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10th UN/CEFACT FORUM March 26-30 2007 Dublin, Ireland PowerPoint Presentation
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10th UN/CEFACT FORUM March 26-30 2007 Dublin, Ireland

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10th UN/CEFACT FORUM March 26-30 2007 Dublin, Ireland - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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10th UN/CEFACT FORUM March 26-30 2007 Dublin, Ireland. Forum Host & Supporting Sponsors:. Chair : Jean-Luc Champion Vice-Chair : Pat Toufar. International Trade and Business Processes Group (TBG). UN/CEFACT. TBG’s WG Outcome of the Week. Mary Kay Blantz, Chair Marion Royal, Vice Chair

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March 26-30 2007 Dublin, Ireland

Forum Host & Supporting Sponsors:




Outcome of the Week

tbg17 harmonization

Mary Kay Blantz, Chair

Marion Royal, Vice Chair

Hisanao Sugamata, Vice Chair

Kim Lambert, Secretariat

Sylvia Webb, Lead Editor

Sue Probert, QA Lead

TBG17 Harmonization


  • Joint Meetings:
    • TBG6 and ICG: eTendering Schema
    • UBL: Issues with CCL 06B
    • TBG14: Collaboration on harmonizing
    • ICG: CCL 06B audit report
  • Reviewed eDaplos with TBG18
  • Reviewed French Ministry definition

suggestions with TBG19

  • Continued harmonization of MSDS (USG)
  • Began documentation of TBG17 rules and


  • Lunch and Learn:

Overview of Core Component Harmonization

tbg17 how we do it
TBG17 – How we do it
  • Submission from TBG or liaison member
    • BRS and/or RSM and/or Class Diagram
    • Spreadsheet
      • Core Components
      • Business Information Entities
      • Maybe Qualified Data Types
  • An editor performs technical QA
  • When submissionis technically correct, added to work program
  • The submitter describes the process and reviews the diagrams

TBG17 – How we do it

Based on priorities (Submission date/CEFACT Plenary/FMG)

  • TBG17 reviews submitted Core Components
    • Across submissions when similar business meaning
    • Review each CC for completeness, good definition and name
      • May make changes, with agreement from submitter
    • If any changes made
      • Return submission
      • Submitter (TBG or Liaison) updates BIEs based on TBG17 changes
  • BIEs and qDTs harmonized by TBG17

TBG17 – How we do it

  • When whole submission is harmonized and approved
    • TBG17 sends to ICG
      • For audit
      • For inclusion in next UN/CEFACT Core Component Library
  • If the submitter requests a UN/CEFACT syntax solution, the TBG Project Manager sends the appropriate documents to ATG1 and/or ATG2 for message development.
tbg17 meetings
TBG17 - Meetings
  • Three interim five-day meetings (Internet also)
    • 6-11 May: Berlin, Hosts: DIN and Gefeg
    • 13-17 August: Michigan, Host: AIAG
    • 12-16 November: Paris, Host: Finance Ministry
  • Three-hour calls almost every week

