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WELCOME. CLUB DEVELOPMENT FORUM Leighton Buzzard – The Learning Warehouse 7pm – 9.30pm. Introductions!!. Who are we? Who are you? Who is your club? What would you regard as your clubs main development need?. Marketing and Communications in a Community Sports Club.

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Leighton Buzzard – The Learning Warehouse

7pm – 9.30pm


Who are we?

Who are you?

Who is your club?

What would you regard as your clubs main development need?

current members


To recognise and celebrate individual and club successes and achievements, allowing members to feel proud of their club – FEEL GOOD FACTOR!

This should encourage;

  • A retention of membership
  • A greater willingness of members to get involved in more operational aspects of the club
  • ‘Word of mouth’ promotion by club members to external people
potential members


Encourage new members to want to join your club;

  • players
  • coaches
  • officials
  • volunteers
  • spectators

Enables the club to continue to grow and ensures the life of the club

the community schools parents local businesses leisure providers
THE COMMUNITY (schools, parents, local businesses, leisure providers)


A club with a good profile in the community will go far!

  • Form long term links with schools
  • Attract new members
  • Attract sponsorship and financial or ‘in kind’ support
  • Receive priority and reduced rates on facility bookings
local media


A good profile and relationship with the local media should ensure good coverage of your club (results, successes, events etc) and this will help to market yourselves more broadly to various audiences.

STRATEGIC LEADS FOR SPORT(ie. Your National Governing Body, Local Authority or County Sports Partnership)


These organisations can be a conduit to help to promote your club on a local, regional and national level.

Clubs that stand above the rest may also have greater success with obtaining financial or ‘in kind’ support and be used as a flagship to help promote the sport.


Promotional clothing/merchandise

  • Gimmicks
  • Fundraising events
  • Social networking sites – Facebook, My Space
  • Telephone
  • Leisure centres, facilities, strategic leads for sport
  • Word of mouth
  • Community notice boards

(including doctors surgeries, newsagents, offices and supermarkets)

  • Club role models or spokespeople
  • Road signs
  • Newspapers – Adverts, Press Releases
  • Community/parish/village magazines
  • Radio
  • Posters / fliers / leaflets
  • Newsletters / E-zines
  • Emails
  • Text messages
  • Website – own and others (i.e. team BEDS&LUTON, LA, SSP, CSN)
  • Letters
  • Information days/evenings or talks
  • Meetings
  • Stalls
  • Match day programmes
One size does not fit all with marketing

The different groups that you market yourself to, must be approached with different strategies according to the types of things that they will typically respond to, and, their wants and needs

What will they respond to?

What do they want and need out of your club?

Looking back at our groups…
  • Current members
  • Potential members
  • The community
  • Local media
  • Strategic leads for sport

Are there further subsections within these groups that may need to be addressed differently….

Potential Members;

    • Children?
    • Teenagers?
    • 20-30 somethings?
    • Middle aged people?
    • Over 50’s?
    • Older people?

Promotional clothing/merchandise

  • Gimmicks
  • Fundraising events
  • Social networking sites – Facebook, My Space
  • Telephone
  • Leisure centres, facilities, strategic leads for sport
  • Word of mouth
  • Community notice boards

(including doctors surgeries, newsagents, offices and supermarkets)

  • Club role models or spokespeople
  • Road signs
  • Newspapers – Adverts, Press Releases
  • Community/parish/village magazines
  • Radio
  • Posters / fliers / leaflets
  • Newsletters / E-zines
  • Emails
  • Text messages
  • Website – own and others (i.e. team BEDS&LUTON, LA, SSP, CSN)
  • Letters
  • Information days/evenings or talks
  • Meetings
  • Stalls
  • Match day programmes

The internet is such a strong marketing resource that it is important for clubs to have a good website to be able to communicate with their audiences.

So, what makes a good website?

3 key considerations when developing a website for your club…

1. Overall objective of the website

2.Structure and navigation

3.Language and content

develop a website page for your club for free and for very little work
Develop a website page for your club……for FREE and for very little work!

team BEDS&LUTON ‘Microsites’

get your information online
Get your information online…

team BEDS&LUTON Clubs Database


why are school club links needed
Why are School-Club links needed?
  • The objective of the national PE, School Sport and Club Links (PESSCL) strategy is;

“to enhance the take-up of sporting opportunities by 5-16 year olds”.

  • The ambition, referred to as the ‘5 hour offer’, is to give all school pupils five hours of school sport per week


at least two hours of high-quality PE and sport at schools

delivered totally within the curriculum; and

an additional three hours beyond the school day delivered by a range of school, community and CLUB providers.

