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Marcus Aurelius

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Marcus Aurelius. BoyZone. Tom pls put in your wrk , we need it. Tom talk about who aurelious was, is he a emperor or a ruler. Pls hav 1-2 full slice in here. Ascent to Power.

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Marcus Aurelius

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tom pls put in your wrk we need it
Tom pls put in your wrk, we need it
  • Tom talk about who aurelious was, is he a emperor or a ruler. Plshav 1-2 full slice in here
ascent to power
Ascent to Power
  • Hadrian liked Aurelius, enrolling him into the equestrian rank at six, making him a priest and providing him with the best possible education
  • Hadrian wanted Aurelius to succeed him, but he was too young.
    • To combat this, he ensured that his successor, Pius adopted Aurelius and his adopted brother as his heir
  • Aurelius and Pius grew closer, which gave Aurelius greater positions, such as Consul in AD 140.

The Senate liked Aurelius as much as Pius.

  • After Pius died, the senate actually sought after Aurelius to become the sole emperor
  • Aurelius insisted that he would joint-rule with his adopted brother, Verus.
  • He ruled from 161-180
marcomannic wars
MARCOmannic Wars
  • From 166-180 AD
  • A plague after the invasion from Parthia in 166 severely weakened the empire, killing 5million people.

In late 166 to early 167, a force of 6000 Langobardi and Lacringi marched on Pannonia.

  • Local forces managed to repulse this invasion
  • Marcus IalliusBassus negotiated a treaty with 11 tribes
  • The agreement did not last long.
  • The Vandals invaded Dacia, and successfully killed the governor
  • The war put Rome into great debt
  • Rome then fortified it’s northern frontier, stationing half their legions along the Danube and the Rhine.
good things about marcy
Good Things About Marcy
  • Architecture
    • He created a successful building programme
  • Social life
    • He continued things in social life that were started by Nerva
  • Political reforms
    • He did a lot of positive political reforms
  • Philosophies
    • He was known as the philosophic emperor
  • What made him super good?
    • Many a thing made him good