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Unit 2 Career: Labor You Love PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 2 Career: Labor You Love

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Unit 2 Career: Labor You Love
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Unit 2 Career: Labor You Love

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  1. Unit 2Career: Labor You Love Step 2 Your Career and your financial future What you have learned Action Plan

  2. Your Career and Your Financial Future • What Employees Want • Job satisfaction • Benefits • Paid vacation—up to two weeks when you start a new job • Paid sick leave—usually 10 days per year • Health-plan benefits—larger employers provide health insurance • Retirement plan contributions—employers put a small percentage of employees salary into a retirement plan • Tuition reimbursement—Some employers pay for college or training Discuss with a partner what these benefits would mean to you.

  3. Your Career and Your Financial Future Benefits are often 20-50% over an employees salary As you grow older your needs change and different benefits become more important Make sure to consider benefits as well as salary when thinking about taking a job Watch, discuss and take notes on the video: How Health Insurance Works

  4. Cost of Living • Cost of living—how much it costs to live in a certain area • Rent • Food • Utilities • Insurance • Transportation • Gas • Phone, Internet, Cable • When taking a job in a new area, you need to make sure your salary covers expenses with more left over than the job you are leavint

  5. Cost of Living Copy the chart into your notebook and complete it. Choose 2 places you would like to live and compare their cost of living with Lincoln City.

  6. Starting a Family • In 2014 it takes 240,080 dollars to raise a child to the age of 18, not counting college • A job with health benefits becomes even more important • Plan your work, work your plan • The jobs you work over the years pay the bills and support the family • Plan ahead so you have jobs you like and are prepared for retirement

  7. What You’ve Learned in Unit II How career choices affect your income What an employer expects from you as an employee The benefits of education and training Some of the characteristics of an entrepreneur Some of the benefits employees want from an employer AIM HIGH!!

  8. Action Plan Part 1. Think about what your life will be like in 5 years. Visualize the details: house, career, neighborhood. Consider everything you can. Do you have a spouse? Children? Do you live in a rural or urban area? Have you moved? Do you live quietly or are you a public person? Do you have your own business or do you work for someone else? Action Plan 1. Cut out pictures from magazines of your dream home, family, automobile, etc. Mount them on stock paper and place the poster in your notebook. Present your poster to the class and tell them about your dream life.

  9. Action Plan Part 2. Write the following “contract with yourself” in your notebook. Fill in the blanks with information about your life goals. Action Plan 2. I, _______________ plan to work towards a career as a ______________________ with a beginning salary of ________________. The education or training that is required for my chosen career is _______________. This career does/does not typically include benefits. Signed _____________________

  10. Action Plan Action Plan 2 Continued. Write down two steps you can take today that will bring you closer to your chosen career or occupation. _______________________________ _______________________________

  11. Portfolio You should now have the following units in your Portfolio: Unit 1: Financial Planning—Your Roadmap Unit 2: Career—Labor You Love You can use this information as you begin moving toward a career. Showcase Your Work in an Online Career Portfolio Print the article and place it in your notebook. Read and discuss it with the group. This is our ultimate goal.

  12. Bibliography Text and Assignments NEFE High School Financial Planning Program, Student Guide. National Endowment for Financial Education. Greenwood Village, CO. 2001. Page 3: “How Health Insurance Works.”eHealthinsurance DePaul, The Career Center. “Showcase Your Work in an Online Career Portfolio.” Images Page 2:Sharma, Ambika. Promo Tadka. “Why media agencies can no longer ignore having a strong benefits plan…”January, 2013