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Special Seasonal Offer . S4582 Tayberry Red. S5210 Polar Ice. Standard model. 38% Saving Offer Original Price: 48,300 Yen (Incl. tax) Special Price: 29,946 Yen (Incl. tax). 38% Saving Offer Original Price: 39,900 Yen (Incl. tax) Special Price: 24,738 Yen (Incl. tax).

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Terms and conditions

Special Seasonal Offer

S4582Tayberry Red

S5210Polar Ice

Standard model

38%Saving Offer

Original Price: 48,300 Yen (Incl. tax)

Special Price: 29,946 Yen (Incl. tax)

38%Saving Offer

Original Price: 39,900 Yen (Incl. tax)

Special Price: 24,738 Yen (Incl. tax)

  • Key product Features

  • HEPA filter (Top Class Filter)

  • Deluxe and comfort handle

  • Made in Germany

  • Key product Features

  • Active air-clean filter

  • Large dust-bag capacity: 4.5L

  • Made in Germany

  • Application

    • Period: 1st of Dec to 25th of Dec in 2012(The application must be accepted until 1pm on 25th of Dec in 2012)

  • Procedure:

    • Please fill in the attached application form and fax to (03) 5740-0035

    • Please bring invitation card to MieleGallery Omotesando or Miele Center Meguro

    • Terms and Conditions

    • Eligible persons: employees of member companies of the chamber of commerce; additional appliances for friends and family can be ordered

    • Terms of Payment: Cash on delivery (Yamato Transport)/ Cash and Credit card at our showrooms)

    • Delivery fee (1,575 Yen)* and cash-on-delivery fee (315 Yen) is charged

    • *Delivery fee is separately estimated for customers living in Okinawa and isolated island

    • Products are for sale while stock lasts

    • Special offer products are B-stock products

    • Products are considered as B-stock, if they have been opened or even displayed once but never used

    • Attached invitation card is required to receive special seasonal offers in our showrooms

    MieleJapan corp.

    Address: 2-10-11, Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-0063 Japan/ Tel: (03) 5740 0030/ Fax: (03) 5740-0035

    Terms and conditions

    Special Seasonal Offer

    ~ Application Form ~

    Please fill in the following information

    Quantity in box: S5210 Polar Ice / S4582 Tayberry Red


    Company Name:

    Telephone number:


    Company E-mail address:

    Requested delivery date*:

    Please fax to (03) 5740-0035 after Completing the application form

    We are pleased to invite you to visit our MieleGallery Omotesando and Miele Center Meguro and enjoy seasonal treats (such as coffee and cookies) prepared by our friendly showroom staff.

    At the same time Miele will have additional exciting offers for you in store!

    Please show this letter to our staff to receive offers.

    • *Possible Delivery date is until 27th of Dec 2012

    Additional Exciting Seasonal Offer

    ~ Invitation Card~

    Miele Gallery Omotesando

    4-23-8, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062, Japan Tel: 03-6419-7250

    Closing Day: Monday

    Miele Center Meguro

    2-10-11, Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-0063, Japan Tel: 0120-310-793