Managing rights in relation to sustainability
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Managing rights in relation to sustainability. PARADISEC. Generous support from:. Partner Universities (Sydney, Melbourne, ANU, UNE) Australian Research Council LIEF scheme Grangenet Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories (SORRT testbed)

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Generous support from
Generous support from:

  • Partner Universities (Sydney, Melbourne, ANU, UNE)

  • Australian Research Council LIEF scheme

  • Grangenet

  • Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories (SORRT testbed)

  • Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing

  • ANU Internet Futures


  • Over 2000 of the world’s 6000 languages in the Asia-Pacific region

  • Number likely to fall to a few hundred by 2100 (UNESCO)

  • Australian researchers active in region since 1950s - making unique recordings of unrepeatable events

  • Recordings now themselves endangered (format obsolescence, media deterioration, loss of metadata)

Paradisec s mission
PARADISEC’s mission

  • To preserve and make accessible Australian researcher’s field recordings of endangered languages and cultures of the Asia-Pacific region

Issues for this workshop
Issues for this workshop

  • Managing rights online

  • Sustainability of the resources

  • Maximising the benefits of global collaborations while respecting the creativity and cultural specificity of the people we work with and our ethical responsibilities towards them

2003 2005

  • Metadata - 3089 records, to make resources discoverable even if not yet digitised

  • Repository - 1818 items digitised to date, some complex e.g. fieldnotes (page images) or transcripts accompanying tapes, 1.75TB

  • Represents data from 391 languages in 51 countries

Managing rights in relation to sustainability

Data example

Wurm collection, Solomon Islands, 1979

Digitised cassette tape with page image of transcript, and Wurm’s language map

Infrastructure and support services
Infrastructure and support services

CIs: Cliff Goddard

Hugh de Ferranti

CIs: Linda Barwick

William Foley

Allan Marett

Jane Simpson

Michael Walsh

Audio Archiving Unit

Director: Linda Barwick

Audio: Frank Davey

Project Liaison: Amanda Harris

Mim Corris

CIs: Andrew Pawley

John Bowden

Alan Rumsey

Mark Mosko

Adam Chapman

CIs: Steve Bird

Nick Evans

Cathy Falk

Janet Fletcher

John Hajek

Store account - web interface

Stuart Hungerford

Project Manager

Nick Thieberger

Digital preservation
Digital preservation

  • Raw audio and images ingested in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, transferred over network to Sydney for archiving using Quadriga system (to 24bit 96khz BWF)

  • Usyd “Azoulay” server partitioned for working files and archive partition for sealed masters - current capacity 3TB

  • Sealed masters archived to 200GB data tapes on University of Sydney LTO Mass Data Storage System (high-low watermark script) - duplicate data tapes kept at 2 locations on campus

  • Sealed masters mirrored to APAC national Store facility (Canberra) nightly - nearline storage

  • Password-protected online access to Store facility


  • Main campuses (University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, Australian National University) connected by Grangenet (next generation research network, 10Gbps connections)

    • Pay subscription, not traffic costs

  • Satellite campus UNE connected by AARnet (Australian research and education network - currently billed traffic cost, 155Mbps connection)

  • Both with connections to APAN community (Asia Pacific Advanced Networks) - potential for linking to regional and international R&E networks - potential traffic costs an issue

Regional links
Regional links

  • Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies

  • Vanuatu Kaljoral Senta

  • Archive of Maori and Pacific Music, U. Auckland

  • University of Hawai’i

  • New Caledonia - Tjibaou Cultural Centre

  • Indonesia - UIN, Jakarta

  • Malaysia - Universiti Malaya

  • Rapa Nui - Museo antropologico P. Sebastian Englert

  • Micronesia - Historical Preservation Office, Yap

Sustainability access
Sustainability ~ access

  • To be sustainable, a repository must:

  • meet the needs of its user communities

  • be enduring;

  • be accessible; and

  • have a sound basis within the institution

Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories, “Principles of Sustainability” May 2005.

Oais reference model


OAIS Reference Model

Legal and ethical issues
Legal and ethical issues

  • Essential to protect pre-existing rights and responsibilities of CH communities, researchers and institutions

  • IP covered by PARADISEC Memorandum of Understanding between participating institutions:

    • IP arrangements do not change by virtue of digitisation

    • Pre-existing rights and ethical responsibilities in data maintained by participating institutions, depositors, IP owners

    • New IP created during project owned by participating institutions as tenants-in-common under NSW law

Access to paradisec

  • Descriptive metadata is normally publicly available (can be hidden in exceptional circumstances)

    • Public access for descriptive metadata via OLAC and other OAI-PMH portals

    • Access to more detailed descriptive and technical metadata in SQL web catalogue via light authentication

Access to data
Access to data

  • Access to data presently limited to depositors or those authorised by them

    • Data access via Store repository (pubcookie authentication)

    • Rights clearances for small amounts of public data (e.g. used for trials and examples) negotiated on case-by-case basis with relevant stakeholders

    • Need to encourage depositors and collaborators to clear as much material as possible

    • Creative commons Attribution-nonCommercial-noDerivs license may suit many situations

Moving files around
Moving files around

  • Between PARADISEC participating institutions for processing

  • Ultimately redistribute to institutional repositories (move to portal architecture)

  • Between DELAMAN archives (e.g ELAR, AMPM, AIATSIS)

  • Backing up and mirroring local collections

  • Distributing data to local cultural centres

Metadata encapsulation
Metadata encapsulation

  • In distributed environment essential that metadata travels with object

  • Broadcast WAV format - now axml chunk type container for XML doc of any type

  • iD3 tags for mp3 - TCOP for rights

  • Creative Commons tools and architecture for rights validation online

  • METS or similar standards to wrap file package for complex objects - containers for externally defined descriptive metadata XML eg. MODS, OLAC, IMDI…

Metadata encoding transmission standard oais compliant for both sip dip
Metadata Encoding & Transmission Standard(OAIS compliant for both SIP & DIP)

  • MODS

  • OLAC

  • IMDI

  • ….

Rights XML

Need to develop and publish

METS profile


  • Develop DELAMAN METS profile for logical component of field recording session in METS StructMap section …

  • Could be basedon IMDI or otherschemas so longas they map toeach other

  • To facilitate distributing filesbetween us

Contact us
Contact us


  • (Director)

  • (Project Manager)

  • Telephone:

    • +61 2 9036 9557 (Sydney unit)

    • +61 3 9344 5185 (Melbourne unit)