the sequence of the job from job analysis to performance appraisal n.
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The Sequence of the Job From Job Analysis to Performance Appraisal PowerPoint Presentation
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The Sequence of the Job From Job Analysis to Performance Appraisal

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The Sequence of the Job From Job Analysis to Performance Appraisal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Sequence of the Job From Job Analysis to Performance Appraisal. Job Analysis. Job Description. Job Specification. Advertising. Recruitment. Selection. Orientation. Training. Development. Performance Appraisal. Job Description.

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The Sequence of the Job From Job Analysis to Performance Appraisal

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    1. The Sequence of the Job From Job Analysis to Performance Appraisal Job Analysis Job Description Job Specification Advertising Recruitment Selection Orientation Training Development Performance Appraisal

    2. Job Description • Written Statement that explains the duties,responsibilities, working conditions, and activities of a specific job. • Job Descriptions are used for: • Describing the job • Recruiting • Selection • Orientation • Training • Employee Evaluations • Promotions and Transfers

    3. Job Description – key elements • Job Identification Data • Job title • Work unit • Title of immediate supervisor • Pay Grade • Job Summary • Brief general statement which highlights the common functions and responsibilities of the job. Also called the general statement.

    4. Job Description – key elements • Job Duties • Usually a listing the tasks and responsibilities associated with the job. • Typically, each statement in this section begins with an action verb and briefly states what this portion of the job accomplishes • Examples of verbs • Administer,assist, collect, conduct,prepares,furnish maintains,etc.

    5. Job Description: Assistant Director of Human Resources Description of Work General Statement of Duties: Perform complex technical work in recruitment, examination, classification,wage and salary administration, training, and other functions of a personnel program. Supervision: Reports directly to Director ofPersonnel. Exercises supervision over assigned personnel. Work Performed: % Time Recruitment 20% Administer Examinations 15% Wage and Salary administration 20% Training 25% Working Conditions: Works Primarily in Office Setting. Recruitment conducted in out-of house settings including schools, colleges and universities.

    6. Job Specifications • Describe the qualifications required to perform the job • Generally Relate to: • Training or Education • Skills and experience • Mental, physical and personal characteristics • These qualifications are the ones needed on the first day on the job • NOT knowledge, skills and abilities acquired after beginning the job. •  Applies to both internal and external candidates (applicants).

    7. Job Specification • KNOWLEDGE- A body of information, usually of a factual or procedural nature, that makes for successful performance. • SKILLS- An individual’s level of proficiency or competency in performing a task. • ABILITY- A more enduring, general trait or capabilities that an individual possesses at the time when s/he first begins to perform a task.

    8. Job Specification • Outlines the minimum acceptable qualifications that a person must possess to perform the job effectively • Job specification Identifies Personal characteristics required: • Education • Experience • Certification • Abilities • Knowledge and skills

    9. Job Specifications • Elements (if separate document from job description) • Job Identification • Immediate Supervisor • Department • Job Code • Skill Factors • Education • Experience • Communication • Effort Factors • Physical Demands • Mental Demands • Working Conditions

    10. Job Description VS Job Specification • A Job Description defines What the job does; it is a profile of the job. • A job Specification describes what the job demands of employees who do it and the human factors that are required. • Requirements Include • Experience • Training • Education • Physical & Mental Demands • The are often combined in one document since they both focus on the job