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Unit 6: Pronouns PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 6: Pronouns

Unit 6: Pronouns

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Unit 6: Pronouns

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  1. Unit 6: Pronouns 6-1 What is a Pronoun? 6-2 Subject Pronouns 6-3 Object Pronouns 6-4 Using I and me 6-5 Possessive Pronouns 6-6 Contractions with Pronouns 6-7 Pronouns and Homophones

  2. Which words replace snails in the second line? Snails leave trails. They drag their tails. 6-1 What is a Pronoun?

  3. * A pronoun takes the place of one or more nouns. * When you write, you do not have to keep repeating nouns. Instead, replace some with pronouns. Singular Pronouns: I, me, you, he, him, she, her, it Plural Pronouns: we, us, you, they, them 6-1

  4. 6-1 Sara asked Brett and Leah to go to the seashore with Sara. Sara, Brett, and Leah spoke to Ms. Lanski. Ms. Lanski gave Sara, Brett, and Leah a special book. The book was about sea life. Sara asked Brett and Leah to go to the seashore with her. They spoke to Ms. Lanski. She gave them a special book. It was about sea life. Where could we use pronouns in this paragraph?

  5. 6-1 plural 1. Sara said, “Come with us to the seashore.” singular 2. Leah carried a pail. She wanted to collect shells. singular 3. Brett took a notebook. Sara asked him to take notes. singular 4. Leah saw a sea star. Brett wrote about it in the book. Which words in these sentences are pronouns? Is each pronoun singular or plural? plural 5. “You are good scientists,” Sara told Leah and Brett.

  6. 6-1 Marta Rivera is a young scientist. She is working to save the conch. The job is very difficult, but it is rewarding. Marta collects conch eggs and puts them in tanks. Adam Caldwell assists Marta. He helps her to feed the young snails. When the snails are large enough, they will be returned to the sea. Adam and Marta believe the work they are doing is important. Which pronouns take the place of the underlined nouns?

  7. What pronoun takes the place of the noun earwigs? Imagine having thirty brothers and sisters to bug you! Some earwigs do. They also have a devoted mother. 6-2 Subject Pronouns

  8. 6-2 * A pronoun can be used as the subject of a sentence. Aki did a project on insects.  She did a project on insects. Justin worked withAki.  He worked with Aki. Justin and Aki gave a report.  They gave a report. Nakisha and I enjoyed the report.  We enjoyed the report.

  9. 6-2 * Not all pronouns can be used as subjects. * Only these subject pronouns can be used as subjects: singular: I, you, he, she, it plural: we, you, they

  10. 6-2 You 1. Matt said to Selena, “Selena found a ladybug.” We 2. Matt and I know that ladybugs are helpful insects. They 3. Ladybugs are not really bugs. Ladybugs are beetles. It 4. This beetle eats insects that destroy plants. Which subject pronoun can take the place of the underlined word? She 5. Selena did not disturb the ladybug.

  11. 6-2 Why did the man keep wasps in the closet? Because the wasps were yellow jackets! Why did the fly land on the toast? The fly wanted to be a butterfly! Why did the woman call the insect expert? The womanwas sick with a bug! Use a subject pronoun in place of the underlined word(s).

  12. 6-3 Object Pronouns Complete the sentences with as many pronouns as you can think of. Frisky the pony gave a ride to ___________ him, her, them, us, you, me

  13. * Object pronouns follow action verbs and words like to, with, for, and at. Mr. Rossi fed the horses.  Mr. Rossi fed them. James helped Mr. Rossi.  James helped him. James showed a pony to Rachel and me.  James showed a pony to us. singular: me, you, him, her, it 6-3 plural: us, them

  14. 6-3 them 1. Rachel rides horses every day. me 2. Cody said to Rachel, “Please teach Cody.” her 3. Rachel took Cody to the stable with Rachel. you 4. Rachel told Cody, “I will teach Codygrooming first.” Which object pronoun could take the place of an underlined word? it 5. Then Rachel brushed the horse.

