
  • Explain the reasons for the above performance? What went wrong? What went right? What are the external factors which went in your favor (or wrong)? What where the internal factors which went in favor (or wrong)? Did you make any changes to your initial strategy, goals and assumptions? To what do you attribute your company’s success (or lack of success)? (2 Minutes approx.)
stratsim presentation format5
StratSim Presentation Format
  • What did you learn from the simulation? What would you do differently if you were allowed to repeat the simulation? In your opinion what are the critical success factors for achieving competitive advantage? What is your emergent strategy (2 Minutes approx.)
  • What did you learn about yourself? What did you learn about your group-mates? How did you reduce the time needed to make decisions? What do you understand better about the role of being a manager or running a company? How can you convince me that you are better manager now -- compared to what you where 14 weeks ago? (2 Minutes approx.)