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Allyson’s GOALS PowerPoint Presentation
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Allyson’s GOALS

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Allyson’s GOALS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Allyson’s GOALS

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  1. Allyson’s GOALS 2012-2013 Allyson

  2. On this slide youlist 3 short term goals that you would like to achieve over the next 3 to four weeks. Be sure to tell exactly how you are going to achieve these goals. LONG TERM GOALS SHORT TERM GOALS On this page you list three goals that you are going to work on over the next year or so and how you are going to go about achieving them. My first short term goal is to make lots of friends I will do that by talking to others that look like they need a friends like someone new and another reson is to ask to play with them at recess Second I could ask some people to be there group and I could also do is to ask someone different to be my partner at gym and durring class My first long term goal is to do good in math One reason how I can help I could ask a teacher I could practice at home And I could ask my older brother for help PERSONAL GOALS PROUD OF LAST YEAR On this slide you list two things that you are proud of from last school year. On this slide you list two personal goals (Outside of School) that you would like to achieve and how? My first personal goal is to do get a gold in my group dance’s 1 i could practice 2 i could ask for someone to come over to my house and help me 3 I could ask the teacher if she/he could help me with my moves after school The first thing I am proud of from last year is we got to use the computers for the whole year .and I made a lot of friends in Calgary .