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Advantages of RMI: PowerPoint Presentation
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Advantages of RMI:

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Advantages of RMI: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advantages of RMI:

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    1. What iS RMI?Remote Method Invocation. It is an approach where a method on a remote machine invokes another method on another machine to perform some computation and return the result to the calling method. To interact with the methods of objects in other / remote machines using JVM, RMI is used. This process allows the information exchanging using multiple JVMs. It provides the location transparency by giving the sense that the methods accessing locally.

    2. Advantages of RMI: • Portable across the platforms • Code can execute on remote JVMs • Existing systems can adapt RMI as this technology is available from JDK 1.02

    3. RMI disadvantages: • Can use only the java supported platforms • Limited functionality because of security restrictions • No support for legacy systems

    4. CORBA advantages: • The services are non-platform and non-language dependent • Encourages various implementations based on the same interface. • Supports for primitive data types and data structures as parameters • Provides easy ways to link between objects and systems

    5. CORBA disadvantages: • Interface Definition Language mapping needs writing for one language may not support the another language. • New changes in the existing system / code may not integrate with the IDL language tools. • Data transfer or objects is not supported by CORBA • If CORBA specifications fails for adoption by the industry, then it become legacy system.