Tuesdays, at 7 AM Eastern

Next call: 10 April



TBG 16 – Entry points

Chair : Alain Dechamps

dublin forum
Dublin Forum

Web site

TBGs with remote control of their pages

TBG1, TBG2, TBG3, TBG4, TBG6, TBG8, TBG14 and TBG17

E-mail lists


Dublin - March 2007

TBG Closing Plenary

tbg 19 initiation e government jean pierre henninot
TBG 19 initiation


Jean-Pierre Henninot

TBG19 e-Government


tbg 19 at dublin
TBG 19 at Dublin
  • TBG 19 specific:
    • Precising the scope of TBG 19 (to be seen on the site)
    • Work program:
      • WI waiting for resources
          • Exchange between tax and social security agencies
          • Law enforcement
      • New activities (not aiming at BRS at first stage)
          • Common eGovernment data model development
          • Investigate interest in GHGCT processes and standards
tbg 19 at dublin continued
TBG 19 at Dublin (continued)
  • Cross activities
    • In relation with WCO
      • Continued discussions on converging data models
    • In relation with TBG6, TBG1 and the CEN-WS ePPPE
      • Draft project proposal approved
    • With TBG 17
    • GSRM changed into GMM
      • Hosting in TBG 19
        • to Make an assessment of interest raised and stakes
        • To precise commonly agreed objectives
      • Enhancement of UMM considered
        • Work with TBG 14
dublin tbg 19 main conclusions
Dublin TBG 19 main conclusions
  • TBG 19 and benefits for govs within CEFACT to be promoted (A resolution agreed)
  • GMM: Starting a collaboration:
    • Hosting a start-team in TBG 19 (build on Canadian initiative)
    • Collaborating with TBG 14 on potential activities
  • TBG6-TBG1-TBG19 joint project approved:
    • review governments procurement requirement
    • collaborating with CEN/ISSS WS-ePPE
  • eArchiving going on schedule
tbg 18 agriculture
TBG 18 Agriculture
  • Chair : Bruno PREPIN
  • Vice-Chair : Frans VAN DIEPEN
  • 22 participants from :
    • EU Commission - SANCO
    • IPPC – International Plant Protection Convention (FAO)
    • Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil,
    • Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of The Netherlands
    • Canadian Food Inspection Agency
    • Union IN VIVO -France
    • FIEA-France
    • Institut de l’Elevage- France
    • Agro EDI Europe - France
    • Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
    • New Zealand Food Safety Authority
    • USDA – APHIS
works items
Works Items
  • E-Cert Project
    • Clarification of next steps
    • Commitment to weekly conference call (TBG 17)
    • Phyto component of Ecert project : development team obtained valuable information from the Forum
    • Live animal component of Ecert project : team obtained valuable information from the Forum
  • eDAPLOS project
    • Clarification of next step
    • In TBG17 process ( conference call)
next meetings
Next Meetings
  • Conference call
  • CEN EEG 14/ TBG 18 – June 5th – Brussels
  • E cert-NAPPO Meeting – June - Canada
  • UN/CEFACT Forum – September 24 to 28 – STOCKHOLM
TBG 15 – International Trade Procedures

Gordon Cragge – Chair

Sonia Albarello – Vice Chair

Jari Salo – Vice Chair

TBG Closing Plenary


tbg 15 international trade procedures
TBG 15 International Trade Procedures

TBG15 in Dublin

Bejeezus and Begorra

What a week, but we found the crock of gold

tbg 15 international trade procedures1
TBG 15 International Trade Procedures

TBG15 in Dublin


  • Inspired by the Keynote address by Minister Tom Kitt (TD) on the Irish Government view of and support for Trade Facilitation
  • Motivated by Connor O’Roirdan’s vision of building export-led economic development on UN CEFACT standards
  • Encourage by the number of joint meetings with other working groups
tbg 15 international trade procedures2
TBG 15 International Trade Procedures

TBG15 in Dublin


  • Progressed development of new UNCEFACT Recommendations Nos. 34 and 35
  • Reviewed revision of existing UN CEFACT Recommendations Nos. 6, 11 and 12
  • Explored used of UNCEFACT standards for coding Single Transport Contract
  • Enjoyed good CRAIC at joint meetings on UNeDocs, CBRDM and Data Modelling
  • Attended Trade Facilitation Ireland event
tbg 15 international trade procedures3
TBG 15 International Trade Procedures

Farewell to the Emerald Isle

tbg 15 international trade procedures4
TBG 15 International Trade Procedures

Welcome to Sweden

The new EDI (European Drink Interchange)



