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Tatiana E. Rice. 6t h Period Keyboarding/ Computer Apps. Family. I have a family of four. My father (Willie) , mother(Trinidad), and an older sister (Briana) by two years. My extended is too huge to count and I must admit I have a hard time remembering who everyone is. Pets.

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Tatiana e rice

Tatiana E. Rice

6th Period

Keyboarding/ Computer Apps


  • I have a family of four.

  • My father (Willie) , mother(Trinidad), and an older sister (Briana) by two years.

  • My extended is too huge to count and I must admit I have a hard time remembering who everyone is.

Tatiana e rice

  • I have a turtle who is about seven years old.

  • I was allergic to fur as a child so I have never had a pet with fur. Thankfully I outgrew it.

  • I have also had hermit crabs and fish.

Favorite movies
Favorite Movies

  • My favorite movie is Inglorious Bastards.

  • I love how it twist history to have comedy as well as justice.

  • My next favorite movie is Inception because the concept was awesome.

Least favorite movies
Least Favorite Movies

  • Sucker Punch was the dumbest movie I have ever seen in my entire life. The plot was nonsense and the characters were not convincing.

  • Where the Wild Things Are was a sad attempt to show a classic children’s book on the big screen.

  • M. Night Shamalan’s Avatar: The last Air Bender is the next worst movie that I’ve ever seen and I’m still angry I paid to see it.


  • I was on the swim team for four years.

  • My favorite stroke was freestyle and I was a sprinter.

  • Swimming is my favorite sport because it’s not just a team effort it is also about individual scores so everyone gets a chance to shine.

Future pet
Future Pet

  • Domesticated Wolf.

  • I want to live alone for a while and spend my prime years in a big city, so I‘ll need a big pet that could protect me.

  • If I get it as a puppy there’s no chance that it could attack me.

Favorite foods
Favorite Foods

  • Bread, all breads.

  • Any type of Asian food.

  • Ice cream 

Favorite material items
Favorite Material Items

  • Bread Maker

  • MP3

  • Laptop

  • Kindle Fire

Animals that i wish were extinct
Animals That I wish were extinct

  • Anything with more than four legs (which covers all insects and arachnids).

  • Skunks, possums, the squirrels that run across the road, and toads.

  • Pigeons.

Pet peeves
Pet Peeves

  • Nosey People

  • Extra Loud People

  • Licking the paper they hand out

  • Racist

  • Stereotypes

  • People that I don’t really know that try to touch me.

  • Any sentence that start with, “ Ayy Girl”.

  • Children

Ways i don t want to die
Ways I don’t want to die

  • Obesity

  • Fire

  • Kidnapped

  • Falling from large heights

  • Car crashes

  • Boredom

Dream jobs
Dream Jobs

  • I would like to be a Graphic Designer.

  • I am going to college at Winthrop University and graphic design will be my major.

  • I hope to minor in business so I can run my own finances.

Places i hope to travel
Places I hope to travel

  • I would like to go to Egypt

  • Then I want to go throughout South America.

  • Finally I want to go to Alaska.

Random fun facts
Random Fun Facts

  • I’m double jointed in all my fingers.

  • I’ve renewed my permit three times.

  • I actually enjoy and use my snuggie.