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The toothpaste Millionaire

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The toothpaste Millionaire. By: Aria O. The Toothpaste Millionaire By: Jean Merril l Project by: Aria O. There are 89 pages in the book. The main characters are Rufus and Kate.

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The Toothpaste Millionaire

By: Jean Merrill

Project by: Aria O

the main characters are rufus and kate
The main characters are Rufus and Kate

Rufus is a boy who is very helpful, he decided to start a toothpaste business and he was one of the first person to meet Kate.

Kate is a girl who started the toothpaste business with Rufus and found a place for them to make the toothpaste at. When she went to the factory for the first time there was a guy named hector that use to work at the factory she was looking at. He wanted a new job so when they started the business. he was like the boss because he use to work at the factory.

toothpaste m illionaire
Toothpaste Millionaire

There was lots of places that it took place at they are Rufuseslauderyroom, school, the factory, joesmiley show, mr.Conti's room, drug store, vince's Army & navy, a auction,a movie set & mr.perkell's office.

toothpaste millionaire
Toothpaste Millionaire

The problem was that Kate bought way to many tubes for the toothpaste and that Rufus retired because he thought it was to hard to work on the weekends and after school.

toothpaste millionaire1
Toothpaste Millionaire

The solution was that they used all the tubes because they had so many buyers and that they stopped selling toothpaste and gave the business to Hector.

toothpaste millionaire2
Toothpaste Millionaire

I like the part were Rufus started the business of making toothpaste.

toothpaste millionaire3
Toothpaste Millionaire

I would rate these book four stars. I would recommend this to people that love to read because it is a fast book to read and you can figure out problems because in math class they pass notes and whenever mr. Conti sees them he ask whoever has it and brings it up to himso when that person does he sees a math problem on it so he writes the problem on the board and ask everyone to figure it out and then he says stop because he wants to check it with them to see if they are right.