  • TBG14 (Business Process Analysis)
  • Chair: Ian Watt
tbg14 closing plenary communication
TBG14 –Closing Plenary Communication
  • Productive F2F Vienna meeting during the week prior to the forum
  • MRI Sunday – 23 delegates - Report & Recommendations to TBG
  • Positioned TBG14 through meetings with TBG1,2,3,4,6,12,15,17,19
  • Discussions: ICG, TMG, WCO, SWIFT
  • Presented (L&L) International Supply Chain Reference Model
  • Released TBG14 deliverables @ODP(4) on revised TBG14 website
  • Project Recommendation: UMM extension to support eGovernment
  • Established work program for the next six months
  • TBG14 (CSF): Commenced identification of resource skill requirements & sourcing discussions
  • ToR amended to transfer from TBG17 Business Process Harmonization delivery
  • Planning next F2F in EU prior to 13th. Plenary
tbg13 environment chair david schwarz vice chair s glenn miller vice chair s allan adair
TBG13 Environment

Chair : David Schwarz

Vice-Chair(s) : Glenn Miller

Vice-Chair(s) : Allan Adair

International Trade and Business Processes Group



TBG13 Dublin Meeting

  • Continued to work on BRS for Waste Movement from original UMM models
  • Updated the work plans for furthering the work within the TBG13 working group
  • Will attempt to re-submit BRS prior to Sweden Forum
tbg12 report
TBG12 Report
  • TBG12 Vertical Business Domain
    • Define TBG12 Projects Priorities
      • Complete the accounting framework
      • New project « Accounting Message »
    • Progress TBG17 Submissions
      • Pre-harmonization work re: Accounting Entry
  • Think about how to deal with
    • TBG17 contribution
    • Link with other SDO
tbg12 report1
TBG12 Report
  • Accounting Horizontal Business
    • Accounting Token Useability
      • (TBG1) – TBG 5 – TBG 6
      • Accounting Token place into TBG14 ISCM
    • TBG12 and information filing issue
  • Need more resources


TBG9 (Transport Tourism & Leisure)

Chair : Paula Heilig

Vice-Chair : Akio Suzuki

Liaison(s) : Open Travel Alliance

EC Promotion Org for Travel Industry

  • Created message assembly spreadsheet for small scaled lodging house information message
  • Reviewed small scaled lodging house information RSM and made corrections
  • Reviewed initial CC’s for small scaled lodging product information and inventory
  • Reviewed DMR code requests
  • Participated in TBG17



TBG8 (Insurance)

Chair: Andreas Schultz

Vice-Chair: Beth Grossman

Secretary: Jan Vrijenhoek (ABZ)

Liaison(s) : ACORD, CSIO, eEG7

TBG Opening Plenary

tbg8 insurance
  • TBG8 has a new organisation structure:
    • TBG8
      • Chair: Andreas Schultz
      • Vice Chair: Beth Grossman
      • Secretary: Jan Vrijenhoek
    • P6 project
      • Projectleader: Jan Vrijenhoek
      • Editor: Nigel Wooden
      • TBG17 representive: Nigel Wooden
tbg8 insurance1
  • TBG8 had joint meetings with:
    • TBG2, UNeDocs
      • TBG8 will be responsible for insurance related documents
      • TBG8 will investigate the need for these documents
    • TBG17, Harmonization
      • TBG17 accepted the submission
        • Submission contains insurance related information for Contract, Party and Coverage to construct Insurance Information Messages
tbg8 insurance2
  • Plan
    • Finalize resubmission for TBG17
    • New areas of business:
      • Claims
      • Life insurance
      • Health insurance
Chair: Bernard Longhi

Vice-Chair: Jun-Ichi Yamashita

Vice-Chair: Chris Hassler

Closing Plenary

Dublin, March 30th , 2007

TBG6 (AEC Gp)Architecture – Engineering - Construction



TBG6 (AEC Gp)Architecture – Engineering - Construction

eTendering Project (Public and private Procurement)

  • // ODP step 6: the implementation verification for two different existing systems in Japan was successfully completed, before New Dehli. A new implementation verification has been successfully completed by Korea. Further reviews by India, and European Countries (Germany, France and United Kingdom) will be made.
  • TBG6 anticipates that:
    • UN/Cefact will publish the whole set of eTendering UN/CEFACT standard after audit completion (done this week).

