Chair s report
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Chair’s Report. GOOD WORK EVERYONE!!!!!!. Interactions with the Ministries Partnerships Membership Section allotment. Chair’s Report. Accomplishments. Fall OWWA / OMWA / MOE Workshops 5+1 locations >800 attendees ……again??. Accomplishments. Meetings with Ministries Environment

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Chair s report
Chair’s Report


Chair s report1

Interactions with the Ministries



Section allotment

Chair’s Report


  • Fall OWWA / OMWA / MOE Workshops

    • 5+1 locations

    • >800 attendees

    • ……again??


  • Meetings with Ministries

    • Environment

    • Agriculture and Food

    • Municipal Affairs and Housing

    • Public Infrastructure Renewal

  • Responses to:

    • Draft Regulations

    • White Papers……..


  • OWWA Member Appointments

    • Walkerton CWCE & Legacy Trust

    • Source Water Protection Implementation Committee

    • Nutrient Management Advisory Committee

    • Drinking Water Quality Management Standard

    • Training & Certification

      • Canadian Council on Human Resources in the Environment

    • Drinking Water Quality and Testing Standards Advisory Council


  • Ministries contacting OWWA

    • Through section office

    • Direct to committees

  • Must follow internalcommunications protocol

    • Keep the Chair and Board in the loop

    • Ensure consistent messages are sent

What s to come
What’s to Come?

  • Still much regulatory activity

  • Expected to continue for a few years

  • Labour-intensive

    • Joe Castrilli, Judy MacDonald, OWWA/OMWA Joint Committee, others

  • Section allotment

    …..PLEASE VOTE!!!


What s to come1
What’s to Come?

  • Continue to strengthen partnerships


  • Membership

    • Encourage membership from more diverse areas

    • Encourage turnover and renewal of membership on OWWA committees

      • Check volunteer applications regularly

      • Consider different levels of experience

Who gets the credit

  • YOU DO!

  • All the VOLUNTEERS

  • Committee Chairs

  • Board Members

  • Susan and Glenn

  • Rod Holme, Wayne Stiver, Steve Burns

  • Joe Castrilli and Judy MacDonald

Some special thanks

  • Wayne Stiver

  • Wayne Miller

  • Tim Lotimer

Thank you very much everyone


Keep up the good work!!

Awwa director s report
AWWA Director’s Report

Highlights for 2003 and 2004

  • Over 57,000 members and growing

  • Ontario is ranked 17th of 43 Sections

    New Draft Strategic Plan

  • “AWWA is the authoritative resource on safe water”

  • More Certification Programs

  • 3% per year growth

  • A different Governance Structure

Awwa director s report1
AWWA Director’s Report

Awards and Appointments

  • Section Education Award

  • “Club Seven” Membership Award

  • Steve Bonk – Abel Wolman Award

  • John Anderson -- Treasurer

  • Pat Lachmaniuk -- Chair of T & E Council


  • ACE in Orlando – June 13 to 17

Communications council
Communications Council

1st Vice Chair

Brian Jobb

Communications Council

Communications Committee

Water for People Canada

Communications committee

Committee Members

Chair: Pat Lachmaniuk

Vice-Chair: Emma Murphy

Susan Andrews

Ghassen Ghali

Brian Jobb

Lee Anne Jones

Rosemary Kelleher-MacLennan

Tim Lotimer

Tom Moulton

Grant Murphy

Very Polyakova

Susan Poole

Glen Powell


Ensure members receive current information on section and association activities; proactively ID drinking water issues; facilitate the transfer of information to the drinking water community, media, regulators and the general public


Communicate OWWA’s position on topical issues

Timely communications with the media; strengthen communication with members and volunteer groups

Improve transparency of committee activities to our members

Provide supervision in the publication and maintenance of newsletters, publications and website

Communications Committee

Water for people

Committee Members

Chair: Guy Le Patourel

Vice Chair: Elia Edwards

Marilyn Bechtold

David Brook

Ian Douglas

Saad Jasim

Bryan Karney

Sigrid Peldszus

Brian Pett

Alex Redekopp

Deborah Ross

Mark Staffen


Provide Fundraising Support for Water Supply and Sanitation projects in Developing Countries

Goals and Activities

Develop Corporate Sponsors from within the water industry

Conduct fundraising activities such as heart sales, silent auctions, etc.

Provide educational material and presentations on water needs

Develop innovative methods of encouraging sponsorship

Water for People

Conference management council
Conference Management Council

2nd Vice Chair

Joe Salter

Conference Management Council

Conference Program

Local Arrangements

2004 program committee

Committee Members

Chair: Joe Salter

Vice-Chair: Anita Smith

Deanna Barrow

Michael Brooks

Heather Broomer

Zoran Filinov

Quirien Muylwyk

Jane Urbanic

Liza Ballantyne

Terry Lang

Doug Parker

Susan Poole

Robin Slawson

Jim Robinson

Peter Busatto

John Shurr

Jerry Klaus

2004Program Committee

Local arrangements committee

Committee Members

Chair: Deanna Barrow

Sal Iannello

Susan Poole

Joe Salter

Terry Lang

Alison Sivers

Doug Parker

Rhonda McCabe

Ed Dujlovic

Joe Nicosia

Tim Stuart

Local Arrangements Committee

Conference highlights for 2004

“Protecting the Source”

Trade Show …BIG TIME!

