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Best Practices in Geospatial Technology at Dubai Municipality

Best Practices in Geospatial Technology at Dubai Municipality. Presented By: Mohammed Al Zaffin, Director of the GIS Department.

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Best Practices in Geospatial Technology at Dubai Municipality

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  1. Best Practices in Geospatial Technology at Dubai Municipality Presented By: Mohammed Al Zaffin, Director of the GIS Department

  2. Best Practice implies that there is a technique, process, activity, incentive or reward that is more effective at delivering a particular outcome than any other technique, method, process, etc. The idea is that with proper processes, checks, and testing, a desired outcome can be delivered with fewer problems and unforeseen complications. GIS Department – www.gis.gov.ae

  3. Best practices can also be defined as the most efficient (least amount of effort) and effective (best results) way of accomplishing a task, based on repeatable procedures that have proven themselves over time for large numbers of people. GIS Department – www.gis.gov.ae

  4. WHY BEST PRACTICE? In real-world applications, Best Practice is a very useful concept to derive cost-effective, optimal and assured solutions or processes. Of the many domains where Best Practices have been evolved, geospatial intelligence is our field of work and as with any field, here also we need the ability to balance the uniqueness of an organization with practices it has in common with other organizations. GIS Department – www.gis.gov.ae

  5. A METHODOLOGY to refine the BUSINESS PROCESS: • Study current data, workflows and needs • Analyze requirements with interaction • Develop business case • Data conversion and data management needs • Migration needs – data, system, technology,… • Technology Vendor Selection & Project Management • GIS Modeling • Applications –acquisition/customization/development • System integration & implementation • Continuous Quality Audit • Training workshops with customer data GIS Department – www.gis.gov.ae

  6. Best Practice in geospatial systemswill result from fine-tuning of all stages and phases of the project. • As seen just now, the evolution of Best Practices in geospatial technology is different from normal business process due to the intrinsic nature of our geospatial data and its integration in our business workflow. • Hence it will differ for each agency with differing priorities and unique needs. • As examples we may discuss the case of a utility authority managing electricity and water as well as that of an authority managing the cadaster. GIS Department – www.gis.gov.ae

  7. Many major commercial vendors of GIS systems recognize known best practices from their user groups. If one looks up their websites, one may see each year the awardees of best practices. In our current context we may also see the best practices as recognized by the consortium of Open Geospatial systems. Link to OGC BEST PRACTICES IN GEOSPATIAL PROCESSES Best Practices for geospatial data process differ from ordinary business processes due to their specific requirements and attributes. Examples are readily seen in the OGC domain as shown here. • Binary Extensible Markup Language (BXML) Encoding Specification • City Geography Markup Language • FGDC CSDGM Application Profile for CSW 2.0 • KML 2.2 Reference - An OGC Best Practice • Specification best practices GIS Department – www.gis.gov.ae

  8. In GIS Department at Dubai Municipality a methodical approach has been followed in evolving our processes, with periodic reviews by all concerned including developers, operational staff and clients & stakeholders. Continuous cycles of user-needs studies and application developments has resulted in streamlined workflows and integrated use of geospatial data in all departments and strategic partner systems. GIS Department – www.gis.gov.ae

  9. Site Plan Preparation using Old Method • The Requests for Site plan issue is received at the counter. • Validate the request & forward to the Supervisor • The Supervisor cross checks with the Archive files. • Process request and forward the request to the Draftsmen for graphic and attribute editing if any. • Prepare site plan • The user do the text cleanup for legibility and insert additional text labels on the site plan. • Forward to the Execution planning section for Zoning check • Prepare updated site plan and forward for QC check • On final manual Approval, forward to the Counter for site plan issue. Disadvantages: The Site plan are stored as plain Cad files. The updating and modification done are not stored in the database and are just provisional information. GIS Department – www.gis.gov.ae

  10. Over View Zone Map Parcel Map GIS Department – www.gis.gov.ae

  11. Atlas • Overview • An electronic solution to produce site plan document in different templates which displays the land dimensions, type of ownership, owner title and building regulations. • There are options to be added in the site plan, as following: • Show Coordinate • With Leader Show Grid • A4 Plan • Inset Plan • Qibla GIS Department – www.gis.gov.ae

  12. Site Plan (Show Coordinate) GIS Department – www.gis.gov.ae

  13. Amakin • Overview • Amakin is an intranet-based solution that is considered a full-fledged geographic information system portal for all land information in the emirate of Dubai. We have adopted this to replace our old methodology. • An instant reflection of any change on cadastral information. • Offers the user powerful capabilities in an easy to use framework • Provides a flexible set of tools to perform various functions needed by the user. • Provides accurate, detailed and up-to-date address-based information. GIS Department – www.gis.gov.ae

  14. Overview GIS Department – www.gis.gov.ae

  15. GIS Department – www.gis.gov.ae

  16. In conclusion we may state that best practices may be replicated from source organization to others with carefully fine-tuned modifications. Any organization can evolve best practice by refining their process. Our current practices are thus best practicestailored to our strategic and operational needs of Dubai Emirate. We shall now see some slides of our in-house applications which have been integrated with our partners organizations’ processes.. GIS Department – www.gis.gov.ae

  17. Thanks For Listening GIS Department – www.gis.gov.ae

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