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  1. Agenda • Introduction: • Achievements • Future work: V. Korbel, DESY

  2. Introduction, Tile-HCAL Wide field of R&D in past years, documented in: • Optimization Studies for a scintillator-tile to wavelength shifter light readout for the TESLA-CALICE Tile-HCAL, Nov. 2004, LC-note: • A High-Granularity Scintillator Calorimeter Read Out with Silicon Photomultipliers, DESY….., submitted to NIM • Conference contributions to LCWS-Paris, Perugia, Siena, Durham, IEEE conferences The way to go in 2005 30 + 8 cassettes to build, with ~ 8000 TFS V. Korbel, DESY

  3. Components: Photodetectors SiPMs: Studies with MiniCal successful Now several 100 new produced, 2MΩ, tested at ITEP Future production is with 20MΩ, ~ 1000 SiPMs/month See Michas talk APDs: Now mainly in hands of Prague group, status see Jaroslav’s talk, Further studies on smaller APDs have started in Prague V. Korbel, DESY

  4. TFS-production--Tiles--Wls-fibre routing--SiPM select., performance--Assembly of TFS--TFS performance Work in ITEP >>>>>> V. Korbel, DESY

  5. Components: scintillator TFS, from visit at Moscow • Most tiles of all sizes are produced now • (Vladimir, molded, mated, tested?) • 234 tiles for • first cassette prototype production • are sent to DESY 6 cm tiles need thermically bent fibres all material for next 2 cassettes available V. Korbel, DESY

  6. Cassette/tiles • Tiles with WLS loops inserted get SiPMs • All SiPMs are tested • Uop is selected • SiPMs are adjusted with respect to fibre • Fibre and SiPM fixed in position • by mini-droplet of glue • TFS_SiPM >> final output test: • gain, pe./MIP Tile# Uop Npe/MIP 58 490 63.8 18.8 2291 59 438 63.6 13.2 2292 60 441 63.8 14.0 2294 61 442 63.8 15.9 2295 62 444 63.9 14.7 2296 63 445 63.6 15.8 2297 64 446 63.7 14.7 2298 65 448 64.1 14.4 2303 66 449 64.1 14.2 2301 67 450 64.1 14.6 2302 Uop of (SiPM) selected for 15 p.e./”MIP” Finally in tile: Size: # p.e. 3x3cm2 16,5 6x6cm2 19,1 12x12cm2 17,1 V. Korbel, DESY

  7. --low LED signal -- b-source --trigger counter for MIPs (PM) >>>>Quick test of all tiles Will be repeated at DESY next week Some impressions from Moscow V. Rusinovs Box for TFS-SiPM tests >> at Uoper: -- gain in p.e. -- MIP signal in amplitude and Npixel >> light collection efficiency matters scintillator uniformity, TFS, coupling, cleaning of tile surfaces, differences in reflectors V. Korbel, DESY

  8. Status of cassettes production preparation at DESY UV-LED selection >> presently best found and acceptable, 5mm, >> Erika Clear monitoring fibres: --Clear optical fibres, selected, 5 >> 7,5mm, now available, more ordered --Fibre routing geography finished --Gluing, shaping: Fibre bundles: 4mm dia, 19 fibres, (18+1), 1,20m 12 bundles/cassette, for the first cassettes, no spare fibres >>Fibre bundle shaping, bends, widening to flat funnel is fixed. Gert has successfully produced a new bundle, glued bundle-in still to polish >>Fibre LY uniformity test, input and attenuation uniformity Soon: --Fix G10 board design, to be fixed latest next week --than punch all holes (for monitoring and SiPM RO) in first test board --start mounting fibre bundles on this G10 board --Only single bundle first, than test with special TFS-SiPM, uniformity of LY? --need a tent, 2x2m2 or greater, light tight, there we can scan the board --than produce more bundles --test all bundles for LY-uniformity before mounting V. Korbel, DESY

  9. SiPMs: • Performance/acceptance measurements • ~ 10% rejected, later less (<5%?) • Performance stored in DB: • Tiles produced, mated, grooved, WLS fibre inserted, • tile-reflector (super-reflector) added • SiPMs inserted and glued in tiles • Complete TFS with SiPM measured with source and LED • >> Npe / MIP, spread, gain at Uop >> DB • Than sent to DESY >> • TFS_SiPM performance re-measured (as in ITEP) • Uniformity test of all/some tiles with LED+WLS-fibre scan • Selection according to Uop? • Studies for mechanical Mosaic-assembly in cassettes • LED/Voltage monitoring (DESY, Prague) • Monitoring fibres routing • SiPM connections, cable routing • Slow control, temperature monitoring • Preamps (DESY, LAL) • VFE, RO boards • DAQ (IC, DESY) • ……. Sharing work inMoscow, DESY, others: V. Korbel, DESY