Wide Range of Opinion During the Plenary Sessions

Outstanding Technical and Poster Sessions

Student Resume Board

Return of Companion Program

Golf Tournament

Conference Highlights for 2004

Water utility council
Water Utility Council

TRUSTEE Mike Tobalt

TRUSTEEAnita Smith

Water Utility Council

Management Small Systems Water Rates Government Affairs Water Efficiency

Youth Education

Management committee

Committee Members

Chair - Thomas Schmidt

Vice-Chair – John Braam

Craig Herbert

Jamie Powell

Jerry Klaus

Brian Pett

Wayne Stiver

Tim Murphy

Wayne Miller


1. Comment on recent MOE initiatives: WQMS, Source Water Protection, Operator Training and Certification Requirements;

2. Developed Strategic Direction for committee:

Advance Best Management Policies/Procedures/Practices

Disseminate Management Information

3. Developed ‘draft’ T of R for a ‘new’ Water Quality Committee

4. Preparation for a fall 2004 management related workshop/seminar

Management Committee

Small systems committee

Committee Members

Chair: Robert LeCraw

Bob Doupe

Mohammed Karim

Norm Lawrence

Matt Uza

Lowell Yorke

John Levie


Papers at area conferences on water treatment topics

Distribute small systems flyer to area conferences with mentors list

Liaison with Training and Certification and new Ad Hoc Committee on training

To review InfraGuide best practice on ‘Small Water System O & M Practices’

Anyone interested in stepping up to be the chair?

Small Systems Committee

Water rates committee

Committee Members

Chair: Bob Goodings

Tony Haslam

Ad-hoc Committee Members:

Michael Tobalt

Bob Goodings

Brian Jobb

WEAO rep

OMWA rep


OWWA’s Survey of Municipal Water Rates & Operations Benchmarking every 2 years

2001 survey completed in May 2002

Statistics for water consumption and billing have remained the same since 1999

Board passed a motion that no further survey take place until an Ad-hoc committee can look at how rates are established (possible best practice as an output)

Water Rates Committee

Government affairs committee

Committee Members

Chair: Mike Lywood

Mike Fortin

Larry Moore

Lloyd Murray

Karen Tully

Michel Chevalier

Abhay Tadwalkar

Haneef Mian

Indra Prashad

John Rudnickas

David Kellendonk

Vinay Mehta


Monitor and interact with provincial and municipal governments to communicate OWWA’s position on legislative and regulatory matters that affect water systems in Ontario

Provide input on new legislation including the SDWA, Bill 175 and Ontario Regulation 170/03

Monitor activities related to the Great Lakes Charter

Provide input to Ministry of Health on developing a Boil Water Advisory Protocol

Government Affairs Committee

Water efficiency committee

Committee Members

Chair: Ken Sharratt

Darlene McNichol

Kingsley Blease

Michael Brooks

Tracy Patterson

Steve Gombos

Martin Lavictoire

Mike Loudon

Cate Soroczan

Stacey Nicol

Pamela Georgopoulos

Cam Vantandoust


Dedicated to advancing water use reduction by influencing government policies and promoting water-efficient technologies and practices


Water Efficiency Awards

Water Efficiency session at OWWA/OMWA conference

Participation in Children’s Water Festivals

Discussions with MOE regarding the Permit to Take Water Program

Plumbing Code discussions regarding legislation changes

Water Efficiency Committee

Youth education committee

Committee Members

Chair: Grant Murphy

Christopher Howard

Jane Challen Urbanic

Susan Reid

Keirstyn Eric


Involve school aged youth with water related issues


Co-presented a workshop on Youth Education Initiatives with the Children’s Water Education Council in Kitchener

Was awarded a $340,000 Trillium Foundation Grant to develop “Just Add Water” activity trailers (Water Festival Starter Kits) across Ontario

Water Festival activity centre is set up at 2004 Conference

Youth Education Committee

Technical educational council
Technical & Educational Council


Bob LeCraw


Tom Moulton


Wayne Stiver

Technical & Educational Council


University Forum


Computer Applications


Water Quality

Source Water Protection

Training and Certification

Groundwater committee

Committee Members

Chair: Jim Robinson

Vice Chair: Heather Malcolmson

Theo Beukeboom

Ken Campbell

Bill Davidson

Paul Eybergen

Simon Gautrey

John Harris

Ken Howard

Rob Kell

Lloyd Lemon

Tony Lotimer


To identify and respond to issues related to ground water

Provide knowledge and conduct seminars to OWWA members

Educate the public on groundwater issues

Achievements-Present and Future

Organized Workshop on GUDI

Participation in Groundwater Session for Conference

Preparing 2004 Fall Workshop

Groundwater Committee

University forum committee

Committee Members

Chair: Ron Hofmann

Bill Allison

Robin Slawson


To disseminate information about benefits of Utility/University collaboration

Co-ordinate the University Forum at the Annual Conference

Support technical, educational and research activities within OWWA

University Forum Committee

Treatment committee

Committee Members

Chair:Saad Jasim

Vice-Chair: William B. Anderson

Tony Edmonds

Mike Gundry

Ron Hofmann

Caroline Korn

Juliann (Sladic) MacLean

Beverly Mollard

Tammy Rose

Anita Smith

Olga Vrentzos


To advance and disseminate knowledge related to achieving the highest quality water for municipal purposes.

