Emotional customer service
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Emotional Customer Service. Presenter: Andrew Sanderbeck People~Connect Institute 2008 Texas Library Association Conference. 4 Star Approach to Customer Service. Emotional Authentic Recovery Experience

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Presentation Transcript
Emotional customer service
Emotional Customer Service

Presenter: Andrew Sanderbeck

People~Connect Institute

2008 Texas Library Association Conference

4 star approach to customer service
4 Star Approach to Customer Service

Emotional Authentic

Recovery Experience

“The Fish Normally Rots from the Head Down”. – Ned Parks, Consultant

Emotional customer service1
Emotional Customer Service

Think James Brown

Emotional customer service2
Emotional Customer Service





Belief Systems

Emotional customer service3
Emotional Customer Service

“Your customers only care what you know when they know that you care”

What does that mean to you?

Emotional customer service4
Emotional Customer Service

Seek First to Understand,

then to be Understood



One Goal: Understand (even if you disagree)

Emotional customer service5
Emotional Customer Service

The Platinum Rule

“Do unto others as they would have done unto them.”

How does that apply to Customer Service?

Emotional customer service6
Emotional Customer Service

Making the customers feel

welcomed and appreciated

Emotional customer service8
Emotional Customer Service

The Customer Experience

  • Service is often seen as merely Task/Transaction

  • Experience is created by consistently exceeding ‘customer’ physical AND emotional expectations.

  • Expectations: Judgment customers make as they do business with you.

  • Challenges to look at service from out-side in. What are the customer’s physical/emotional expectations at each moment of contact/connection.

    Source: Center for Inner Quality report for LPL

Group discussion
Group Discussion

Visions of Retail Establishments

You Should Care…It’s Your Competition

"Who Cares,

We're Not a

Retail Establishment!"

Emotional customer service9
Emotional Customer Service

Noticed how what ‘happened’ created a general ‘feeling’ which either precipitated customers wanting to come back or not.

Emotional customer service10
Emotional Customer Service

Customer Complaints

Service Failures

Employee Problems

Customer Satisfaction

Library Usage

Emotional customer service11
Emotional Customer Service

What to do when the other party doesn’t want to cooperate or problem solve

Keep Your Focus

Partner Against the Problem

Increase Their Willingness

Emotional customer service12
Emotional Customer Service

A Formula to Remember

E + R = O

Emotional customer service13
Emotional Customer Service

“Situations of conflict come into your life for only one reason: To help you to grow.”

- Michael Byers, Actor in 14 Movies and 6 Broadway Plays

Emotional customer service14
Emotional Customer Service

Benefits of Building Relationships with Our Customers

Emotional customer service15
Emotional Customer Service

You Make a Difference

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