  10. Cassettes, RO board prototype design, DESY CMB: (Prague, DESY) 12 LEDs, Pulsers 12 PIN diodes preamps 12 clear fibre bundles With 18+1 clear fibres V. Korbel, DESY

  11. LED-stability monitoring in the MiniCal, (with APDs) Studies: DESY, LPI 18,1-19,0º APD,~5%,60 hours PIN-diode,~ 1% s ~ 0.35% Level of stability Reached For 80 hours V. Korbel, DESY

  12. More on cassettes assembly Tiles: --Arrive > 7.12.04, ~ 234, 3x3, 6x6 and 12x12cm2 --Test-box in preparation, check: Sizes, tolerances,…. LY for MIPs, (with source and LED) Gain of SiPM, … --need data-bases from ITEP, Morgunov, >> Erika --will produce more input to data-base --than sort tiles to optimize pattern in cassettes (Karsten) Cassettes monitoring board: with fast LED pulser (20-30V output, <15ns) Concept of Peter, prototype ready, >> Erika Concept of Ivo, new components ordered We need to fix soon what is the best solution! Slow Control (Sven, Ivo) --LV’s, --Temp. sensors, --RO, steering V. Korbel, DESY

  13. Test tools to set up --LED test for final selection: UV-LY, shape, slope,… (Hendrik, Peter) >> Erika optimal light mixing distance, geographic light pattern, stability of geogr. pattern during dyn. range studies --test of first fibre bundle (in old BB), uniformity of all 19 fibre signals, with TFS and SiPM (Gert, Hendrik) --a test TFS-SiPM tile for fibre routing test, to move across injection holes on RO board --small BB for test of first TFS_SiPM samples (Karsten, Erika) --electr. connector and test-board for test of SiPMs in cassettes? --for RO, with new preamp ASIC, CAMAC DAQ first, need: one more CAMAC to PC driver other ADC, 11 bit, peak sensitive, pos, 2V range, for S&H signal --preparation of first VME-RO in Febr.? V. Korbel, DESY

  14. Go for Milestones, up to date: Fibres -, LED selection satisfying Calibration/monitoring of TFS_SiPM system designed Calibration Monitoring Board (CMB) in design Fibre and cable routing on RO board finished First prototype cassette preparation started Preamps type selected, ASIC tested >>> Felix VFE RO-board design in shape… > Felix Clean area for cassettes assembly in preparation Schedule, manpower and time >> from prototype production V. Korbel, DESY

  15. Milestones, 2005: SiPM: Jan. Order ~ 3000 more, i.e. 2. batch May 5000, 1. batch, delivered and tested July 2. batch delivered From now on: SIPM tests, selection, database, rate 100 >> 200/day Tiles: Material available and at ITEP All machining tools ready TFS production speed ~ 50>>100/day (>Febr. 2005) All TFS_SiPM delivered in August Cassettes: First “prototype” ready Febr. All cassettes assembled end August Read-out: FE-chip, delivery Jan., 1000, to be tested FE-boards prototype May Complete FE-RO, mass prod. ready July V. Korbel, DESY

  16. Milestones, 2005: Slow control, CMB: LED-Pulser and pulse booster in study (DESY, Prague) 1 channel proto, Prague, (1.1.2005) CMB Multi-channel proto, March Slow control system, temp. and voltages, RO, settings March Commissioning of Cassettes: With few CAMAC channel RO first Later on VME base (Febr/March?), 2 VME systems needed, for test and commissioning With full RO test board (April) In test e-beam: Single cassettes > April Multi-cassettes stack, compare with MiniCal (May/June) >> full ppt in e-beam in September ? >> hadron test beam in Nov. 2005 ? V. Korbel, DESY

  17. The DESY test beam, TB21 • • Test beam ready for ECAL, • Jan 2005 • Trigger and beam available • ~200 signal cables, • ~50 HV cables • Drift chambers from KEK, • with some manpower, March • Test beam area reserved • for whole 2005 V. Korbel, DESY

  18. Some impressions from Moscow • Output from MEPhI, 70 SiPMs/sampler • batch, 2MΩ, all tested in ITEP, • ~ 10% rejected, V. Korbel, DESY

  19. Fixation clamps Some impressions from Moscow LED housing, Mirror tube • 15 SiPM test array, • 1 fibre to PM, • 1 Temp. sensor, 18-22℃ • >> • operation voltage for 15 pix/MIP • gain at Uoper • noise rate at 1 p.e., at 0.5 MIP V. Korbel, DESY

  20. Some impressions from Moscow V. Korbel, DESY

  21. V. Korbel, DESY