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Solar Power

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Solar Power . By Abi and Edwin. Introduction .

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solar power

Solar Power

By Abi and Edwin


The sun is the earth’s main source of energy. Everything gets its energy from the sun even if it isn’t directly from it. Without the sun the world wouldn’t be able to run. Did you know that we can harness that energy? In the next few minutes we will be telling you about how to do that and give you extra information on the sun.

background on the sun
Background on the sun

The sun was created over 5 billion years ago in an area of gas and dust known as a nebula. It is located in outer space, and everything in our solar system orbits it. The sun gives off as much as 1370 watts per square meter!!!

step 1
Step 1

First the solar panels absorb the light from the sun with silicon atoms that are built into the wires inside the glass barrier. The more wires in the panels the more energy they absorb. When there aren’t as many wires they cant harness as much electricity to power the building.

step 2
Step 2

Sunlight is made up of photons. When a photon hits a solar panel, it can pass straight through, be reflected back out, or be absorbed. When photons are absorbed, negatively charged electrons are knocked loose from their atoms, allowing them to flow through the material to produce electricity.

step 3
Step 3

Then once the first two steps are done then the final step will take place.

The energy will pass through the wires or tubes in the house and when you flip the light switch… TA DA!!! There is the light.

but how will it work if its dark outside

But how will it work if its dark outside?

Well there is advanced technology that can store the energy. It works similar to emergency power in your school or at home.

how can it help

This is a very eco-friendly alternative energy because it is renewable and will almost always be there.

  • Also anyone can have this resource available to them
  • If we use it we can reduce global warming
  • By using it we can reduce the amount of co2 we give off
How can it help


why is it the best alternative energy source

Why is it the best alternative energy source?

Unlike other sources of energy such as the wind or waves the sun is always there.

Most of the other types of energy can’t be stored for later. So if it was nighttime then the other sources wouldn’t work.

The energy from the sun can be stored

Solar panels are lighter so they wouldn’t use as much co2 when they are being shipped from place to place

now its

Now its

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