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The French and Indian War (7 Years War)

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The French and Indian War (7 Years War) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The French and Indian War (7 Years War). V. War Between : France & Britain (Both with Native American Allies) F ight Over : The Ohio River Valley. Why did they both want control of this land?. · Rivers = beaver pelts ·very good farmland.

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War Between: France & Britain (Both with Native American Allies)

Fight Over: The Ohio River Valley

Why did they both want

control of this land?

·Rivers = beaver pelts

·very good farmland

Beginnings - Fort Necessity: George Washington was sent by the Ohio Companyto build a fort for protection for the British farmers living in the Ohio River Valley. On his way to building the fort, Washington got word that the Frenchhad already built a fort there. The French fort was called Fort Duquesne.
Washington surprise attacked a scouting party and scattered them. Hearing that the French were planning a counterattack, Washington quickly mad his men build a stockade (high fence) for protection around themselves. He named it Fort Necessity. The French and Native Americans surrounded them and counterattacked. The British were outnumbered and forced to surrender.
Why is the battle at

Fort Necessity important?

Preparations - Albany Congress: A meeting of the colonies after Fort Necessity

Two Purposes:

1. To plan for the defense of the colonies.

2. To try to gain Iroquois support.

Ben Franklin Proposes: The Albany Plan of Union

One general government for all 13 colonies with the following rights/powers:

1. Plan for the colonial defenses

2. Make laws for all of the colonies

3. Raise taxes



Much larger colonial population

Many coastal colonies; very strong navy

Strong Iroquois allies

Single government to make decisions

Many Native American Allies

More forts