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my life in dog years a uthor gray p aulsen p ublisher thorndike press year of publication 2003 n.
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Peyton Taylor Block: 2b PowerPoint Presentation
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Peyton Taylor Block: 2b
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Peyton Taylor Block: 2b

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  1. My Life in Dog YearsAuthor: Gray PaulsenPublisher: Thorndike PressYear of publication: 2003 Peyton Taylor Block: 2b

  2. Introduction • There are many different settings in the book My Life in Dog Years. In most parts of the book the setting takes place in northern North America, Philippines, and Alaska. • The first key event in this story is the story about Cookie and how she was his head dog when he was sledding dogs. The second key event is when Paulsen told his mother that he wanted to save Snowball from being killed and eaten by the Philippines. The third and final key event is how much Rex amazed Paulsen.

  3. Protagonist and Antagonist • There are not that many characters (people characters).Gary Paulsen is the protagonist. Gary Paulsen has a passion for dogs ; any breed. Paulsen ran sled dogs for a while, but was also raced sled dogs in marathons. He lived in the woods and had to live off things he grew. Gary Paulsen describes nine dogs that he has had in his life time and how they effected his life and how he effected theirs. • There is not an Antagonist in this book.

  4. Gary Paulsen

  5. Central Climax • There are many climaxes in this book( one in every chapter). • In chapter 1, when Paulsen is describing his relation with Cookie, Paulsen is sledding on his on which is not safe and Paulsen falls through the this ice when the water 50 below degrees Fahrenheit. • In chapter 2, Paulsen is explaining his time with Snowball in the Philippines. Snowball and Paulsen are walking through the high grass and Paulsen gets close to a snake and just when the snake tires to strike, Snowball kills it. • In chapter 3, he is explaining his relationship with Ike. Ike was a dog that came into Paulsen’s life for a small period of time due to his owner coming back from the war not abled to use his legs.

  6. Central Climax Continued • In chapter 4, Paulsen interacts with this mute he calls Dirk. Dirk and Paulsen meet by a way of “you scratch my back I scratch yours”. Paulsen would get beat up by this group of kids almost every day and one day Paulsen gives Dirk a half of a hamburger and repays him by protecting him from the group of kids. • In chapter 5, there is not really a central climax. • In chapter 6, there is not a central climax. • In chapter 7, there is not a central climax. • In chapter 8, Paulsen ends up with a dog named Quincy. Quincy had a close relationship with Paulsen’s wife. One day when Paulsen’s wife was in the garden with Quincy a huge black bear appears and starts to attempt to attack her, but Quincy jumps on the bear before he reaches her. • In chapter 9, there is not a central conflict.

  7. Minor Characters • The minor characters in this book are all of Gary Paulsen’s dogs. • Cookie- Cookie is a sled dog( he did not describe cookie). • Snowball- Snowball is a black female with a perfect white circle on her side. Snowball was protective or Paulsen. • Ike- Ike is a huge black Labrador. Ike was so big he was like a bear. • Dirk- Dirk is a mangy mute who has patches of missing. Dirk was kind of protective of Paulsen. • Rex- Rex is a collie cross with long fur and bright eyes. • Caesar- Caesar is a huge Great Dane who loved hotdogs. • Fred- Fred was a black mute with brown eyes and he was short and fat. Paulsen thought he is a Labrador-Norwegian elkhound cross. • Quincy- Quincy is a white mute that was given to Paulsen. He is very protective towards Paulsen’s wife. • Josh-Josh is a Border Collie with brown eyes and black and white fur. Josh was a smart dog.

  8. Cookie and Snowball Cookie Snowball

  9. Ike and Dirk Ike Dirk

  10. Rex and Caesar Rex Caesar

  11. Fred and Quincy Fred Quincy

  12. Josh

  13. What Critics Say • Mrs. Wilkins said, “I would recommend to ones who love dogs and amazing stories. My reasons is that the dogs in this book have funny and interesting personalities and Gary melds that into the story beautifully. Also some of the stories touch your heart in a way that can not be explained.” 6th Grade Literary Critics: My Life in Dog Years by Gary Paulsen (Review by Lauren Sbarra) • From KirkusReviews Issue Gary Paulsen described his dogs and what they did wonderfully. MY LIFE IN DOG YEARS by Gary Paulsen, Ruth Wright Paulsen | Kirkus Book Reviews

  14. What I Say • This novel was an ok novel it shows how dogs and other animals have a personality to and they are pretty smart.