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In the midst of change…

In the midst of change…. He changes not . I Peter 1:23 (NIV) –. “For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.” (NIV) . Did you know?. Sometimes size does matter. If you are one in a million in China….

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In the midst of change…

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  1. In the midst of change… He changes not.

  2. I Peter 1:23 (NIV) – “For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.” (NIV)

  3. Did you know?

  4. Sometimes size does matter.

  5. If you are one in a million in China…

  6. There are 1,300 people just like you.

  7. In India, there are 1,100 people just like you.

  8. The 25% of the population in China with the highest IQ’s….

  9. Is greater than the total population of North America.

  10. In India, it’s the top 28%.

  11. Translation for teachers: • They have more honor’s kids • Than we have kids.

  12. Did you know?

  13. China will soon become the number one English-speakingCountry in the world.

  14. If you took every single job in the U.S. today and shipped it to China…

  15. It still would have a labor surplus.

  16. During the course of this presentation….

  17. 60 babies will be born in the U.S. • 244 babies will be born in China and • 351 babies will be born in India. • Talk about investing in diaper factories being a great idea... 

  18. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that Today’s learner will have10 to 14 jobs….

  19. By age 38.

  20. According to the U.S.Department of Labor…

  21. 1 out of 4 workers today is working for a company for whom they have been employed less than 1 year.

  22. More than 1 out of 2are working for acompany for whomthey have workedLess than 5 years.

  23. According to formerSecretary of EducationRichard Riley…

  24. The top 10 jobs thatwill be in demandin 2010 didn’t exist in 2004.

  25. We are currentlypreparing studentsfor jobs thatdon’t yet exist…

  26. Using technologiesthat haven’t yetbeen invented…

  27. In order to solveproblems we don’teven know areproblems yet.

  28. Name thisCountry….

  29. Richest in the world • Largest military • Center of world business and finance • Strongest education system • World center of innovation and invention • Currency the world standard of value • Highest standard of living. • Guess who?

  30. England...

  31. in 1900.

  32. Did you know?

  33. The U.S. is 20thin the world inbroadband internetpenetration(Luxembourg just passed us.).

  34. Nintendo invested morethan $140 million inresearch and developmentin 2002 alone…

  35. The U.S. federal governmentspent less than half asmuch on research andinnovation in education.

  36. 1 of every 8 couplesmarried in the U.S. lastyear met online.

  37. There are over 106 millionregistered users of MySpace (as of September 2006).

  38. [MySpace, is currently growing by an average of 250,000 new members daily, said Dani Dudeck, a MySpace spokeswoman.]

  39. If MySpace were a country,it would be the 11th-largestin the world (betweenJapan and Mexico).

  40. The average MySpacepage is visited30 times a day.

  41. Did you know?

  42. We are living inexponential times.

  43. There are over 2.7 billionsearches performed onGoogle each month.

  44. To whom were thesequestions addressed B.G. (before Google)?

  45. The number of textmessages sent andreceived every dayexceeds the populationof the planet.

  46. There are about540,000 words in theEnglish language….

  47. About 5 times asmany as duringShakespeare’s time.

  48. More than 3,000new books arepublished…

  49. Daily.

  50. It is estimated thata week’s worth ofNew York Times…

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