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Company & Technology Overview. The QuadraSonic Array is Built , Patented & Proven. Executive Summary.

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Company technology overview
Company & Technology Overview

The QuadraSonic Array is Built, Patented & Proven

Executive summary
Executive Summary

  • QuadraScan Technologies has developed a patented* technology that targets a significant quality, production and manufacturing related problem, leak detection and location. This solution can be utilized in diverse industries; QuadraScan is currently working with the global automotive and consumer appliance industries.

  • The Problem detection of intrusions, leaks and/or build variation is an integral part of Quality Control (QC). Manufacturers have traditionally relied on test processes utilizing water, which is potentially damaging, costly, and raises environmental and plant safety issues. Often the data is subjective, time consuming and only done on a select few units. Traditional subjective noise evaluation is not only time consuming, but relies on favorable ambient conditions to conduct the testing, and can only be performed on a select few vehicles.

  • The Solution, the QuadraSonic ArrayTM identifies and locates intrusion points and/or build variation in a non-destructive fashion. Our technology utilizes ultrasound to test the “sealed effectiveness” of closed compartments. This technology provides an accurate, repeatable, and unbiased data instrument empowering the manufacturer to adopt a quantitative scale of measurement

    The QuadraSonic Array is Built, Patented & Proven *patent #6983642

What the array does
What The Array Does…

  • Tests for Intrusions

    • The QuadraSonic Array utilizes ultrasound energy to test the “sealed effectiveness” of all types of closed compartments.

  • Detects build variation

    • Providing quantitative data during the design phase of new makes and models and variations during production.

  • Objective comparison of supplier components

    • Focus on “Sealed Effectiveness”

  • Creates an archived “UltraSound Fingerprint”

    • Can be used in analysis of quality standards and referenced in the case of future warranty problems

  • Provides for real-time and remote quality test audit

    • All information archived

The benefit
The Benefit

  • The Array will provide an immediate return on investment by;

    • Enhancing the plants quality control process

    • Reducing wind and water related after-market warranty costs

    • Opening valuable plant floor space.

    • Eliminating water test maintenance costs.

    • Eliminating rework due to water testing.

    • Eliminating water and chemicals; thus having a positive impact on environmental and safety standards

Company technology overview

Actual auto-industry example; O.E.M. Product Comparison; New seal showed a 22 .5% improvement over the present seal at G.M.’s Moraine Assembly Plant

The evolution of the array the array generation 2 0 gen 2 0 fall 2007
The Evolution of The ArrayThe Array Generation 2.0 (Gen 2.0)Fall 2007

Moving beyond detection to pinpointing intrusions

Manufacturing partner

Weldmation -Detroit, Michigan

Founded in 1961, Weldmation is a full service provider for the automotive, heavy equipment and defense industries specializing in robotic assembly systems.

Total services provided

Process and tool design

Fabrication and assembly

Tryout of production

Launch of product

Manufacturing Partner

Less cost and more quantitative data

The Array Costs

1-time Installation fee

Per Test Fee

Decreased Employee Staffing

Less Plant Floor Space

Water Test Costs

Construction Cost ?

Annual Maintenance ?

Employee Staffing (? e.f.t.)

Plant Floor Space (? feet)

Less Cost and More Quantitative Data

QuadraSonic Array Water Test



  • GeneralMotors - Hamtramck Assembly plant (MI) test

    • Next Steps; Gen 2.0 to be tested at “GM Proving Grounds”.

  • Nissan - tested summer of 2006

    • Next Steps; Gen 2.0 to be tested.

  • Mercedes Benz -proof of concept testing in Germany 2006

    • Next Steps; Approval and Installation of Gen 2.0 Array in Sindelfingen

  • PACCAR - (Kenworth and Peterbilt Trucks)

    • Next Steps; Approval of Gen 2.0 in Renton, WA assembly plant.

Quadrascan provides quantitative data for leak location prediction and prevention

For additional information, contact;

QuadraScan; Warren Brown (615) 497-6650


US Patent 6,983,642 B2System and method for automatically judging the sealing effectiveness of a sealed compartment. (US)Filed on May 02, 2002, as Appl. No. 10/138,673. Prior Publication US 2004/0123648 A1, Jul. 01, 2004Int. Cl. G01N 29/02 (2006.01)

1. Apparatus for automatically indicating sealing effectiveness of a sealed compartment

QuadraScan provides quantitative data for leak location, prediction and prevention.

The QuadraSonic Array is Built, Patented & Proven