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  6. Wireless Hot-Spot Portal • WAREHOUSE AND DISTRIBUTION Tagged Location Intelligent Labels




  10. BASE MANUFACTURING • The foundation tool which makes brewing simpler. • GlobalBrew Base Manufacturing provides all the basic functions to run your brewery efficiently. • All optional modules require this BASE tool and the basic features are listed to the right.

  11. The General Ledger, Creditors and Cashbook features are sold integrated as Native Accounting. With this feature GlobalBrew ERP is able to manage the full financial details of the business. Business transactions are instantly incorporated into the financial position. Transactions can be tracked both into and out of the financials enabling full transparency and investigation. Note that an interface can be provided to other accountancy packages at a variety of levels. Might be order oriented, transaction details or period totals depending on client and product requirements. FULL FINANCIAL & COST ACCOUNTING

  12. ASSET MANAGER The Fixed Assets feature supports the recording and tracking of the organizations assets. Both owned and leased Fixed Assets can be tracked and both depreciation costs and lease payments can be calculated and posted as defined in the setup. Log in and out assets such as pie warmers, racks, trays, signs etc. Trade allowances can also be used. The full accounting requirements can be met through GlobalBrew ERP with asset ledger management enabled.

  13. The forecasting feature is a compliment to the basic GlobalBrew ERP package that integrates with the existing Production Plan features. The feature shows the forecast sales on the Debtors Standing Order for comparison, forecast can be used on the Production Plan to show potential demand based on selected history, when generating orders the user can replace selected standing order lines with forecast data or prior period data (e.g. Easter) or promotion specific data, with suitable handheld interfaces this feature will use the customer stock take values to base forecast on the customer sales rather then your sales to the customer. • FORECASTING

  14. DOCUMENT MANAGER The document manager feature allows the storage of electronic documents (spreadsheets, letters, pictures etc) against key structures in the system. User defined categories can be created to organize documents within the Document Manager system. This feature allows any files (.doc, .xls, .txt, .gif , etc…) to be associated to customers, employees and suppliers. These files are always available, even remotely and are backed up as part of the GlobalBrew ERP backup.

  15. This feature allows multiple companies to operate from within the same GlobalBrew ERP database. Switching between companies is easily achieved if the user is authorized to operate within multiple companies. User defined group level consolidated general ledger reporting can be done even if differing general ledger structures are in place within the different companies. System level settings (registration key, users etc) are shared between the companies in the system but in all other respects they are discrete. • MULTI COMPANY

  16. With the Multi Plant feature of GlobalBrew ERP a more complex and/or sophisticated structure of production planning can be configured. Each plant configured into the system is able to have its own ingredient inventory and can produce any of the products defined in the system. Additionally with Multi Plant lines and their associated workstations can be configured into the system and recipes modified for particular workstations. Recipes can be modified for each particular workstation to allow for variations in conditions (equipment, size, Temperatures etc.). This feature is an extension of Multi-Branch functionality. • MULTI PLANT

  17. GlobalBrew ERP’s Multi Branch feature allows the definition of separate production locations, each having their own inventory of ingredients and stock. Note that with this feature each branch must manufacture discrete products and transfer of finished product can be made between branches. Common product manufacturing is handled with the Multi Plant feature. MULTI BRANCH

  18. Efficient inventory control is achieved with simple to use tools for tracking inventory movement. These tools can also augment the product recall process in the event of any contamination issues. Our unique handheld barcode scanning solution is an effective bridge to real time production and inventory control. Pallet barcoding is used for efficient packing from freezers and other storage. Even merging of partial pallets are easily accounted for and the intangible benefit of saving space only adds more value to this module. There’s even built-in error checking between the database and handheld device to eliminate any problems from freezer to line, load out, labeling, and even pallet changes. PALLET MANAGEMENT Wireless Hot-Spot Portal Tagged Location Intelligent Labels

