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DEGREE OF COMPARISON. 1 ) Examine the following sentences ‘ Badam ’ mangoes are SWEET. b) ‘ Kesar ’ mangoes are SWEETER than ‘ Badam ’. c) ‘ Alphanso ’ mangoes are the SWEETEST of all mangoes. Adjectives used in the above sentences --------, --------------, ----------.

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  2. 1) Examine the following sentences • ‘Badam’ mangoes are SWEET. b) ‘Kesar’ mangoes are SWEETER than ‘Badam’. c) ‘Alphanso’ mangoes are the SWEETEST of all mangoes. Adjectives used in the above sentences --------, --------------, ---------- Sweet’, ‘Sweeter’ ‘sweetest’

  3. 2) ‘Sweet’, ‘Sweeter’ & ‘sweetest’ these are the three forms of --------------- • adjective

  4. 3) KESAR’ mangoes are sweeter than ‘BADAM’ in this sentence the comparison is made between mangoes & • mangoes. Badam Kesar

  5. 4) In the sentence, Alphanso’ mangoes are the sweetest of all mangoes; the comparison is made among ---------mangoes & ------ mangoes. Alphanso all

  6. 5) Examine the following sentences. a) My father is as rich as my father- in -law. Write the adjectives used in the above sentence ------------ b) Virtue is as important as money Write the adjectives used in the above sentence. ---------- c) My aunt is as sober as my mother is. Write the adjectives used in the above sentence. ----------- rich important sober

  7. 6) In above sentences which word is used before & after the adjective? as-----as

  8. 7) Write the adjectives used in the above sentence. a)Sumanis as tall as Pallavi b) This chapter is as easy as ABC. c) Mayank is as clever as Bhavika tall, easy, clever

  9. 8) In above sentences which word is use before & after the adjective? as-----as


  11. 10) Learn following Idiomatic comparison • As black as coal • as dry as dust • as bright as sliver • as proud as peacock • as busy as silver • as gentle as lamb • as happy as lark as red as blood as hot as fire

  12. 11) Now complete the following Idiomatic comparison A) as b----------------- as a lion B) as c----------------as ice C) as w-----------------as snow D) as cun----------------as fox E ) as-g----------------as grass brave cold white, cunning green

  13. beautiful • 12) Choose correct alternative. a) Kavita is as -------------------- as Savita. (beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful) • b)Brahmaputra is not as --------------------as Ganga.( longer, long ,longest) • c) Silver jewels are not as ------------ as gold jewels. (costly, more costly, most costly ) • d) Simla is as ------------------- as Ooty. (cool, cooler, coolest ) • e) Sunita is not so ---------------- as Babita. ( clever ,cleverer, cleverest) Long costly cool, clever

  14. 13) Examine the following sentences. a) Bhavika’s father is handsome and so is Bhavika. We may write this sentence by using as ------ as. Let us examine : Bhavika is as handsome as his father.   b) Last summer was very hot and so this summer. Rewrite this sentence by using as ---as. • This summer is as hot as last summer

  15. Airplane 14) Read carefully the following sentences a) An airplane travels FASTER than a ship. In this sentence, comparison made between --------- & --------. b) I get up EARLIER than my brother does. In this sentence, comparison made between -------- & ---------. c) A hawk flies HIGHER than an eagle. In this sentence, comparison made between --------- & --------. ship I brother hawk eagle

  16. 15) It means in the sentences comparison made between the two objects. You also notice d that --------- suffix added to the adjectives. - er

  17. 16) Examine the following sentence ‘A hawk flies higher than an eagle.’ In this sentence, comparison is made between ------ & ------. hawk eagle

  18. 17) In above sentence ‘Who flies higher than an eagle? • a hawk

  19. 18) It means comparison made between two objects. One is superior to another. This Degree of Comparison called C- --------Degree. comparative

  20. 19) Choose the correct alternative a) Reading is better ------------------- writing. (that, than, then) b) Mumbai is ------------- than Pune. (big, bigger, biggest ) c) Our new house ------------ than the one we used to live. (is big, are biggest, is bigger) than bigger • is bigger

  21. P • 20) Write ‘P’ if it is Positive Degree & write ‘C’ if it is Comparative Degree. a) His simple word is as good as an oath. ---- b) My knife is sharper than yours. ----- c) Lead is heavier than any other metal. ---- d) The boys seemed to enjoy the whole exercise as much as the mangoes they received as a reward for their efforts. ----- C C P

  22. 21) Read the following sentences and choose correct alternative. a) If I had been more careful, I would not have made that mistake. (Positive Degree/ comparative Degree)  b) Surekha is more emotional than Anjali. (Positive Degree/comparative Degree) comparative Degree

  23. 22) THUS, WE MAY SAY THAT WHEN ADJECTIVE HAVE TWO SYLLABLE i.e. CARE + FUL, ‘EMOTION + AL in its comparative form it takes -------before it. more

