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Polish National Parks

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Polish National Parks. In Poland we have 23 National Parks . We will show you them . Babia G o ra National Park. Babia G o ra National Park is located in the southern part of the country, on the border with Slovakia. In 1954 it was designated a National Park.

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In Poland we have 23

National Parks.

We will show youthem 


Babia Gora National Park is located in the southern part of the country, on the border with Slovakia.

In 1954 it was designated a National Park


We can see there a lot of animals:

deer, lynx, wolves and bears.

Insects, especially beetles, including

some that are unique to the area.


Białowieza National Park is situated in the

north-eastern part of Poland.

It was created in 1932


Since 1976 it belongs to

World Cultural and

Natural Sites UNESCO.


We can see therefirst

of all forests.


Biebrza National Park is a national park in Podlaskie

Province, northeastern Poland, situated along the

Biebrza River.

The Biebrza National Park was created in 1993.


The most important part of the

Park is Red Marsh, which is

under strict protection.


Bieszczady National Park is located in the extreme south-

east corner of the country, bordering Slovakia and Ukraine.

The Park was created in 1973


Forests cover about 80% of the area of the National Park. Animals, which life there are bears, wolves, wild boar, beavers and lynxes, deers. The Park is also home for snakes, eagles and owls.


TucholaForestNationalPark is a large forest near the town of Tuchola in northern Poland, and lies between the Brda and Wda rivers.

Tuchola Forest PN was createdin 1996


It contains the Tuchola Forest National Park, which is at the core of the Tuchola Forest Biosphere


Drawa National Park is very big. It is located on three province in the north-westren part of Poland.

It was created in 1990


One of the most precious natural elements of the Park is fish world.

Very interesting are reptiles, amphibians, invertebratestoo.


Fauna is very varied.

There are beautiful peatbogs, rich meadows, river ecosystems, lakes and beech and pine forests.


The park is in the central strip of the

Gorce Mountains.

It was created in 1981


The symbol of Gorce

National Park is

a salamander.


Stolowe Mountains National Park is situated

in the middle Sudeten.

It was created in 1993


It was establishedin 1959

Kampinos National Park is covering areas

Kampinos Basin in the western

Warsaw’s valley.


Kampinos’s fauna is very rich and includes approximately 16 thousand different species of animals.


It was created


Karkonosze NationalPark is in

a south-west part of our country

close to the border national with

Czech Republic.


In the park there are about the thousand of species plants and a lot of species forest animals.

For example:


Narew National Park is a National Park in Podlaskie

Province, north-eastern Poland, traversed by

the Narew River.

Narew National Park was

created in 1996


Valley is a haven for birds - there

are 179 species of them, including

those unique for the area.


Mammals are represented by

around 40 species, among them

some elk and otter as well

as numerous beavers.


It was created in 1956

It is in the Lesser Poland Province,

in the Cracow district.


A bat is a symbol of the park.

The number of appearing here

species of animals is being

estimated at 11 thousand.


In Ojcowski National Park we can

see many caves, where live bats.

There are a lot of forests.

There are 84 species protected


The most popular are:


Pieniny National Park is a protected area in Lesser Poland

Voivodeship, southern Poland, in the heart of the

Pieniny Mountains.

In 1954 it was designated a

National Park


The most famous summit

is Three Crowns.


It was createdin 1990

Poleski National Park put in the Lublin Province.


Animals Poleski National

Park includes many rare

species of animals.

Many of them are protected.


Roztocze National Park located in the central-

eastern part of the Polish, in the Roztocze.

It was created in 1974


Roztocze National Park

has a typical forest



Slowinski National Park located in

Pomeranian Province.

It was created in 1967


In these Park thereis a lot of

bogs, meadows, seaside woods,

forests and dunes there.


The most important of animals are birds.

There are 260 species of them.


It was created in 1950

The park is located in the central part of Swietokrzyski Mountains.


Flora in Swietokrzyski National Park is very varied, but rich too.

We have there a lot of special trees and plants.


It was established in 1954

Tatra National Park is located in the south of Poland,

at the Polish and Slovakia border, in the Tatra Mountains,

where in the highest mountain- Gierlach .


Very special for Tatra National

Park are rich rock formations,

lakes, streams and waterfalls.

In these park there are plants

adapted to the mountain



It was created in 2001

Warta River Estuary National Park is located

in Lublin Province and includes three rivers:

Warta, Odra and Postomia.


There are a lot of mud and

water birds and more than 34 species of mammals.

For example:


Wielkopolska National Park is located neer big city- Poznań. It arised on glacial area.

It was established in 1957


Wigry National Park a National Park in Podlaskie Province in north-eastern Poland.

The Park was created in 1989


Wolin National Park is located in the central part of Wolin Island, between the Baltic Sea and Szczecin Lagoon.

It was created in 1960


In the Wolin National Park we can found 230 species of birds.

There are also mammals: badger, deer, foxes,

bats, wild boar.