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Work the Big Six

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Work the Big Six - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Work the Big Six. Marketing Functions. Objectives. Explain the marketing functions (i.e. The Big Six) Marketing function activity Name That Function! worksheet. Marketing functions are….

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work the big six

Work the Big Six

Marketing Functions

  • Explain the marketing functions

(i.e. The Big Six)

  • Marketing function activity
  • Name That Function! worksheet
marketing functions are
Marketing functions are…

interrelated activities that must work together to get goods and services from producers to consumers.

product service management
Product/Service Management
  • Obtains, develops, maintains, and improves a product or service mix in response to market opportunities.
  • Responsible for a product’s life cycle
  • Generates ideas for new products

marketing information management
Marketing-Information Management
  • Gathers, accesses, synthesizes, evaluates, and disseminates information for use in making business decisions.
  • Determines and adjusts prices to maximize return and meet customers’ perceptions of value.

How much should we charge?

This question is not always easy…

Businesses must consider many factors

These factors must be monitored constantly

  • Moves, stores, locates, and/or transfers ownership of goods and services.
  • Transporting
  • Receiving
  • Storing
  • Communicates information about goods, services, images, and/or ideas to achieve a desired outcome.
  • Businesses use various methods to communicate.
    • Advertising
    • Publicity
    • Sales Promotion
  • Determines client needs and wants and responds through planned, personalized communication that influences purchase decisions and enhances future business opportunities.
  • Can take place:

(1) on a personal level, face-to-face and

(2) on a non-personal level.

  • Work in 6 groups
  • Each group will have one of the “Big 6” marketing elements.
  • Create a poster highlighting 4 activities associated with your element and the importance of each of those 4 activities.
  • At the bottom of your poster, write why you think your element is more important than the other five elements.
  • Present your poster to the class
ray wilson group work
Ray Wilson Group Work

Work in your same groups

Read the “The Functions Made This!” handout

Answer the 7 questions on a separate sheet of paper

Write all group members names on the paper


Nature of marketing opens the door to ethical problems.

  • How is a business to know what is ethical?
    • Okay to promote an existing product as new?
    • Okay to limit sale items to encourage customers to buy more expensive items?
    • Okay to say a product works in all situations?
  • What do you think?