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Home. Greg Oborny. Tire Fort.

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Greg Oborny

tire fort
Tire Fort
  • The “tire fort” is over grown with trees now but a couple of years ago it was the best place to be on our farm. It was made out of used farm tires we aligned in a row and hackberry tree posts. My cousins and I put up walls with Strong-Barn tin we found in an old shed. I shot a skunk in it with my bb gun when I was younger. The tire fort was hidden back in a bunch of cedar trees. You had to cross a sow pen to get to it. The tire fort was an amazing place to hang out when I was a kid.
my barn
My Barn
  • My second favorite place to be was my barn. The hay-loft was full of old straw bales and boards. I would build forts out of the bales and shoot at the birds that would land in the rafters. There was a rope that was tied off, hanging out of the door in the lean-to that I would descend down to the ground. It has a white hue to it. I always liked to be in there.
  • In the winter there are a lot of cows in the pens at my house. We have to feed them a lot so in the morning and night we feed them. I enjoy working with cattle and in the summer I show a steer at the county fair. When we wean the calves off the cows they assert that they want their babies back.
  • There are chickens at my house. They lay eggs for us to eat. Sometimes they set on the eggs for a couple weeks and hatch little chicks. Chickens are a good animal to have because they keep the bug population down.
  • This is our tractor. It is a John-Deere 44-40. We bought it last spring. We use it to plant corn and move bales. It has a Westendorf loader on the front end. John-Deere tractors are good quality pieces of farm equipment.
  • I like to hunt. I killed a 10 point buck last year. I shot it with my 30-30 Winchester my grandpa. I really enjoy hunting and scouting for deer. That is what I do in my free time. I hunt with my uncle and cousin on our land. The nighty before deer season I envision of shooting a big buck.