Johann christoph pachelbel
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Johann Christoph Pachelbel. By: Javier Biera Miguel Iriarte. Index. His life Youth and education Career Final years Family Compositions Keyboard music Chamber music Vocal music Curiosities. His life (youth and education). Was born in Nuremberg (Germany) in 1653 .

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Johann christoph pachelbel

Johann ChristophPachelbel

By: Javier Biera

Miguel Iriarte


  • His life

    • Youth and education

    • Career

    • Final years

  • Family

  • Compositions

    • Keyboard music

    • Chamber music

    • Vocal music

  • Curiosities

  • His life youth and education
    His life (youth and education)

    Was born in Nuremberg (Germany) in 1653.

    We don’t know the exactly day of his birth, but we know he was baptized on September 1.

    In his early youth he had some music classes from Heinrich Schwemmer and Georg Caspar Wecker.

    These two musicians were student of Johann Erasmus Kindermann.

    His life career

    In 1673 he went to Vienna

    where he became an

    organist of the St.

    Stephen Cathedral.

    In 1677 he moved to

    Eisenach and he found a

    work as court organist.

    In June 1678 he was employed as organist of Predigerkirche in Erfurt and he remain there for 12 years.

    His life final years
    Hislife(final years)

    September 1 in 1690 he was a musician-organist in the Württemberg court at Stuttgart.

    In 1692 he published his first

    liturgical music collection (Acht

    Chorale zumPraeambulieren).

    In 1695 he moved to Nuremberg.

    Finally he died in 1706 in

    Nuremberg at the age of 52.


    He married twice.

    The first time he had a child, but in 1683 during a plague his wife and his son died.

    The second time he married Judith Drommer.

    He had five sons and two daughters, two of his sons also became organ composers.

    Compositions keyboard music

    Is relatively simple written for manuals organs.

    Only two volumes of Pachelbel organ music were published.

    The Chorales

    constitute almost

    the half of

    Pachelbel works.

    Compositions chamber music

    The Cannon in D is the most famous composition of this genre.

    The Musicalische Ergötzung is a set of six chamber suites.

    It was published in 1695.

    Compositions vocal music
    Compositions(vocal music)

    • The most famous compositions of this genre are:

      • So its denn dies der Tag

      • So its denn nur die Treu

  • These works were composed in Erfurt in 1679.

  • Curiosities

    Pachelbel had a very near relation with the Bach family.

    He taught J. Christoph Bach, brother of J. S. Bach.

    And he was godfather of

    one of his sisters.