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Using/Managing Groups PowerPoint Presentation
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Using/Managing Groups

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Using/Managing Groups

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  1. Using/Managing Groups

  2. Hello and welcome to “Using Groups”. To start off with you will want to navigate to the Hobson’s Webcenter located at: http//

  3. First we will want to navigate to the “Application for Admission” Once we are there, the “Manage Groups” is located under the webcenter administration, as seen on the left

  4. This is the primary module where you can manage/add/remove groups. Lets start by adding a new group. To do so click on the “add” button

  5. In the Add Group panel you can add a group name/description. It’s important the group name makes sense, as well as adding a good description so the group is easily discernable. The folder is where the group will be located.

  6. Now we have to add the applicants you want in that group, into the group. This can be done in one of two ways. First we can add them to the group through searching for the applicants, and then using the “Select an Action” As we can see there is a Add/Remove Group option. It is important to note: There are two buttons below the action bar. Apply to All/Apply to Selected. Make sure you have the correct one selected BEFORE adding/removing group.

  7. In the next screen select your group out of the dropdown and select “submit” to add them to the group. It will confirm the # of records that are added. It is a good idea to verify that number to the correct number you wanted to add to the group.

  8. For adding a group to a single applicant there is a second option. Navigate to the Applicant Summary Screen of the applicant. Located in the middle there is a button “View Groups” Click this button

  9. This will bring up all the groups this particular applicant is in. You can then manipulate those groups through the “add” and “remove” buttons.

  10. An important note on groups: There are many groups for many different departments, including groups that are critical to graduate school processes. Please do not manipulate a group that is not your own, this could cause major issues elsewhere in the system. For any questions please contact or In Person Demo’s are available.