  24. more handsome intelligent more famous more difficult Proper, more courageous

  25. 24) Some adjectives compared irregularly. Observe the following adjectives;

  26. taller • 25) Choose the correct alternative. • My uncle is ---------than my father. ( tall, more tall, taller) • b) Prevention is -------than cure. ( good, better, more good) • c) He is -------------- than his brother. ( handsome, more handsome, handsomer) better morehandsome

  27. 26) Examine the following sentences: a) This is the oldest church in India. b) Everest is the highest peak on the Earth. Above sentences are the examples of _______ degree. superlative

  28. 27)Examine the following examples and answer the following question: a. Sanjay is the tallest boy in the class. b. This is the biggest house in the street. These sentences are in the superlative degree. Because ------- is added to the adjectives. est

  29. 28) Article -------- is added before the Superlative form of adjectives. the

  30. 29) Examine the following examples: • This News is the most important news. • Unemployment is the most serious problem facing our country. • These are the examples of _____ degree. superlative

  31. 30) you learnt that adjectives having two or more than two syllable they take ‘MORE’ to form their comparative form of adjectives. Same way they take ‘MOST’ to form superlative form of adjectives.

  32. 31) Observe the following Table:

  33. 32 ) Carefully read the following examples: • Gandhiji is ONE OF THE GREASTEST POLITICAL LEADERS OF INDIA. • Gandhiji is THE GREASTEST political leader of India. • Do both the sentences convey same meaning? No

  34. 33) ‘ONE OF THE GREASTEST’, means there are many political leaders but some political leaders are great and Gandhiji is one of them. 34) Carefully observe the following sentences: a) Gold is THE MOST precious metal. b) NO OTHER metal is AS precious AS gold. c) Gold is MORE precious metal THAN any other metal. 35) Do these sentences convey same meaning?

  35. 36) Yes, these sentences are in superlative, positive & comparative degree but convey same meaning. This is transformation of degrees.

  36. 37) Now, study the following sentences: a) THE JUPITER IS THE BIGGEST PLANET b) The Jupiter is BIGGER THAN ANY OTHER PLANET. c) NO OTHER PLANET IS AS BIG AS THE JUPITER. • We can change the superlative degree in: Comparative positive

  37. 38) Observe carefully the following sentences: • Gandhiji is one of the greatest political leaders of India.(Superlative degree) • Very few political leaders of India are as great as Gandhiji. (Positive) • Gandhiji is greater than most other political leaders in India. (Comparative)

  38. 39) Gandhiji is the greatest political leader of India. .(Superlative degree) • No other political leader is as great as Gandhiji. (Positive) • Gandhiji is greater than any other political leader in India. (Comparative)

  39. 41) Change the degree of comparison without changing the meaning: a) Riding is the best kind of exercise. (Superlative degree) • POSITIVE: No other __________________ • COMPARATIVE: Riding _________________ exercise is as good as riding. is better than any other exercises

  40. 42) Bhimsen Joshi is one of the most outstanding singers of Hindustani classical music. Positive Degree:_____________________ Comparative Degree:____________ Very few singers of Hindustani classical music are as outstanding as Bimsen Joshi • Bhimsen Joshi is a more outstanding singer of Hindustani classical music

  41. 43) Kalidas is one of the greatest poets. (Superlative degree) • Very few • Kalidas_ poets are as great as Kalidas. is greater than most other poets.

  42. Platinum Gold. Platinum is as heavy as Gold. (Positive) Gold is not heavier than Platinum. (Comparative) There is comparison made between ________ & ____. Therefore, we cannot interchange this sentence into superlative degree. 45) Vinay is as tall as Vikas. (Change this into comparative degree) ______________ not ___________________ 46) Suman is as bold as Pinki. (Change this into comparative degree) 47) Archana is not more intelligent than Manisha.(change into positive degree) Vikas is not taller than Vinay. Pinki is not bolder than Suman. Manisha is as intelligent as Archana

  43. 49) Thus, from above all the examples we can conclude that Superlative degree is interchangeable into positive degree & comparative degree. Positive degree is interchangeable into Comparative degree and Comparative degree into positive degree.

  44. 50) Transform the following sentences in all possible ways: a) My school building is bigger than my house. b) Sachin is one of the best bowlers of Indian players. c)Sachin is one of the best bowlers of Indian players. d) It is easier than to speak. e) Milk is the most nourishing food for the children. f) A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.

  45. a) Positive: My house is not as big as my school building. b) Positive: Very few bowlers of Indian players are as good as Sachin. b)Sachin is one of the best bowlers of Indian players. c) Comparative:Sachin is better than most other bowlers of Indian players • Speak is not as easy as It is. •  No other food is as nourishing as Milk • A foolish friend is not as good as a wise enemy

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