the wright brothers take flight l.
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The Wright Brothers Take Flight

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The Wright Brothers Take Flight. ED 417 Lesson Plan For Dr. Helms. Jill Botkins Julie Eickmeyer Stephanie McIntire Stephanie Waldbillig. This Wright Brothers Lesson Is…. geared towards a class of typical suburban third graders. the first lesson of a six day unit.

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ed 417 lesson plan for dr helms
ED 417 Lesson Plan For Dr. Helms

Jill Botkins

Julie Eickmeyer

Stephanie McIntire

Stephanie Waldbillig

this wright brothers lesson is
This Wright Brothers Lesson Is…
  • geared towards a class of typical suburban third graders.
  • the first lesson of a six day unit.
  • based on introducing the Wright brothers and their history to the students.

The students will…

  • collaborate a KWL chart with the teacher.
  • comprehend and discuss the book by Stephen Krensky.
  • retell major event of the Wright brothers’ lives.
materials needed
Materials Needed…
  • Taking Flight: A Story of the Wright Brothers by Stephen Krensky (book)
  • Chart Paper
  • Markers
  • Power Point Slide Show
  • Computer / TV (to view slide show)
more websites
More Websites…
student activities
Student Activities…
  • Students will fill out the “Knowladge” and “What You Want To Know” portions of a KWL chart with the teacher on chart paper.
  • Read the book Taking Flight: The Story of the Wright Brothers.
  • Discuss what was learned through the book.
  • Students will review websites in groups and will give feedback about the sites.
  • Students will view and discuss the slide show presented in class.
on april 16 1867
On April 16, 1867…

Wilbur Wright was born in Millville, Indiana.

on august 19 1871
On August 19, 1871…

Orville Wright was born in Dayton, Ohio

in 1889
In 1889…

The boys published The West Side News, a local newspaper the Wright brothers created.

in 1892
In 1892…

The Wright brothers opened the Wright Cycle Exchange located at 1015 West Third Street in Dayton, Ohio.

At this shop Orville & Wilbur repaired and sold bicycles.

in 1899
In 1899…

The Wright brothers constructed and flew a biplane. The idea of a biplane came about from the flight of birds.

by the year 1902
By the year 1902…

Orville and Wilbur Wright flew nearly 1,000 flights on their various gliders.

in 1903
In 1903…

The Wright brothers made the world’s first airplane flight in Kitty Hawk, South Carolina.

in 1904 1905
In 1904 & 1905

Wright Flyers 2 & 3 were built and flown in various locations. The Wright flyer 2 is currently located in Dayton, Ohio.

in 1905 to 1908
In 1905 to 1908…

Orville and Wilbur decided to take a break from flying.

in 1909
In 1909…
  • Over seas flights begin with Wilbur in France.
  • Orville completed the U.S. Army trials.
  • The Wright Company was formed.
may 30 1912
May 30, 1912…

Wilbur passed away due to Typhoid Fever.

He lived to be 45 years old.

on january 30 1948
On January 30, 1948

Orville Wright passed away from natural causes.

He lived to be 76 years old.