Mutigers com capstone presentation
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MUTigers Capstone presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on Capstone presentation. Andy Carpenter Catherine Crane. Project Goals. -Provide content for the video player -Run live video streams of competitions for subscribers -Expand the content and role the J-School plays with the site -Establish protocol for future relations.

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Presentation Transcript
Mutigers com capstone presentation
MUTigers.comCapstone presentation

Andy Carpenter

Catherine Crane

Project goals
Project Goals

-Provide content for the video player

-Run live video streams of competitions for subscribers

-Expand the content and role the J-School plays with the site

-Establish protocol for future relations

Where we started current traffic
Where We Startedcurrent traffic

-500-600 Mizzou All-Access subscribers

-Mostly older, out of state has much more traffic

-A little unsure who we were supposed to marketing to

-Journalism vs PR

Where we started strengths and weaknesses
Where We Startedstrengths and weaknesses

-Perceived Strengths

-Working within department so should have more access

-Video player and CMS is established and working

-Understood product


-Perceived Weaknesses

-Site not impartial

-Those looking for that will likely go elsewhere

-Busy website layout

-Difficult to find video player

-We work with the competition

-KOMU, Missourian

Where we started content
Where We Startedcontent

-We expected our role was primarily to provide content

-Streaming was secondary

-10-12 hours of work per week

How things went overview
How Things WentOverview



-Preliminary research

-Media relations relations

-Problems we encountered

How things went streaming
How Things WentStreaming

-Quickly became the main focus of the project

-Also took the most time

-Technical problems at first

-Embarrassment in first steps

-Learning process

-Once we understood how to do everything correctly, we realized our journalism skills could be put to better use


-Time consuming

How things went content
How Things WentContent

-Produced around ten-twelve projects for the site

-One or two failed

-Different types

-Event stories

-Creative entries


-Excellent chance to practice craft

-Great way to get variety of clips

-Projects would not go up quickly, were not found easily

-Kevin Fletcher is only one man with many responsibilities

How things went prelim research
How Things WentPrelim Research

-At first we were concerned how to drive up traffic

-We spoke to friends and family about the site

-Unanimously said they couldn’t find videos

-Were confused where to go

-Video tab made them think they needed to pay

-Nothing we can do about layout

-Shifted our focus

-What kinds of content “should” we be getting?

-How to further the project with the J-School

How things went prelim research1
How Things WentPrelim research

How things went media relations
How Things WentMedia relations

-We expected inside access on account of our relationship with the athletic department

-Were treated the same as reporters

-Sometimes worse

-Took a long time for the SIDs to understand what we were trying to do

-We were working with them, not as a separate entity

-Some started to come around

-We entered into all sports halfway through the season

-Attributed to problems

How things went other problems
How Things Wentother problems

-Server that we were supposed to be able to access did not work

-Had to take everything to Kevin manually

-Cut down on efficiency, timeliness

-Video streams took longer than we expected

-Also took higher precedence than we expected it to

-Due to it being what brings in most traffic, most time consuming

-More in secondary research

Secondary research barry loudis
Secondary researchbarryloudis

-We spoke with Barry Loudis, director of university relations at CBS Interactive

-Asked about mission statement of the site, what brought in most traffic, what worked for other schools

-Reiterated the importance of live streams

-Bring in most traffic, money

-Other content is viewed as a connection with streams

-In terms of successful content that was not streams

-Original content not found in traditional media

-Thank you video, how to softball

-What we hoped to do from the start

Fixing the problems sid s
Fixing the problemsSID’s

-Problem: Relationship with SIDs—they don’t quite understand and we aren’t getting the access we want


-Relationships take time to build, especially from beginning of the season

-We have started to lay the groundwork, but there is a long way to go

-Getting students out there earlier with the teams towards the beginning of the season

-Show the SIDs the content—help them understand what we are trying to do

Fixing the problems watching video
Fixing the problemswatching video

-Problem: Video is hard to find, many don’t watch it because they don’t know it’s available


-Can still include video in All-access player, but also establish a separate place that is easier to find

-One-click viewing

-YouTube channel

-Can embed into the site

-Can put videos on each sport’s page

-Comments can lead to better suggestions, important critiques to what does and does not work

Fixing the problems streams
Fixing the problemsstreams

-Problem: The streams take a long time, they are very simple to operate once it is understood how, they don’t use our journalism skills as well as the project could


-Involving younger convergence/pre-sequence students

-They learn from capstoners

-Mulitple benefits

-Frees up our time to produce more content

-Introduces younger students to athletic department

-Generates interest for the future

Establishing a future convergence
Establishing a Futureconvergence

-Mutually beneficial for athletic department and j-school

-Generates interest for both

-Draws more students to convergence program

-Helps with getting students jobs

-Great chance to get practice, clips

-We recommend one more semester of capstone project

-Bigger focus on sustainability and establishing a set heierarchy

-Less streams so better chance to get organized

-Will be entering at the beginning of all the seasons

-Should have a better chance to ease in

Establishing a future convergence1
Establishing a Futureconvergence

-Capstone students serve as producers and editors

-Can create content, as well as have ability to post it onto the website

-Should see at least one pair of eyes before it goes up

-Manage pre-sequence/4802 students with streams

-”On call” if somebody has a problem

-Alternate newsroom for 4804/6 classes to pitch to

-Capstoners would help introduce these people to the ins and outs of the athletic department, help them along

-Would edit those projects along with profs