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Polish National Parks PowerPoint Presentation
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Polish National Parks

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Polish National Parks
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Polish National Parks

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  1. Polish National Parks

  2. In Poland we have 23 National Parks. We will show youthem 

  3. Babia Gora National Park

  4. Babia Gora National Park is located in the southern part of the country, on the border with Slovakia. In 1954 it was designated a National Park

  5. There are 105 species of birds (including woodpeckers and eagle owls).

  6. We can see there a lot of animals: deer, lynx, wolves and bears. Insects, especially beetles, including some that are unique to the area.

  7. Bialowieza National Park

  8. Białowieza National Park is situated in the north-eastern part of Poland. It was created in 1932

  9. Since 1976 it belongs to World Cultural and Natural Sites UNESCO.

  10. We can see therefirst of all forests.

  11. In Bialowieza National Park there are aurochs, deers, wild boars, wolves too.

  12. Biebrza National Park

  13. Biebrza National Park is a national park in Podlaskie Province, northeastern Poland, situated along the Biebrza River. The Biebrza National Park was created in 1993.

  14. It is the biggest National Park in Poland.

  15. The most important part of the Park is Red Marsh, which is under strict protection.

  16. Bieszczady National Park

  17. Bieszczady National Park is located in the extreme south- east corner of the country, bordering Slovakia and Ukraine. The Park was created in 1973

  18. Forests cover about 80% of the area of the National Park. Animals, which life there are bears, wolves, wild boar, beavers and lynxes, deers. The Park is also home for snakes, eagles and owls.

  19. Tuchola Forest National Park

  20. TucholaForestNationalPark is a large forest near the town of Tuchola in northern Poland, and lies between the Brda and Wda rivers. Tuchola Forest PN was createdin 1996

  21. It contains the Tuchola Forest National Park, which is at the core of the Tuchola Forest Biosphere

  22. Drawa National Park

  23. Drawa National Park is very big. It is located on three province in the north-westren part of Poland. It was created in 1990

  24. One of the most precious natural elements of the Park is fish world. Very interesting are reptiles, amphibians, invertebratestoo.

  25. Fauna is very varied. There are beautiful peatbogs, rich meadows, river ecosystems, lakes and beech and pine forests.

  26. Gorczanski National Park

  27. The park is in the central strip of the Gorce Mountains. It was created in 1981

  28. The most popular animals in Gorczanski National Park are:

  29. Lynxes

  30. Weasels

  31. And of the birds are:

  32. Black stork birds

  33. Buzzards

  34. The symbol of Gorce National Park is a salamander.

  35. In the park there are a lot of forests and meadows, what is the most characteristic for thisplace.