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Solar Power

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Solar Power
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  1. Solar Power Matthew And William

  2. What Is Solar Power???? It’s pretty much when a Photovoltaic cell (just call it a PV okay?) converts directly into solar energy Don’t understand anything I just said right! Well here’s a diagram This energy can be used to power your light, heating, cooking, running appliances, refrigerators, and computers.

  3. Subhendu Guha Subhendu is the inventor of flexible solar panels. He invented the popular solar shingles. He also works with the U.S. Department of Energy. He was also faculty of Tata institute of India.

  4. Fun Facts Solar energy was used frequently in world war because of loss of energy. You may not know it but we already use solar power to power solar thermal power plants, solar thermal heat, and solar thermal dish! In 1995 joint venture by Amoco and Enron announced their intention to use amorphous silicon modules for utility- scale photovoltaic applications.

  5. Solar Power in the Future • These energy needs will be affected/met in the future because if we run out of electricity we can just build a portable solar panels.