  15. 6-3 Mystery on the Mountain The horses carried Cara, Tate, and me slowly up the rocky trail. We had been searching since dawn for the missing ponies. My horse stumbled, and I spoke softly to the horse. Cara was far ahead of Tate and me. We couldn’t see Cara. Suddenly, Tate heard Cara call excitedly to Tate. I told Tate to run ahead. He yelled that Cara had found the ponies. At last I reached the top of the trail. Then I too saw the ponies. Which object pronoun can replace each underlined word(s)?

  16. What is wrong with this message? How can you fix it? Dear Sandy, Please join Ethan and me for dinner. Mom and me will make tacos. Sincerely, Dad Mom and Iwill make tacos. 6-4 Using Iand me

  17. 6-4 * When you write about yourself, use the pronouns I or me. * To decide which to use, say the sentence using only Ior me. Kim and Istudy.  I study. Mrs. Ling teaches Kim and me.  Mrs. Ling teaches me. Aaron studies with Kim and me.  Aaron studies with me.

  18. 6-4 * UseIas the subject of a sentence. * Use me after action verbs and words like to, with, for, and at. * When talking about yourself and another person, always name yourself last. Incorrect: I and Kim help Aaron. Aaron thanks me and Kim. Correct: Kim and I help Aaron. Aaron thanks Kim and me.

  19. 6-4 Which words complete each sentence correctly? 1. Reggie invited (me and Jen, Jen and me) to his house. 2. (I and Jen, Jen and I) walked home with Reggie. 3. He talked to (Jen and me, Jen and I) about Barbados. 4. Jen and (I, me) were very interested. 5. Jen and (I, me) ate with Reggie’s family.

  20. 6-4 Dear Mrs. Ono, Thanks for being a great host to my family and I in Japan. You showed my family and me a wonderful time! My family and me will never forget you. Dad is trying all your recipes. He made me and my sister some bean-curd soup. Me and mom were talking about the Bunraku puppets today. They looked so real! Becky and me look at photos from our trip every day. Will you write to Becky and I soon? Yours Truly, Katie Find the six mistakes using I and me.

  21. 6-5 Possessive Pronouns Find the pronouns. Which pronouns show ownership? “Llamas usually live in South America, in Peru,” my mother said. “Their hair is used to make wool and they are good at carrying things.”

  22. 6-5 possessive pronoun= pronoun that shows ownership Pam feeds Pam’s pet.  Pam feeds her pet. She fills the pet’s dish.  She fills its dish. The boys’ gerbil is playful.  Their gerbil is playful. Singular: my, your, her, his, its Plural: our, your, their

  23. 6-5 Which possessive pronoun should you use in place of the underlined word(s)? his 1. Max and I help Mr. Lee at Mr. Lee’s pet shop. their 2. Max gives the puppies the puppies’ food. her 3. Angela is saving Angela’s money for a pet. its 4. She will buy the parakeet and the parakeet’s cage. your 5. Angela, you and Angela’s sister will love the parakeet.

  24. 6-5 Dear Adriana, My uncle has two llamas on my uncle’s ranch. If a coyote comes near, the llamas stamp the llama’s feet, bray, spit, chase, and kick. Coyotes decide to find coyote’s next meal elsewhere. The llamas will not let a coyote, wolf, or mountain lion near a lamb or a lamb’s mother. In Sam’s opinion, llamas are the best guards a rancher can have for a rancher’s flock. Your Friend, Sam What possessive pronoun can be used in place of each underlined word(s)?

  25. 6-6 Contractions with Pronouns Which word is a contraction? As the sun set in the western sky, Steven turned to his grandfather. “Thanks, Papa, I’ll never forget this,” he said.