TBG6 (AEC Gp)Architecture – Engineering - Construction

eTendering Project (Public and private Procurement)(2)

  • Resolution: TBG6 wishes to extend our profound gratitude to all parties, internal and external, who helped develop the eTendering standard. TBG6 and TBG1 would especially like to thank the members of TBG17, ATG2 and ICG who helped make the standard possible.
tbg6 aec gp architecture engineering construction
TBG6 (AEC Gp)Architecture – Engineering - Construction
  • BRS/RSM/XML Schemas done
  • Queuing for audit, after CCL07A and updating RSM/XML Schemas in May

Project Schedule and Cost Performance Management

tbg6 aec gp architecture engineering construction1
TBG6 (AEC Gp)Architecture – Engineering - Construction
  • Requirements Model produced through the recent work groups will be made available as a working document on the TBG6 website.
  • Other stakeholder’s groups will be invited to contribute, such as TBG 5 for payment process and TBG 19 for specific public issues. Invitations will be open until mid June 2007.
  • Contact will be maintained with TBG 14 and MRI to ensure compliance with the UMM and to assist the improvement of the production process.

Contract Financial Execution Management

tbg6 aec gp architecture engineering construction2
TBG6 (AEC Gp)Architecture – Engineering - Construction
  • Project leader is Sandipan CHATTOPADHYAY (India) and project editor Peter L. Borresen (DK)
  • The first draft document will be updated by the project leader and TBG6 Chairman. It will then be published on TBG6 website before mid April.
  • All the TBGs will be invited to contribute to the business requirements. Invitations will be open until mid June 2007.

Security for documents and messages

tbg6 aec gp architecture engineering construction3
TBG6 (AEC Gp)Architecture – Engineering - Construction
  • Paris
  • 25-26 June 2007 (tentative date).

Next TBG6 interim meeting

Stig Korsgaard - Chair

Mark Sutton, HSBC – ”Bank” Vice Chair

Pierfranco Cei, Fiat – ”Corporate” Vice Chair

James Whittle, Secretariat

TBG5 Finance


chair ger diepens liaison s wto wb oecd tbg3 tbg14 un imo iata gea ifcba iaph tiaca icb iru
Chair: Ger Diepens


TBG 4 (Customs)


tbg4 customs
  • TBG4 had useful joint meetings with a number of other TBG and other groups and made several work agreements.
  • TBG4 had a successful meeting on the introduction of a possible future joint project with TBG2 on Single Window i.e. to establish a CBRDM covering B2G, G2G and B2B requirements in cross border transactions..
    • At the September meeting the Forum will be informed on the decision to go or no-go of the WCO Council.
closing plenary 30 march 2007
Closing Plenary 30 March 2007

TBG3 Transport Dublin Meeting

Chair : Dominique Vankemmel (France)

Vice-Chairs : Yoshi Kito(Japan), Simon Spoormaker (Nederland)

Secretary : Henk Van Maaren (Nederland)

Liaisons : ISO/TCs 104,154,204 & 8, ANSI X12I, WCO


tbg3 transport
TBG3 Transport

Achievements 26-30 March 2007

  • TBG3 Core Components being submitted jointly with TBG2 UneDocs currently being harmonized by TBG17 (ACC level)
  • Complete BRS for IFTM International Forwarding Multimodal Transport (target July 07)
  • Priorities for next BRS: Booking, WayBill, Transport Status, Manifest...
  • Progress Generic Multimodal Waybill document (July 07)
  • Settle priorities for other XML Multimodal Documents in transport: CMR Road, CIM Rail, WayBill Maritime, Manifest, Status report, Freight Invoice…)
tbg3 transport1
TBG3 Transport

