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Red Bull

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Red Bull

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  1. Red Bull How many people here actually drink or consumed any sort of energy drink?

  2. Red Bull Similar/related to my bottle concept design created not only a new product, but a whole new category

  3. History Receives a sample when in Thailand He gets an idea

  4. Local Pharmacy creates distributes 1987

  5. Other Markets 1997 1994

  6. Currently Distributed across 165 countries today

  7. The Logo Krating = reddish-brown bovine Daeng = Red

  8. Interpretation of Logo Red bulls charging against each other in front of a yellowish gold spot, represents sheer speed, power, risk-taking and aggressiveness The bulls depict strength while the blue and silver parts in the background symbolize intellect. The red and yellowish gold parts, on the other hand, characterize emotion.

  9. The Slogan 'it is really a metaphor, if you will, of the fact that it gives you the energy to tackle anything. Meaning that any task that you attempt will be much easier since you feel like you have wings. It boosts your confidence if anything.'

  10. Ingredients Red Bull contains the following; -Caffeine -B-group vitamins -Sucrose and Glucose -Taurine & -Alpine Spring Water Do people take notice of the ingredients of things before they intake into their systems? One Red Bull (caffeine intake) = one 250ml cup of coffee

  11. Controversy or not? 'in 2000, Ross Cooney dies from a Sudden Adult Death Syndrome in Limerick, Ireland. The four cans of red bull he drank before playing in a basketball game are suspected in the death.' 'in 2001,Swedish National Food Administration investigates Red Bull after three Swedish consumers die after drinking Red Bull' 'A February 3, 2009 article in 'The Daily Telegraphy' called, "Red Bull 'may have triggered heart condition that killed student' " reported the death of a 21-year-old woman who died after drinking four cans of Red Bull as well as alcohol at "social levels".It was believed, but had not been proven, that she suffered from a rare heart condition called long QT Syndrome. She was on medication for epilepsy and had an abnormally large heart. A medical examination found that there were no illegal drugs in her system. The article quoted a doctor as saying, "The coroner recorded that the 21-year-old woman died of natural causes” But all these incidents have no founding of actual Red Bull involvement

  12. Other Affiliations Affiliates with sport events Formula One BMX Snowboarding Etc Also social events