  19. The Mass Communication feature provides an interface from GlobalBrew ERP to FAX Services running on your server to email servers via SMTP connection. This allows faxing of information (such as invoices and statements) to recipients with fax numbers MASS COMMUNICATION

  20. The Web Ordering feature in GlobalBrew ERP allows a GlobalBrew ERP sites customers to place and update orders (based on their standing orders), contact their sales rep and view account information, all using a normal web browser from anywhere via the internet WEB ORDERING

  21. CONTACT MANAGER FOR SALES A management tool for sales reps and administrators. Enables sales reps to plan their day, monitor their performance and directly communicate with GlobalBrew ERP. The sales rep uses a laptop running a thin client via a remote network (wireless, Cell phone, etc…) It runs a different applications in GlobalBrew ERP that enables the rep to plan the visits for a day including prospects and clients . The sales rep display a sales analysis summary, estimated sales summary, and prospects. This is combined with an estimate of the opposition by prospects and clients to give a percentage penetration. The sales rep can check on account details, load credit information, standing order variance requests, sample requests etc via a series of templates. These are received at the bakery and local email advises designated staff. A summary file of the days schedule allows the sales rep to check up without the need to connect. An administrator can monitor visits and penetration information and gauge the reps performance, and the performance of the area • SALES CRM

  22. GlobalBrew ERP includes a complete supplier control system, allowing purchase order generation and standing purchase orders. Automatic receipt of purchase orders into suppliers' invoices is supported. Purchase orderscan be system generated (and user modified) or created by user. Supplier payments can be performed singularly or in batches. Supplier reports are available including aged trial balance, re-order reports, transaction reports and full tax accountability. VENDOR MANAGEMENT

  23. FINANCE CHARGES GlobalBrew ERP can be configured to automatically calculate and apply finance charges to each individual customer. Different parameters can be applied to each customer, providing our bakery customer’s more flexibility and control. Operators can apply this fee on a weekly or monthly basis.

  24. ISSUES MANAGEMENT The Issues Management feature introduces additional functionality into GlobalBrew ERP to support handling of issues with external parties. Without this feature the debtor contact log and follow-up functionality can be used to track issues.

  25. The shipper management module allows you to keep track of containers or shippers that are used to transport orders. It tracks the shippers by giving them a location. They can be located with either a customer, driver, packer, or 'boxman'. The driver is responsible for collecting and counting how much each customer uses. Log in and out assets such as pie warmers, racks, trays, signs etc. Trade allowances can also be used. • SHIPPER MANAGEMENT

  26. The Plant Handheld Interface feature is designed for use with mobile computing devices with barcode scanners to automate product recording at various stages in the business. This can be done at the end of production lines (for confirmation of production) and for picking of product for order supply. Reports produced from GlobalBrew ERP for use at these connection points have included barcodes for the scanning processes. This feature is delivered on the handheld devices via a Web Browser. MOBILE HANDHELD INTERFACE

  27. To support the ability of Food Manufacturing organizations to provide one-step product recall facilities GlobalBrew ERP has the Lot Tracking feature. GlobalBrew ERP’s lot tracking feature supports identification of raw ingredient lots through the entire production process to finished product delivery. With this feature installed lot numbers must be recorded for ingredients used in production and stock-taking must be done by lot as well. This is a superset of the Sales Lot Tracking feature. With Lot Tracking enabled an organization should be able to recall either from a customer complaint or from supplier notification. LOT TRACKING

  28. Tracking product throughout a plant is difficult and tools that improve the accuracy and reliability of data are important. GlobalBrew ERP has developed features to improve these areas based around wireless connectivity and browser based applications. The Ingredient Management feature is designed to replace manual processes that track ingredients from receipt to use. The Ingredient Management scanning interface is designed to reduce potential errors in ingredient handling within large plant style organizations. All connections to the scanning systems within GlobalBrew ERP must be accessed by logging into the application first and choosing from your list of available functions. INGREDIENT SCANNING


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