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Parent Portal at Aldie

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Parent Portal at Aldie. A look at the conversation about grades. Agenda. Purpose Parent Portal View Explanation and how to use Questions. Background Information. LCPS is committed to quality and consistent assessment and grading practices Demonstrated through CLARITY

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parent portal at aldie

Parent Portal at Aldie

A look at the conversation about grades



Parent Portal View

Explanation and how to use


background information
Background Information

LCPS is committed to quality and consistent assessment and grading practices

Demonstrated through CLARITY

Teachers design assessments to align with pace of the class

parent portal at aldie1
Parent Portal at Aldie

At Aldie, the Portal is an instrument to be used to communicate your child’s progress on a frequent basis.

remains the same
Remains the Same



Report Cards

Email communication

Phone calls


what is different
What is different
  • Parents have a live view of their child’s progress and accountability in…
    • Academic Subject area
    • Specialist areas where grades are given
    • Homework status
    • Work/Study skills
    • Regular comments are included
a deeper look into grades
A deeper look into grades
  • Consider
    • Assessment type and form
    • Weight

Naming convention is most important

naming convention
Naming convention
  • Our naming convention:
    • Type – Assessment – Weight – Concept
      • S – Quiz (1x) – Time and Calendar
      • F – Exit Ticket (0x) – Bar Graph
    • Homework
      • Homework – 9/17-9/21
the first part
The first part

Type – Assessment – Weight – Concept

S – Quiz (1x) – Time and Calendar

  • “S” = Summative Assessments
  • “F” = Formative Assessments
  • Diagnostic Assessment: Occurring PRIOR to learning that is used to identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Formative Assessment: Occurring DURING the learning that is used to adapt instruction
    • Students use to determine their current progress.
  • Summative Assessment: Occurring AFTER the learning that documents how much learning has occurred at a point in time.
summative assessments
Summative Assessments

You’ll see grades for all assessments entered (F, S, Homework)

Only Summative Assessments count towards the report card letter grade.

Any assessment that is weighted twice (2x) is subject to retake if student does not score a 2+ or higher (the standard).

the second part
The Second Part

Type – Assessment and Weight – Concept

S – Quiz (1x) – Time and Calendar

  • “Quiz (1x)”
  • “Test may be weighted (2x)”
  • “Exit Ticket (0x)”

Type – Assessment and Weight – Concept

S – Quiz (1x) – Time and Calendar

  • Test
    • Chapter
    • Unit
    • Quarter
    • More on longer side
  • Quiz
    • 1 or 2 concepts
    • More on shorter side
  • Projects
  • Exit Ticket
    • Check for understanding

Type – Assessment and Weight – Concept

S – Quiz (1x) – Time and Calendar

  • Formative –weighted “0.”
    • Exit ticket or other quick checks for understanding
    • Formative assessment do not contribute to the child’s grade
      • They are seen in the reporting categories
  • Summative – Only summative assessments will be weighted.
    • End of unit tests and cumulative projects may be weighted“2x”
    • Quizzes and detailed class assignments are weighted “1x.”
    • A small/minor summative assessment may be weighted “0.5x.”
  • Letter Grades
    • An average of all weighted assessments
    • The “heavier” the weight the more the grade “counts” in the average

4 – Exceeds the standard

3 – Meets the standard

2 – Progressing toward the standard

1 – Below the standard

X – Missing assignment due to absence or exemption

Z – Missing assignment

third part
Third Part

Type – Assessment and Weight – Concept

S – Quiz (1x) – Time and Calendar

  • Concepts taught are based upon
    • Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs)
    • LCPS Pacing Guide of the VA SOLs
comments too
Comments too

Teachers can write short comments about how your child performed on the assignment

in short
In short

Grades on report cards come from the average of Summative Assessments

Formative assessments tell parents how well concept is understood so far

Routine is the same for each subject area

  • Year end goals
  • Kindergarten is developmental progress
  • Rubric for progress
    • Posted on Kindergarten website
    • Does not equate to a quarterly routine
  • Comment section is important
  • Example of concept
    • Counts by 1’s, 5’s, 10’s is topic statement
      • “Meets” is
        • Counting to 100 by 1’s,
        • Counting to 100 by 5’s
        • Counting to 100 by 10’s
        • Counts backwards from 10
        • Count one more and one less
        • Count on by one number from a given number
have a question about a grade
Have a question about a grade?
  • First step, talk with your child about the assignment seen in the Parent Portal.
    • Ask if they studied the information.
    • Ask if they completed a retake.
  • Second step, wait for the assignment to come home in backpack/folders.
  • Third step, communicate concerns with the teacher.
check for understanding
Check for Understanding
  • Make sense so far?

(F – Check for understanding(0x) – Portal Presentation)

how often is the portal updated
How often is the Portal updated?
  • Grades are updated each Wednesday
    • Teachers will inform parents if no new grades are posted
      • It’s best to see the graded assessment before inquiring further
        • Thursday folders come home the next day
  • Homework updates are posted each Friday
    • Reflects the past week of completion
course narratives
Course Narratives
  • Course Narratives
  • Provides a brief statement with hyperlink about where to locate relevant nine week plans, as well as grading and assessment procedures.
    • E.g., “Please click here to view the 5th Grade website and our 9 week plans. Please click here to view team grading policies.”
parent portal access
Parent Portal - Access
  • Complete the Access Request Form – return to the school office;
  • Parent Information Verification (PIV)
    • Sent home on Tuesday, October 2, 2013 with students;
    • Will include CLARITY portal login address
    • Access is limited to primary contact within Student Information System
  • Portal closes in June
security and support
Security and Support
  • Security
    • Requires student ID and provided password
    • Change password
  • Help
    • If access code is lost or forgotten, call our Portal Contacts
    • You will need:
      • Student number
      • Child’s first and last name
      • Street address