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Marcus Aurelius

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Marcus Aurelius. By: Brandon Murray, Anthony Martinez, D’nique Coleman. Early Life.

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Marcus Aurelius

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marcus aurelius

Marcus Aurelius

By: Brandon Murray, Anthony Martinez, D’nique Coleman

early life
Early Life
  • Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius was born on April 26, 121 in Italy. Marcus was known as the most respected emperor in Rome. He was born into a very wealthy family. When he was young he studied Stoicism a philosophy that’s main teachings were fate, reason, and self restraint.
entry into politics
Entry into politics.
  • In 140 Marcus became the leader of the senate. When the years passed he gained more duties and responsibilities.
  • Along with his hectic life Marcus had a normal personal life. He married Faustina the emperors daughter in 145. They had had many children together a lot of their children died. One of their best known children are his daughter Lucilla, and their son Commodus.
marcus becomes emperor
Marcus Becomes Emperor
  • After Marcus’s adoptive father dies in 161 Marcus rose to power as the new emperor. And Marcus had his adoptive brother Lucius as his co-ruler.
war and disease
War and Disease
  • The two brothers reign was marked with lots of war’s and diseases. In the 160’s they battled with parthian empire for control over lands in the east. Lucius fought the war while Marcus was back in Rome. When the soldiers came back from the war they bought back a disease with them was wiped out a portion of the population of Rome.
death of marcus aurelius
Death of Marcus Aurelius
  • While once again battling the German tribes Marcus made his son Commodus co-ruler when Lucius died in 169. Together they fought the northern enemies of the empire. Marcus Aurelius died on March 17, 180. His son Commodus soon took over as emperor.