  • School-Club Links are the only way that we are going to be able to move towards the ambition to offer five hours of sport to young people every week.
what is a school club link
What is a School-Club link?

A club has links with schools when;

Pupils actively attend or are guided towards the club following activities held on the school or club premises.

e.g. coaching sessions based on the school premises are organised and run by club coaches…

…during the coaching sessions the club is promoted to the pupils who are encouraged to join the club.

ADVANTAGE: Pupils will be introduced and become familiar with

the club coaches, and the sport, in their own

environment at easily accessible coaching sessions.

the benefits to your club
Access to young people providing the…

Opportunity to increase your membership base, securing the future of your club with more junior members

Access to funding

Increase in the potential to recruit new volunteers

Co-operation, resources and support from other partners

Opportunity to identify talent for the future

Pool of young leaders, coaches and officials for the future

Share school facilities, expertise and equipment

Recognition of playing an active role in your community and giving young people a valuable opportunity

The Benefits to your Club
school sport partnerships
School Sport Partnerships
  • The PESSCL strategy has created a national PE and school sports infrastructure by establishing a network of 450 School Sport Partnerships (families of schools which work together). 
  • Bedfordshire and Luton has 8 School Sports Partnerships (SSP's), covering 100% of the counties schools.
  • Each SSP has a Partnership Development Manager (PDM), based at a hub site and it is the job of the PDM to coordinate school sport.
  • Therefore formal School-Club links should be coordinated through the Partnership Development Manager.
leighton linslade ssp
Leighton-Linslade SSP


Claire Syvret

Upper Schools

Vandyke Upper School

and Sports College – Hub Site

Cedars Upper

Gilbert Family

Gilbert Inglefield Middle

Beaudesert Lower

Dovery Down Lower

Heathwood Lower

St Georges Lower

St Leonards Lower

Brookland Family

Brooklands Middle

Clipstone Brook Lower

Leedon Lower

Hockcliffe Lower

Fulbrook Family

Fulbrook Middle

Aspley Guise Lower

Husborne Crawley Lower

Ridgmont Lower

Swallowfield Lower

Woburn Lower

Leighton Family

Leighton Middle

Mary Bassett Lower

Pulford Lower

Stanbridge Lower

Oakbank Special

Linslade Family

Linslade Middle

Southcott Lower

Linslade Lower

Greenleas Lower

linking your club with local schools
Linking your club with local schools
  • Your club should contact your local SSP to develop a formal school-club link. Alternatively your club can contact team BEDS&LUTON who can signpost you to the appropriate SSP.
  • The SSP and your club will meet to discuss how a link can be created and agree on the format of the School-Club link.
  • The SSP and club can apply for funding from team BEDS&LUTON of up to a maximum of £500 to facilitate the link which will be released to the SSP.
linking your club with local schools1
Linking your club with local schools
  • To create a formal link your club must fulfil some important generic criteria and meet a certain standard. This is to ensure that young people can safely enjoy high quality experiences within your club.
  • Therefore your club must be accredited by the county Minimum Operating Standards Accreditation(MOS) scheme or have achieved your NGB Clubmark Award.
  • If the club does not have these standards in place team BEDS&LUTON can assist the club in gaining MOS and offers £100 to a club that achieves MOS for the purpose of a School-Club link.
the potential
The Potential

Harlequin Gymnastics Club

  • Very successful community and elite gymnastics club with very proactive coaches
  • Club at capacity for current facility site, but still wanting to grow as a successful club
  • The club realised that there would be real benefit to working in and with the schools to develop a satellite club across the other side of town, and to support high quality gymnastics lessons in schools
  • There was a recognition that the work would have to begin in the lower schools providing;

Taster session in PE lessons across Lower Schools

Followed by setting up a Satellite OSHL Gym Club

Immediate Impact:
  • More children taking part in gymnastics OSHL sessions. As the children improve they are able to move into the Harlequin club sessions / squads
  • Coaches from Harlequin running the sessions
  • OSHL Club Self Sustaining at a charge of £1 an hour to cover coaching costs


  • Increased membership at Harlequins gym club
  • Classes at Gilberts are full
  • CPD session run by club for teachers to raise quality of teaching in schools – well attended
  • Ties in very closely with the work of the Community Gymnastics Coach working within the schools.
  • Trampolining Club to start on a different night run by the club.
  • New competition opportunities being introduced and supported by club and schools.
  • School Club Link has attracted funding from various sources to help keep sustainability
  • The ongoing aim is to ensure that every child of lower school age has the opportunity to take part in gymnastics OSHL.
  • SSP supporting the club in plans to build new facilities enabling them to almost double their capacity for gym classes.
school club link contacts
School-Club Link Contacts

