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Solar Power

Solar Power

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Solar Power

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  1. Solar Power • This presentation contains great information about solar power and covers the following topics: • - What it is • - How it works • - What it can do • What good points there are of it • What bad points there are of it • What it is being used for today • - What potentials it has in life

  2. What is Solar Power? Solar power is the conversion of sunlight to electricity, which can be used in your home or other places. One of the most common methods of creating solar power, called photovoltaics, is to place black solar panels which suck energy from the sun, then somehow turns it into an electrical current suitable to use for power. The other common method is called concentrating solar power, which uses lenses and mirrors to reflect light into a concentrated area to heat up a source of energy, such as boiling water.

  3. How does Solar Power work? Photovoltaics How do black panels create energy from the sun? The black panels, or photovoltaic cells, are made of certain materials which have a property that reacts with light. The photons of light knock electrons in the black panels to a higher state of energy which, apparently, creates usable electricity.

  4. How does Solar Power work? Concentrating Solar Power How can light be concentrated to create electricity? Trough collectors are curved mirrors that are designed to bounce light towards a black pipe filled with liquid. The light heats up the liquid inside, and the extra energy of the liquid is used to turn turbines which create electricity.

  5. What can Solar Power Do? Solar Power is already more common than you think it is. Four or five solar cells are enough to power a calculator. They are capable of many other power-related uses, if still a little experimental. It is not yet capable of producing the same amount of power as fossil fuels can, but it can still be used for many uses including those which fossil fuels are used for. In large solar power plants it can produce enough energy for an entire town and reduce up to two thirds of the cost of heating water!

  6. What good points does Solar Power have? • Renewable • Prevents greenhouse gases • Solar Power is cheap • Usable under most weather conditions • Very reliable, requires little maintenance

  7. What bad points does Solar Power have? • Only works well during daylight hours • Solar technology costs a great amount • Some areas receive less light than others • Solar power stations consume plenty of space • Provides weaker power than fossil fuels

  8. What is Solar Power being used for today? • Solar cars • Solar homes • Solar calculators • Solar planes • Solar water heating • Power plants • Space stations I’m a solar car!

  9. What potentials can Solar Power accomplish? • Fend off global warming • Act as a power station • Use as a portable recharger for battery-faring devices • Decrease prices for power demands • Use as a rechargeable fuel for space travel