welcome to the food science club meeting n.
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Welcome to the Food Science Club Meeting! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Food Science Club Meeting!

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Welcome to the Food Science Club Meeting! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the Food Science Club Meeting!. March 22, 2010. Nominations. Agenda. Calendar Committee Announcements Nominations. Calendar. April 3 – Bread Baking April 10 – Wine and Cheese April 6/12 – Final Meeting April 16-18 – Area Meeting/College Bowl April 29 – Awards Banquet

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Welcome to the Food Science Club Meeting!

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    1. Welcome to the Food Science Club Meeting! March 22, 2010 Nominations

    2. Agenda • Calendar • Committee Announcements • Nominations

    3. Calendar April 3 – Bread Baking April 10 – Wine and Cheese April 6/12 – Final Meeting April 16-18 – Area Meeting/College Bowl April 29 – Awards Banquet April 29 – Dogwood Regional Meeting

    4. FDA & BTEC Career Fair • Career Fair – 1:00p March 25th • Who: FDA, District Directors and HR • What: Informational Meeting • When: 6pm, March 25th • Where: BTEC Facility, Centennial Campus • Why: FDA is looking to hire 5-10 people this year and are interested in meeting with Food Science and Bioprocessing Science majors (Graduates and Undergraduates)

    5. Brunch items Bread Baking – April 3rd by Kelsey Ryan & Paige Luck 1:00 pm Brunch Meet downstairs Make bread Take some home 

    6. Hurricanes Game April 8th Carolina vs. Montreal Game time @ 7:00pm

    7. Coming activity… Team building and leadership development April 24th, Saturday 1:00-5:00pm Schenck Forest Low and high course

    8. Outreach Committee • Helping with AREA MEETING • (April 17th) • Keynote speaker (IFT President) • NEED group of volunteers • to stay with the speaker, help • transport, etc. • “SPICES” NEEDED!! • REMINDER: • Serving a meal at a Soup Kitchen • Fill out volunteer app • Contact • www.shepherdstable.org • Volunteer Application • Volunteer Guidelines http://i.ehow.com/images/a04/nd/rs/use-natural-spices-health-800X800.jpg, http://www.mccormick.com/Products/Herbs-and-Spices/Spices-A-to-Z.aspx

    9. IFTSA Central Atlantic Regional Meeting (April 16–17) • Hosted by NCSU FSC!!!!!!!!!!! • Event Preparation • Food Preparation • Activities in the Raleigh • College Bowl Competition (April 17th) • Winner Advances to IFT Annual Meeting

    10. IFTSA Schedule

    11. Trip/Tour Novozymes Friday, March 26 Vans leave from Schaub loading dock at 6:45 am and return by 1:00 pm Breakfast (bagels and cream cheese) and lunch (sandwich shop) will be provided Larry’s Beans Friday, April 23 Vans leave from Schaub loading dock at 9:30 am and return by 1:00 pm Lunch will be provided Sign-up sheet will be on the bulletin board until April 9

    12. Potluck Finale Showcase Your Favorite Dish Last Meeting of the Semester

    13. Fruits and Veggies Kitchen Available at 3 p.m. to cook or reheat Needs to be ready and in the upstairs kitchen by 4:45 Points available for participation (but will be revoked if you leave your mess!!!) Questions? jmsutton@ncsu.edu

    14. Awards Banquet Thursday, April 29th Watch for invitations Sent by e-mail Scholarship winners will have separate invitations EVERYONE MUST RSVP!!! Call for dessert recipes Send description to hsmelito@gmail.com

    15. Wine and Cheese Saturday, April 10th 8-11 PM Raleigh City Museum Questions? Email Sara sdcohen@ncsu.edu Allie amlandry@ncsu.edu

    16. April 10th from 8-11 Raleigh City Museum Join us for a night of wines, cheeses and appetizers! Featuring a live jazz band. Tickets can be purchased after the meeting or from Megan or Victoria in room 206. Prices: Faculty/Staff/Guest $10 Graduate $8 Undergraduate $5 Non-Alcoholic $3 Ticket sales will benefit Wine to Water Wine and Cheese

    17. Wine to Water Wine to Water is a non-profit aid organization focused on providing clean water to needy people around the world . This organization was started by an alumni of NC State. As you enjoy the night you will be supporting a member of the Wolfpack and a good cause!

