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Customer Service

Customer Service. IBM Customer Support: 1-888-376-0105. Software Screen. Today’s Speaker. Charles Eaton, M.D., M.S. Director RxAssist. Making Medication Assistance Easier. Using RxAssist and The Learning Center. Learning Objectives.

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Customer Service

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  1. Customer Service • IBM Customer Support: 1-888-376-0105

  2. Software Screen

  3. Today’s Speaker Charles Eaton, M.D., M.S. Director RxAssist

  4. Making Medication Assistance Easier Using RxAssist and The Learning Center

  5. Learning Objectives • Assist patients who are Uninsured or Underinsured • Identify Resources for Medication Assistance • Navigate through RxAssist and The Learning Center using Case Scenarios • Provide Tips and Handouts for Future use

  6. The Challenge • Diversity of Patient Needs • Uninsured • Underinsured • Medicare Part D • Fragmentation of Resources • Difficulty for advocates/providers working with many patients in a timely manner

  7. RxAssist • RxAssist for providers and patients • Quick searches for PAP availability • Selected resources for most common issues

  8. RxAssist Providers and Patients

  9. Quick Search Advair

  10. RxAssist Resources

  11. The Learning Center

  12. Resource Library Materials selected for their usefulness Practical resources for providers Handouts for patients

  13. Ask the Expert Professionals representing expertise in assisting vulnerable populations RxAssist staff decide which expert gets the question Replies posted within one week of submission

  14. Discussion Forum Ask questions Post opinions Recommend resources

  15. RxConnects Listserv for advocates and providers Moderated Messages posted daily Professionals across the safety net spectrum

  16. Website Issues • If you experience any problems with either the RxAssist website or the new Learning Center, please email us at

  17. Uninsured #1 • 45-year-old, single man, recently unemployed • No COBRA or healthcare insurance • Income - $25,000 • 3 medications • Advair • Proventil • Celexa

  18. Uninsured #1(cont’d) • RxAssist PAP database multiple drug search • Advair • Proventil • Celexa

  19. Uninsured #1(cont’d) • The Learning Center • Resource Library • Lowering Medication Costs

  20. Uninsured #1(cont’d) • Tips • Encourage the patient to look into local sliding fee scale clinics should s/he need to find low cost health care; e.g., FQHCs or free clinics • Find out if there is a “211 call center ” United Way in your state or county by going to: This program can be useful in helping individuals find a variety of assistance services

  21. Uninsured #2 • 67 year old woman, never worked • Not eligible for Medicare • PAP administrator assumes she is Medicare eligible • Multiple medications

  22. Uninsured #2(cont’d) • RxAssist PAP database multiple drug search • The Learning Center • Resource Library • Insurance & Health Care Access • Medication Management & Safety • Call Center

  23. Uninsured #2(cont’d) • Tips • Familiarize yourself with programs such as Social Security and Medicaid so you can navigate their systems when necessary. Learn the procedure and timetable for getting “denial of benefits” letters from government agencies • Check RxAssist or The Learning Center’s state medication assistance chart to see if there are programs in your state that you might not know about

  24. Underinsured #1 • Married couple with insurance • Husband has met yearly prescription cap • Multiple medications and diabetic supplies

  25. Underinsured #1(cont’d) • RxAssist PAP database • RxAssist Provider Resources • Retail store pharmacies • The Learning Center • Diabetic supplies resource sheet

  26. 42

  27. Underinsured #1(cont’d) • Tips • When looking at retail pharmacies read the fine print; sometimes the cost represents a specific number of pills rather than the prescription as written by the doctor • Help patient project medication costs so that s/he can discuss with prescribing physician to identify cost saving measures

  28. Underinsured #2 • Patient with insurance • Can’t afford co-pays for medication • Patient has inflammatory bowel disease

  29. Underinsured #2(cont’d) • RxAssist PAP database • The Learning Center • Health Access and Insurance • Lowering medication costs • Co-pay assistance foundations

  30. Underinsured #2(cont’d) • Tips • Always check the disease association website to see if there any resources identified or local chapters that might provide assistance. For example, the one for IBS is:

  31. Part D Enrollee #1 • Chose lowest cost prescription drug plan • Can’t afford co-pays • Two of the drugs are Lipitor and Toprol XR

  32. Part D Enrollee #1(cont’d) • RxAssist PAP database • The Learning Center • Resource Library • Medicare

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