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Utah Fashion Show Viewing Party PowerPoint Presentation
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Utah Fashion Show Viewing Party

Utah Fashion Show Viewing Party

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Utah Fashion Show Viewing Party

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  1. Utah Fashion Show Viewing Party December 4, 9pm-11pm, 1395 East 100 South (Sigma Chi House)

  2. Summary • we set up our event in the basement where the couches were set stadium style with various flat screens the girls could watch the fashion show on. We set up a snak table with cookies, chips, redbull, water and other treats. We decorated the basement with streamers, balloons, and pink dogs we borrowed from our VS store. • Each girl that came, received a rewards card at the door, then through the night we raffled off the rest of our freebies during commercial breaks. For the girls who didn’t a freebie, received just ONE more card. • To market, we designed a flyer, made announcements at each sorority meeting the day before, made posts on instagram, FB, and Twitter to remind our followers of the event, and we also hung up fliers up by the dorms. • Overall, we had a pretty good turn out, with it being the week before finals, we had around 180 girls show up and there were boys in attendance as well.

  3. Social Media Summary • We used Facebook to make an event, posted pictures on instagram reminding our followers, which was also linked to our FB and Twitter accounts. 14 girls retweeted 2 tweets on Twitter. 159 ppl RSVP’d to our FB event page. An instagram post 1 week prior to the event received 39 likes, one posted 3 hours before our event received 82 likes and a photo posted from the event received 87 likes. • We didn’t participate in any social media event during our actual event because we just wanted girls to come in, stop by, and watch the fashion show and we didn’t want to take away from that, but we did ask girls to hashtag #vspinkutes when they posted pictures from the event.

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  7. Hindsights • How did you distribute your secret rewards giftcards? Since there were so many, we gave one to each girl that came to the event. Throughout the night we did raffles based on wristbands with angel’s names and for those who did not win anything at the end of the night they received ONE additional card. • Describe 3 event elements that were very successful? Making the event a casual and fun “study break”, in my opinion made it more successful. Holding it at the Sig house was close to campus and provided us the right space without the costs. It was a super relaxed environment and I think girls just had fun. We also saved a lot of freebies to use as incentives for the event. • Describe 3 challenges that you faced when planning/executing your event. We struggled with finding a venue since places were either too far from campus or costs too much to rent and required us to purchase food. We tried really hard to be frugal all semester to save our budget but with all the decorations and food we still endud up going a little over.

  8. Anything else? • List 3 ways that your event could be improved next year. I think next year, a good idea, would be to do the event somewhere in the library so that it would be even closer to those who are torn between studying and having fun. I think finding a venue was the hardest struggle next year they could even do it up by the dorms, if possible. Stretching out your budget and finding creative ways to sponsor your event, for example, working with other student ambassadors on campus would help.