Achievements 26-30 March 2007

  • Establish next months work plan: weekly conference calls – next interim meeting scheduled in OSLO 2–6 July 2007 and Seminar on Transport eBusiness standardisation

Agenda: endorse BRS for Forwarding and Transport, develop BRS for Booking and generic multimodal waybill document

  • Discuss the collaboration with UBL-TSC representative for Transport / Logistics and UN/CEFACT UBL focal point and agree a path forward
  • Review IMO -International Maritime Organisation- and WCO requests for new message and new data for Security of Freight (ISSP ship and port facilities security requirements)
tbg3 transport2
TBG3 Transport

Achievements 26-30 March 2007

  • ITIGG subgroup implementation guidelines: process DMR’s, preparation for a new version (n°3) of the worldwide implementation guidelines for both EDI and XML
  • Joint meetings with other groups: TBG4 WCO (CBRDM, Customs Data model Vers 3, UCR, freight security IMO…), TBG2 ( UneDOcs, joint TBG2-3 submissions of CCs, CBRDM), TBG14 ( Supply Chain Model)
  • ISO standards: update on activities of TC204 (Intelligent Transport Systems), TC204: RF-tag system architecture to identify moving cargo, TC 104 (Containers) and TC8 (Maritime-Ports)
  • Presentation of current implementations and projects:
    • GS1 LIM Logistics Interoperability Model
    • Short Sea XML project and its contribution to the TBG3 work ….
tbg3 transport3
TBG3 Transport

Achievements 26-30 March 2007

  • Transport Facts: example of EDIFACT implementation
    • To-day, 200 millions full containers and 100 millions empty containers movements per year processed by EDIFACT messages ( Bayplan, containers messages) based on User Guides from SMDG / TBG3. Considering 6 to 7 messages per container, this represent about 2 Billions messages exchanged.
chair michael dill vice chairs eva chan ibrahim diagne
Chair Michael Dill

Vice-Chairs Eva Chan, Ibrahim Diagne

TBG2 – ‘Digital Paper’


tbg 2 dublin week results
TBG 2 Dublin Week Results

Newcomer Session TBG2/UNeDocs and L&L Electronic Agreement Negotiation

Updated UNeDocs Project proposal TBG2 approved (Golden Step) and sent to TBGStC by TBG Chair

UNeDocs BRS TBGStC approved

No comments yet for UNeDocs Data Model ODP Step 5 period

Waiting for Release Status Definition and UNeDocs Status

Joint TBG2 meetings with other TBG WGs involved in Cross-Border trade processes: UNeDocs domain responsibility agreed by TBG1, TBG3, TBG5, TBG8, TBG14, TBG15 and TBG18; detailed plan needed! TBG4 – by CBDRM?

ISO TC154/JWG2 meeting on eUNLK – done – open issues about co-op with ISO TC154 remain!

Support for CBRDM meeting and Work on concept paper for ‘Document Master’, ‘Versioning’, ‘Code Document’

Dublin - March 2007

TBG Opening Plenary

tbg1 dublin meeting
TBG1 Dublin meeting

Results for the Dublin meeting:

  • CII is a Release Candidate
  • Project planning
  • TBG1 – TBG6 complementarity
  • TBG1 – convergence developments
tbg1 dublin meeting1
TBG1 Dublin meeting

Cross Industry Invoice is now a Release Candidate

Many Thanks to all involved!!

tbg1 dublin meeting3
TBG1 Dublin meeting

TBG1 – TBG6 complementarity

  • Joint meeting on Thursday
  • Cooperation reaffirmed
    • eTendering
    • MRI pilot
    • Maintenance procedure
    • TBG1 representation in certain TBG6 projects
tbg1 dublin meeting4
TBG1 Dublin meeting

TBG1 – Convergence developments

  • TBG1 projects will incorporate the requirements of convergence team members
  • BRS and RSM developments on track to deliver Sourcing to Payment messages in 2008