    18. Wine and Cheese Committee Meetings Friday, March 26th at 1pm in rm 114 Come to find out how to be an active member and earn points by tasting wines, choosing cheeses, selecting appetizers, decorations etc… Wine tasting either Friday after the meeting or Monday afternoon. We’ll keep you posted!

    19. The 10th Annual IFTSA Fun Run What: Run or Walk with friends/colleagues Why: Primary fundraiser for student scholarships, which recognize excellence across the nation Our goal: $55,000 When: During the IFT annual meeting July 2010 Where: the Windy City (Chicago)

    20. Why Participate? Cost to you Benefits $15 for students Free T-shirt Goodie bag Snacks at end of race COY points! Camaraderie, etc., etc., etc. Great cause

    21. Competitions • Most number of participants • Best costume Awards • Chapter of the Year points • Eternal glory

    22. NCSU Food Science Club So make sure everyone registers as part of the same team!

    23. See you in Chicago!

    24. Open Forum

    25. Official AnnouncementFSC Nominations Executive positions: • President • VP • Secretary • Treasurer • Historian • Ag Life Reps • Activities

    26. President Presides over all Club and Board of Directors meetings Appoints all positions and committee for which provisions have not otherwise been made in these Bylaws with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors. The President shall appoint all committee chairs with the exception of the Activities and Publicity Committees; and Perform all other duties prescribed for this office by parliamentary practice.

    27. Vice President • Serves as the liaison between the Club and industry representatives; • Arranges industry recruiting visits and presentations for the CLUB by coordinating visits and presentations with NCSU Career Services, the Activities Committee, the President, and the Food Science Administrative Secretaries; • Carry out all duties assigned by the President; • Succeed to the office of President in the event of a vacancy; • Preside over Club and Board of Directors meetings in the absence of the President.

    28. Secretary Keeps records of attendance and minutes of meetings; Handles all correspondence; Be the custodian of all official records of the Club; Serve as the administrative contact with the Institute; Be responsible for reports required in Article X, Section 10.2 of these Bylaws; and Maintain the membership requirements and assist the Treasurer in activities related to points dispersal.

    29. Treasurer Handles all receipts and makes all disbursements for the Club; Keeps accurate records of all financial transactions of the CLUB; At the end of the term of office, present the books to the Senior CLUB Advisor for audit.

    30. Historian Makes and keeps available a permanent record of the CLUB’s activities other than those specifically handled by the Secretary; Takes care of awards received by the CLUB and all other property belonging to the CLUB; Publicizes activities, events, and meetings of the CLUB and see that all information pertaining to the CLUB is submitted to suitable publication channels; and Serves as the Chair of the Publicity committee.

    31. Undergraduate Representative Provides a defined undergraduate presence and voice on the Board of Directors Performs all duties prescribed to increase undergraduate involvement in the CLUB.

    32. Activities Co-Chairs Organizes and develops all activities of the CLUB for which no provision has otherwise been made; Serves as the Co-Chairs of the Activities Committee; and Two (2) persons shall be elected to this position and serve jointly throughout the one year term.

    33. Agricultural Life Council Representatives Represents the CLUB at all functions of the Agricultural Council, the student organization representing the North Carolina State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Serves as the liaisons between the CLUB, the Agri-Life Council and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; and Two (2) persons shall be elected to this position unless otherwise designated by the Agri-Life Council and shall serve jointly throughout the one-year term.

    34. Section 6.1 Eligibility • Each candidate for office must be an Active Member of the CLUB who has attended at least one-half (1/2) of the regular CLUB meetings during the academic year immediately past and who has maintained a grade point average of at least “C” (2.0). The Senior CLUB Advisor shall be prepared to rule on the eligibility of all nominees for CLUB offices. • The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Activities Co-Chairs, Undergraduate Representative, and Agricultural Life Council Representatives shall be student members of the INSTITUTE. Any newly elected officers of the CLUB who are not also student members of the INSTITUTE shall make immediate application of membership.

    35. Other Requirements • The terms of office shall be for one year following election. Terms for the officers of the CLUB shall be from July 1 of one calendar year to June 30 of the succeeding year. • No Active Member may hold more than one elected office at a time.