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Lantech 2013 Solution . Presented by PM Dept. JAN,2013. Agenda. A Brief Introduction of Lantech New Products Advanced industrial grade high-speed redundancy solution ERPS Remote Management Demands Advance Security Management - SMART GRID - PTP.

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Lantech 2013 solution

Lantech 2013 Solution

Presented by PM Dept.



  • A Brief Introduction of Lantech New Products

  • Advanced industrial grade high-speed redundancy solution ERPS

  • Remote Management Demands

  • Advance SecurityManagement


Product strategy
Product Strategy


I(P)GS-5400-2P I(P)GS-5424









Benefits of lantech new product line igs 5400 2p 3408 5408 series
Benefits of Lantech New Product Line –IGS-5400-2P/3408/5408 Series

  • The industrial grade high-speed redundancy solution which is suitable for complex networking environment -- ERPS

  • Supporting IPV6

  • Fulfill the demands of remote management for users

  • Easy use of built-in network management tools

  • Advance SecurityManagement

  • Unique IGMPfor surveillance

  • PTP for SMART GRID Marketing

Advanced industrial grade high speed redundancy solution erps
Advanced Industrial Grade High-Speed Redundancy Solution-ERPS

What s erps
What’s ERPS

  • ERPS (Ethernet Ring Protection Switching) is the first industry standard (ITU-T G.8032) for Ethernet ring protection switching.

  • Provide the recover time of sub-50ms protection for Ethernet traffic in a ring topology.

  • Ensuring no loops formed at the Ethernet layer.

  • The 1st version only supports a single ring architecture; the newest version already has the ability to address multiple inter-connected rings.

Benefits of erps
Benefits of ERPS

- Comparing with past Lantech Pro Ring redundancy solution, ERPS is suitable for various and complex networking environments and had passed 11 types of topology by laboratory test and BMT test

Evolution of lantech itu g 8032 erps

Evolution of Lantech ITU G.8032/ERPS


  • ITU G.8032(ITU-Ring) support varies topology

    • recovery time < 50ms

    • Ring Miswiring Avoidance

  • NMS can get real time information of the switches. not influenced by NMS pulling cause high CPU loading /switch hang.

  • In case of a group of switch shut down, the Ring will be survive when the switches come back.

Cascade chain
Cascade Chain

Loop protection with watch dog
Loop protection with Watch Dog

If CPU of switch was hanged with some accident,

the watch dog will reset the switch.

Mstp ieee802 1s support
MSTP(IEEE802.1s) support

  • Compatible with RSTP/STP

Application of mstp
Application of MSTP

  • Redundancy Path of RSTP/ STP can be built up between switches

  • Redundancy Path of MSTP can be built up between VLAN Groups

Lantech 2013 solution

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the latest revision of the Internet Protocol (IP), the communications protocol that provides an identification and location system for computers on networks and routes traffic across the Internet. IPv6 was developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to deal with the long-anticipated problem of IPv4 address exhaustion.

We are ready for the IPv6 standard.

Demands for on site device management
Demands for On-Site Device Management

How the equipments were connected by

end user?

What’s the root cause?

What’s happening in field ?

Or the problem was caused by

environment issue?

Besides the snmp
Besides the SNMP…

  • Smart Event System

  • - Providing other channels for Event Log transmission

  • Topology View

  • - Built-in user-friendly management tools

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • - Remote monitoring for hardware status.

Event system
Event System

Local save 、Syslog server 、Email 、SMS、SNMP Trap 、DO 、Alarm Relay

System event with sms
System Event with SMS

Connect 5408 switch with internet, the switch will send event log to SMS

Server via internet and you can receive the event log by your cell phone with

SMS service.

Built in rtc let you know when the event occur
Built-in RTC let you know when the event occur

No more need to connect to time server for time synchronizing

Event action matrix configurable


remote log

SNMP trap




Fault LED

Event / Action Matrix (configurable)

  • Link up/down

  • Din

  • Power on/off

  • Reboot

  • Login/Logout

  • HW threshold

    • temp, voltage,

  • DDM threshold

    • temp, dbm

Topology view
Topology View

  • Developing on LLDP protocol

  • Showing the system information of

  • each switch

  • Showing the primary path and backup

  • path

  • Helping the remote manager to understand

  • the network topology in field

Lantech 2013 solution

Through LLDP feature, the data of connection(IP, Port) between switches can be acquired by SNMP.

Cdp support
CDP Support

Cisco Discover Protocol

Use to integrate with Cisco group manage solution

Benefits of environmental monitoring
Benefits of Environmental Monitoring

- The status of input voltage, current, power consumption, temperature, and CPU loading are able to be acquired by system manager and determine if issues are caused by environment or hardware.

Advance security management
Advance SecurityManagement

Access control list
Access Control List

  • Filtering: Manage IP Traffic by filtering packet passing through the switch.

  • Classification: Identify traffic for special handling

  • Support filtering by MAC and IP address

802 1x

The switch acts like a security guard to a protected network.

Ssh and ssl

SSH: SSH can be selected via telnet mode while

logging in the switch

SSL: SSL can be selected via Web browser mode

while logging in the switch

Access security
Access Security

- IP security: To restrict which IP can access the switch

- Management Access Policy Control:

Able to configure the user account for access authority. Ex, on-site system manager can configure the “Read Only” permission.

Igmp v3

  • IGMP Version 3: Advanced ”Source filtering” feature available for client-site to be able to select the Multicast resource that are actually needed in an indicated Multicast group (For IGMP Version 1 and Version2, client-site cannot select the multicast resource when multiple multicast resources are sharing a multicast group.)

Igmp for surveillance
IGMP For Surveillance

Original IGMP Application

Surveillance Application

For surveillance application, it is difficult for all network equipments to find

the IGMP querior switch because of reverse infrastructure .

Solution for surveillance
Solution For Surveillance

  • MVR(IGMP Static Forwarding)

    Configuring the transmission path for each Multicast address manually.

  • IGMP Router Port

    Allow switch to know which uplink is for IGMP Querior Switch.

Igmp router port
IGMP Router port

The port4 was the port which connect with IGMP querior switch.

We are keep focusing on surveillance market
We are keep focusing on Surveillance market

Ptp precision time protocol
PTP(Precision Time Protocol )

Ptp definition
PTP Definition

  • PTP(Precision Time Protocol) is advanced version of NTP(Network Time Protocol) in software timing feature. The accuracy is improved to 1ms.

  • Applications: Substation and SMART GRID

  • Any power devices are able to comply to “Time Stamp” via standard RJ45 connector by access PTP

Trouble shooting tools
Trouble Shooting Tools

Use these functions to duplicate the option of network environment then email to us.

  • Port statistics

  • Mirror function with Wireshark

  • Export setting file

Port statistics
Port Statistics

This function provides an overview of general traffic statistics for all switch ports, it can help us to know the network in field was influenced on what kind of packet.

Mirror function with wireshark
Mirror function with Wireshark

Select the port which you want to

duplicate packet.

Select the port which you connect

with PC.

Use Wireshark utility to save these duplicated

packets as a file then send to us.

Export setting file
Export setting file

Export the setting file of switch then send to us, we will help you to

check the setting of switch .