Liaise and respond with various authorities and agencies such as the MOE, MOH, Health Canada, etc.

Prepare and co-ordinate papers for the OMWA/OWWA Annual Conference

Prepare articles for publication and develop educational seminars and workshops

Treatment Committee

Computer applications committee

Committee Members

Chair: Mark Robinson

Devan Thomas

Karen Cellucci

Ron Hofmann

Vera Polyakova

Jim O’Donnell

Paul Eldridge

David Atkins

David Fountain

Ron Whitmell


Assemble & disseminate information related to use of computer technology and information systems for water operations & maintenance

Liaise with other groups, agencies and associations to share resources in implementation of a Municipal Utility Database

Implementation of the OWWA Web feature Hometown Gallery

Pipeline Articles

Computer Applications Committee

Distribution committee

Committee Members

Chair:Rob Gillis

Tony Edmonds

Greg Choquette

Rob Cowan

Quirien Muylwyk

Niall Robertson

Bob Andrews

Tom Moulton

Alain Lalonde

Hans Kamping

John Krug

Yvonne Mackwood


Engineering, Construction, Operations and Maintenance of water supply and distribution system

Liaise with various authorities and associations such as OMWA, CWWA, Building Code officials and Fire Marshal’s office

Prepare and co-ordinate papers for the OM/OWWA annual conference and for specialty seminars

Prepare articles for publication

Distribution Committee

Source water protection committee

Committee Members

Tim Lotimer

Nick Benkovich

Peter Busatto

Eric Hodgins

Mike Price

Terry Spiers

Mark Schiller

Roland Welker


Issues related to the protection of ground and surface source water

Provided technical support to the Chair during preparation of the report on Watershed Based Source Protection Planning Framework (submitted to the Government April 2003) and on-going during the Implementation Committee (one of the two new expert committees on SPP)

With WEAO – December 2003 Watershed Management Seminar

Source Water Protection Committee

Training & Certification


Committee Members

Chair: Brian Pett

Vice Chair: Don Currie

Maq Ahmad

Jane Bonsteel

Heather Broomer

Martin Bugden

Dave Durant

Dan Lynch

Ed Symons


  • Investigate the role OWWA should have in the development & delivery of training programs

  • MOE Operator Certification Advisory Committee

  • Review Occupational Standards for Operators

  • Review Training Standards for Operators

Member services council
Member ServicesCouncil


Wayne Miller

Member Services Council


Continuing Education

Young Professionals


Membership committee

Committee Members

Chair: Ray Miller

Vice Chair: Mike Brown

Secretary: Olena Gordiyenko

Steve Yake

Daniella Agenllini

Heather Broomer

Laurie Lotimer

Jerry Boc


Recruiting new association members

Prevent the loss of current members

Develop/promote value of membership

Encourage involvement of members in association activities and committees

Produce the membership directory in co-operation with the Publications

Membership Committee

Member involvement and diversity committee

Member Involvement andDiversity Committee

Plans are being finalized to combine the function of this committee with the Membership Committee.

Continuing education committee

Committee Members

Chair: Maqbool Ahmad

Roland Barbazza

Bob Doupe

Tom Ferguson

Bernie Kuslikis

David Constable

Dave Durant

Vera Polyakova

John Wraight

Ghassan P.P. Ghali

Caroline Holt-Smith

Ernie Ting


Organized 2003 Spring Workshop (171) and Fall Management Seminar (121) Attendees. Both well received

The 2004 Spring Workshop will address Water System Operation & Maintenance issues

Fall Seminar planned for November (TBA)

Continuing Education Committee

Young professionals committee

Committee Members

Chair: Liza Ballantyne

Past Chair: Sandra LaTorre

Quirien Muylwyk

Doreen Benson

Jane Challen-Urbanic

Jennifer Watt

Jodi Cumin

Susan Williams

Darren Romain


Committee working hard to create programs of interest for YP’s including seminars, social outings and plant tours

YP Game – Seek out and talk to the YP’s to get involved!

YP Reception on Monday following afternoon sessions - all welcome

Organized the YP Technical Session

Visit the YP display at the Poster Session for more information

Young Professionals Committee

Publications committee

Committee Members

Chair: Gary Houghton

Leslie Benson

Brad Dunmore


Publish issues of the “Pipeline”

Publish the membership directory a minimum of every two years in co-operation with the Membership Committee

Oversee the preparation, printing and distribution of these publications and to ensure these tasks are carried out on time and under budget

Publications Committee