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第一部分 JBII 第六课时: Units 13-14 PowerPoint Presentation
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第一部分 JBII 第六课时: Units 13-14

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第一部分 JBII 第六课时: Units 13-14 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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第一部分 JBII 第六课时: Units 13-14

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  1. 第一部分JBII第六课时: Units 13-14 • 复习策略 • 课前热身 • 要点、考点聚焦 • 典型例题解析 • 课时训练

  2. 复习策略   1.掌握邀请和应答请求许可,了解结构并灵活运用。   2.掌握由how构成的疑问词的用法。   3.掌握动词的各种时态用法并运用。   4.用英语写一封关于生日聚会的信。

  3. 课前热身 1.你乐意来吗? 我很乐意。  —Would you like to come?  —I would love to(come). 2.谢谢你邀请我。 Thank you for inviting me. 3.你认为英国人是如何庆祝他们的生日的? How do you think English people celebrate their birthday? 4.一切准备就绪。 Everything was ready. 5.没有时间去想。 There was no time to think. 6.现在我正在为考试而努力学习。 Now I am working hard on my exams.  

  4. 要点、考点聚焦 1. hope的用法 a.接从句,如:I hope you can come. b.接不定式,如:I hope to see you soon. Would you like to...?肯定回答为:Sure/Certainly/I'd like/love to.否定回答一般婉转地拒绝,可回答: Sorry,but I.../I'm afraid.... 2. Hold on,please. Wait a moment/minute,please请稍候。 Just a moment/minute,please. 3. 4. right now=at the/this moment此时

  5. 要点、考点聚焦 give sb.a message  给某人留条/口信 leave sb.a message  给某人留言/条 5. take a message to sb.  给某人捎口信 be afraid of sb./sth.  害怕某人/某事 be afraid to do sth.  害怕做某事 be afraid of doing sth.  害怕做某事 be afraid that...恐怕…… 6. how long  多长时间,表示段时间 how often  多长时间(一次),表示频率 how much  多少(后加不可数名词);多少钱 how many  多少(后加可数名词) how far(away)  多远 7.

  6. 要点、考点聚焦 be away from  不在……,离开…… be late for school  上学迟到 8. need some more meat  还需要一些肉 get some more fruit再买些水果 9. 10. help oneself/oneselves to sth.随便吃点……

  7. 典型例题解析 【例1】—Excuse me,may I borrow your bike for a while? —________.   [2001.甘肃] A.Certainly,here you are B.No,you can't C.Yes,give you D.I don't have one A 【例2】There are many tall trees onside of the street.[2002.南京]. A.both   B.all C.each   D.every C 【例3】—How________do you watch TV? —Once a week.[2000.荆州]. A.for   B.long C.soon    D.often D

  8. 典型例题解析 【例4】—My mother is in hospital.I have to look after her. —________.[2002.哈尔滨] A.That's all right B.That's right C.I'm sorry to hear that D.All right C 【例5】 —Can you stay here longer? —________,but I have to be back tomorrow. [2002.黄 冈] A.No problem       B.I'm afraid not C.I'd love to             D.No,thank you C

  9. 课时训练 Ⅰ.词汇 A.用所给的适当形式填空。 1.Help___________to the fish,boys and girls.(you)  2.Who_______you English last term?(teach) 3.I like___________better than hamburgers.(sandwich)  4.It's going to be muchlater on.(wind) 5.I hope everythingwell.(go) yourselves taught sandwiches windier goes

  10. 课时训练 B.写同义句,每空一词。 1.Would you like to cook the meal with me? Will you please help methe ? 2.We'll need another two candles. We'll need  candles. 3.Don't forget to ask Jim. ask Jim. 4.What a beautiful present it is! the present is! 5.I was twelve years old yesterday. Yesterday was my . do cooking two more Remember to How beautiful twelfth birthday

  11. 课时训练 1.It's nice______you to get me two ticketsthe World Cup. A.for,of  B.of,for,for  D.of,to 2.—What about having a cup of tea? —________. A.I want it      B.Help yourself C.Good idea     D.Me,too 3.—The exam was very easy,wasn't it? —Yes,but I don't think________could pass it. A.Somebody     B.anybody C.nobody      D.everybody 4.—Hello.May I speak to Mike? —________.Please call back later. A.Wait a minute B.Hold on for a moment C.Speaking D.Sorry, he is out (B) (C) (D) (D)

  12. 课时训练 (A) 5.The little baby looks________. A.lovely       B.sadly C.carefully       D.quickly 6.—Which of these two sweaters will you take? —I'll take________.They look nearly the same.I just need one. A.both         B.either C.neither        D.all 7.—You've left the light on. —Oh,so I have.________and turn it off. A.I go         B.I'm going C.I'll go        D.I've gone (B) (C)

  13. 课时训练 (B) 8.What day is it today? It's________. A.cloudy        B.Monday C.9:30          D.May 16th. 9.Would you like________oranges? A.a little more      B.much more C.some more      D.any more 10.—________is it? —It's only two minutes walk. A.How far        B.How long C.How many        D.How often (C) (A)

  14. See you next time!