Claire Syvret; Leighton - Linslade PDM:

01525 636720 / csyvret@vandyke.beds.sch.uk

Kathryn Coulson; Chilterns PDM:

07725650872 / kcoulson@northfields.beds.sch.uk

Joby Hobbs; team BEDS&LUTON:

01582 813763 / joby@teambedsandluton.co.uk


Developing your Coaching Team

(An Introduction)

Oli Tucker

Coach Development Officer

  • Review your club structure
  • Identify the coach development responsibilities of individuals at your club
  • Identify support required for coaches and coach employers
who s this workshop for
Who’s this workshop for?
  • Clubs
  • Head coaches
  • Club Directors
  • Team Managers/developers
  • Coach Managers/coordinators
  • Chairman
  • Mentors
  • Leisure Centres
  • Sports Development Officers
  • Schools
  • Project managers
  • Community officers
task 1 your club structure
Task 1 – Your Club Structure
  • In 60 seconds, sketch your club structure (you may be asked to share this with the group)

Example – Community Club






Example – The Same Community Club (10 years later)

Trust Manager

Development Manager

Community Manager

Workforce Development Officer

Disability Officer

Health and Safety Officer

Head Coach

Women's and Girls Officer










Assistant Coaches and Part time coaches


Competition Time!

TASK 2 – Write down a job title for the person responsible for coach development……. Prize for best or most original name

Real job titles (all the same role):

Coach Manager

Director of Coaching

Coach Development Officer

Workforce Development Officer

Coach Coordinator

Head Coach

Senior Coach

Coach Mentor


job description for fred
Job Description for ‘Fred’
  • Knowledge
    • What do you need to know?
  • Skill
    • What do you need to be able to do?
  • Values/Personal Qualities/Attitudes
    • What do you need to be?
Look at the skills/qualities and areas of knowledge recorded.
    • Are you qualified?
    • Is anyone at you club qualified?
    • Is further training / support needed? – How can sports coach UK help?
  • CDO Budget


ussr pencil
USSR Pencil
  • Benefits Package
  • Support from partners (NGBs, HE/FE)
  • CDO delivery time
  • sports coach UK ‘admin fee’ workshops.
  • External and Internal funding.
  • Sign posting and support with other funding applications.
  • Loads of cash from Allan at the Sports Council


  • TNAs and PDPs
    • Individual or group TNAs with coaches.
    • Identify needs
    • Motivation for coach
    • Inform the Coach Education programme

Further Support

  • Mentor Training (Infrastructure)
  • Observations/competency checks on coaches (quality assurance), video analysis and feedback
  • Identifying courses, workshops and learning opportunities.
  • Inducting coaches.
  • Delivering Tailored Workshops (Including Coach Accelerator).
for further information regarding this or other coach development opportunities contact
For further information regarding this or other coach development opportunities contact:

Oli Tucker

sportscoach UK

Coach Development Officer

07974 015 538



Voluntary and Community Action South BedfordshireBossard HouseWest StreetLeighton Buzzard BedfordshireLU7 1DATel: 01525 850559email: volunteer@action-southbeds.org.uk www.action-southbeds.org.uk

  • core functions
  • promoting volunteering
  • supporting organisations
  • developing opportunities
  • any questions
what is our function


What is our function?
  • 1 brokerage
  • 2 marketing volunteering
  • 3 good practice development
  • 4 develop volunteering opportunities
  • 5 policy response and campaigning
  • 6 strategic development of volunteering

Quality accredited by Volunteering England



matching individuals with appropriate local opportunities

information on over 600 opportunities

completely FREE service

over 650 people a year are signposted to local organisations

marketing volunteering


area covered – South Bedfordshire

Leighton Buzzard


Houghton Regis

Surrounding Villages

Marketing Volunteering
promoting volunteering
Promoting Volunteering

Directory of Volunteering



Press Articles

Displaysand events

Information Leaflets

good practice development


training workshops

advice and support

Good Practice Development
develop opportunities


Develop Opportunities
  • Working with statutory agencies, voluntary organisations, community groups such as Sports Clubs
what to do now
come and talk to me on our stand

fill out registration forms

or I can arrange to visit your Sports Club

What to do now?
voluntary and community action south bedfordshire rizwana zaman funding adviser

Voluntary and Community Action South BedfordshireRizwana Zaman – Funding Adviser


leighton linslade sports council
Leighton-Linslade Sports Council

Allan Whatmore