  26. 6-6 contraction + verb = pronoun * Use an apostrophe ( ’ ) in place of the letter(s) that are left out. I + am = I’m it + has = it’s he + is = he’s they + will = they’ll we + have = we’ve

  27. 6-6 What is the contraction for these pairs of words? 2. she will 3. he had 1.I had I’d she’ll he’d 4. we have 5. they will 6. she has we’ve she’s they’ll 8. it has 9. he is 7. you have you’ve it’s he’s

  28. 6-6 I’m going to teach you how to prepare noodles. The’yre easy to make and delicious, too. Iv’e asked a volunteer to help me today. Hes never cooked before. First, you’re going to put water in the pot. When its’ come to a boil, add the noodles. Separate them if they’ve stuck together. After yo’uve done that, stir the noodles well. W’ell let them boil for eight minutes. Then, presto, theyre cooked! Find the seven incorrect contractions.

  29. 6-7 Pronouns and Homophones What two words should you switch to make this sentence correct? You’re your Your going to want this picture in you’re photo album. FLASH!

  30. 6-7 homophone = words that sound alike but have different spellings and meanings. its it’s you’re your they’re their there

  31. 6-7 Which word would you use to complete the sentence correctly? 1. I hear (you’re, your) entering the photo contest. 2. Which of (you’re, your) pictures will you enter? 3. (They’re, There) all so good! 4. The picture (their, there) on your desk is interesting. 5. (It’s, Its) colors are sharp and clear.

  32. 6-7 Treetop Acrobats Everyone has seen a gray squirrel making it’s way through the trees. Their a familiar sight in cities and towns. Powerful jaws help squirrels remove seeds and nuts from there hard shells. Look out you’re window. You might see a squirrel in your bird feeder! The shy chipmunk is less common in the city. You probably won’t find one they’re. This little rodent makes it’s home underground. Find the six incorrect pronouns.

  33. 6-1 What is a Pronoun? Which pronouns could take the place of the underlined nouns? 1. “Should we take this shell?” Brett and Leah asked. 2. Sara told Brett that he had found a queen conch shell. 3. “I see the shell is empty,” Sara told him. 4. Brett and Leahdecided to look up the conch in a book. 5. The conchis a kind of snail that lives in the sea.

  34. 6-2 Subject Pronouns Which subject pronouns could take the place of the underlined nouns? 1. Holly and Henry read a book about butterflies. 2. Henry learned that butterflies start out as eggs. 3. Then the eggs hatch into caterpillars. 4. Holly read that eventually they spin a hard shell. 5. When this shell cracks, a butterfly comes out.

  35. 6-3 Object Pronouns Which object pronouns could take the place of the underlined nouns? 1. Mr. Rossi handed Ernesto and me hard hats. 2. He said, “You must where these hats.” 3. Kendra led a pony into the ring and patted the pony. 4. Mr. Rossi lifted Kendra onto the pony’s back. 5. Mr. Rossi gave Ernesto, Kendra, and me riding lessons.

  36. 6-4 Using Iand me Which words complete each sentence correctly? 1. Scott came with (me and my family, my family and me). 2. (Scott and me, Scott and I) sat together on the plane. 3. (Scott and I, I and Scott) became friends with Michiko. 4. She took (Scott and I, Scott and me) on a tour. 5. (He and I, he and me) learned about Tokyo.

  37. 6-5 Possessive Pronouns What is the possessive pronoun in each sentence? 1. My favorite animal is the llama. 2. Its close relative is the camel. 3. People in Peru use llamas to carry their packs. 4. A llama will lie down if its pack is too heavy. 5. People in our country are using llamas too.

  38. 6-6 Contractions with Pronouns What is the contraction for the underlined words? 1. We are going to have a potluck supper. 2. We have each planned to make something different. 3. We hope you will bring your famous apple pie. 4. The twins said they would bring chicken soup. 5. Lori said she would come early to decorate.

  39. 6-7 Pronouns and Homophones Which word completes the sentence correctly? 1. (Their / They’re) taking pictures in the park. 2. (You’re / Your) invited to join them. 3. The squirrel over (there / their) is noisy. 4. You should take (its / it’s) picture. 5. (Your / You’re) voice scared it away.