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158739-TEMPUS-2009-DE-JPHES WeNeT

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European Commission. TEMPUS. 158739-TEMPUS-2009-DE-JPHES WeNeT. ქუთაისის უნივერსიტეტი. KUTAISI U NIVERSITY. Courses:. Tourism finances Accounting for Tourism Insurance in the Field of Tourism Event management. Target Groups. Small businesses in tourism sphere;

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158739-TEMPUS-2009-DE-JPHES WeNeT

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ქუთაისის უნივერსიტეტი




  • Tourism finances
  • Accounting for Tourism
  • Insurance in the Field of Tourism
  • Event management

Target Groups

Small businesses in tourism sphere;

First-time businessmen;

Students and graduates;

Unskilled (green) persons wishing to try their luck in tourism

george ghavtadze

Tourism Finances

Estimated Learning Hours: 125 = 5 credits

George Ghavtadze

Doctor of Business Administration

Full professor

learning targets

Tourism Finances

Learning Targets:

To teach persons:

how to organize the financial relations in the small company;

what does the “Financial Management” mean;

how to find and attract investment resources;

how to negotiate with banks and other financial institutions;

how to optimize the expenditures of the company;

how to calculate the taxes and etc.


Tourism Finances


The meaning of finances

Financial system


Business plan, financial planning, budgeting Topic

Investment resources

Taxation of the small businesses in Georgia

Conditions of investing in tourism industry in Georgia – general overview

paata kldiashvili

Accounting for Tourism

Estimated Learning Hours:

125 = 5 credits



Doctorante at Business Administration

Assistant professor

learning targets9

Accounting for Tourism

Learning Targets:

The course aims at providing listeners with the following skills:

recording economic transactions in the process of economic activity of the enterprise by preparing primary documents and their processing

classifying expenses according to the types of service

calculating prime costs of service

determining financial results of implemented economic activity

calculating fees and their payments within specified terms;

using electronic system of accounting


Accounting for Tourism


Characteristics of accounting in tourism

Accounting for Monetary Funds

Accounting for short-term and long-term assets (fixed assets and inventory holdings)

Accounting for revenues

Accounting for expenses

Accounting for prime service costs and determination of financial results

Accounting for taxes

Using of computer system for accounting in tourism

roland bregvadze

Insurance in the field of Tourism

Estimated Learning Hours:

50 = 2 credits

Roland Bregvadze

Head of Insurance Company “Aldagi – BCI” regional branch

Master of Business Administration

learning targets12

Insurance in the field of Tourism

Learning Targets:

Since there is a rapid growth of tourism industry in Georgia the main purpose of the course is to define tourism as an economic system and apply basics of insurance in the field of tourism.

providing listeners with the information about the importance of insurance in tourism industry;

studying the main types of insurance;

introducing listeners with the entities participating in insurance relationships;

identifying the problems the tourism insurance faces


Insurance in the field of Tourism


Travel insurance that includes medical care as well as luggage loss, flight delays, hotel charges.

Civil liability insurance of travel agency against the tourist claims and third parties.

International “Green Cards” representing special policies provide the damage coverage to the third parties caused by motor accidents. All countries participating in the “Green Cards” system provide a tourist with the assistance abroad without contacting the original insurance company.

Insurance companies offer different types of property insurance, separately for the vehicles and technical equipment that tourists may carry with.

lela kelbakiani

Event management

Estimated Learning Hours: 125 = 5 credits

Lela Kelbakiani

Rector of Kutaisi University

Master of Business Administration

learning targets15

Event management

Learning Targets:

The course aims at providing students with the knowledge how to plan, manage and step-by-step deliver the event and how to turn any event into an exceptionally unique one through assisting tools. The course covers the reference material, templates, checklists and ‘best practice’ advice on a range of key topics common to the delivery of a wide range of cultural and sporting events.


Event management

Contents :

Introduction - the event concept; the event’s vision and mission.

Strategy for Success - Strategy and aim; the brand concept; marketing; sponsorship;

Event management

Making It Add Up – Fundraising.

Operational Communications

Marketing and Communication.


Legal Issues

Visitor Research

Post-Event - an overview of the post-event steps that should be taken

Control tables - forming; project recorder, tailoring

Sample templates - seminars in a firms, festivals, catering; evening-parties, camping; tours; meetings; reports;

Wedding plans - template-guides


Estimated Learning Hours:

Tourisme Finances

125 = 5 credits

125 = 5 credits

Accounting for Tourism

50 = 2 credits

Insurance in the field of Tourism

Event management

125 = 5 credits


May 2011

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