America joins the fight world war i 1914 1918
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America Joins the Fight World War I (1914-1918) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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America Joins the Fight World War I (1914-1918). Chapter 24, Section 2. Essential Questions:. Do governments have the right to draft its’ citizens? Why or Why Not? As a citizen, are YOU responsible to serve YOUR country?. The U.S. Army (1917).

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America joins the fight world war i 1914 1918

America Joins the FightWorld War I (1914-1918)

Chapter 24, Section 2

Essential questions
Essential Questions:

  • Do governments have the right to draft its’ citizens? Why or Why Not?

  • As a citizen, are YOU responsible to serve YOUR country?

The u s army 1917
The U.S. Army (1917)

  • When America Entered WWI the US Army Had Less Than 200,000 Troops

  • President Woodrow Wilson Wanted to Use Volunteer Troops

  • Not Enough Troops Enlisted After U.S. Declared War in 1917

Selective service act 1917
Selective Service Act (1917)

  • Required ALL Males Between the Ages of 21 and 30 to Join the U.S. Military

  • The Draft!!!

  • 3 Million Men Were Drafted by 1918

  • Army Went from 200,000 to 3 Million Soldiers!

American expeditionary force the aef
American Expeditionary Force (The AEF)

  • AEF = U.S.Armed Forces Sent to Europe During WWI

  • 2 Million AEF Troops Served Under General John J. Pershing in France

  • Helped Win WWI!!!

John j pershing
John J. Pershing

  • General of the AEF

  • British and French Forces Asked the U.S. to Join their Armies

  • Woodrow Wilson and Pershing REFUSED! WHY?

Woodrow wilson
Woodrow Wilson

  • President Wilson Did NOTWant the AEF to Fight With the Allied Forces

  • Wanted U.S. Forces to Fight Separately

  • Wilson Wanted U.S. to be the Hero and Play a Major Role at the Peace Table at the End of WWI

Women s roles during wwi
Women’s Roles During WWI

  • Close to 50,000 Women Served in World War I:

    • American Red Cross

    • Clerical Workers in the Navy

    • Marine Corps & Army

    • Nurses

    • Interpreters

    • Switchboard Operators

    • Entertained Troops

    • Drove Ambulances

African americans serve
African Americans Serve

  • 400,000 African American Men Served During WWI

  • Faced Racial Discrimination from White American Soldiers (Not European Soldiers)

  • U.S. Created Segregated Combat Units for African Americans (Plessy vs. Ferguson 1896)

The u s convoy system
The U.S. Convoy System

  • German U-Boats Were Sinking Supply & Troop Ships Across the Atlantic Ocean!

  • Convoy System:

    • A Heavy Guard of Destroyers Escorted Merchant Ships Across the Atlantic in Groups

  • Hut, Hut, Hike! Handoff the Football and Follow Your Blockers!

Other military tactics
Other Military Tactics

  • To Protect From German U-Boats, the U.S. Laid 70,000 Mines in the North Sea

  • Minefield Was Over 180 Miles Long

  • Used Magnetic and Contact Mines


Treaty of brest litovsk
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

  • Ended War Between Central Powers and Russia!

  • When Russians Dropped Out of the War, Germany Sent Troops to Invade France in the West

  • Wanted to Win the War Before U.S. Arrived!

Germans push for france
Germans Push For France

  • Germans Launch an Attack to End WWI Before American Troops Arrive

  • Germany Gets to the Marne River (Again) (50 Miles Away from Paris)

  • 1 Million American Troops Aid French and British Forces to STOP the German Advance!

America arrives
America Arrives

  • May 28th, 1918 the AEF Liberates the Town of Cantigny, France (Lifts Allies Morale!)

  • AEF and French Forces STOP German Attack on the Town of Chateau-Thierry, France

  • Battle of Belleau Wood:

    • American and French Forces Go on the Attack!

    • Retake Land (Forest) in France That Germany Had Taken

2 nd battle of the marne river
2nd Battle of the Marne River

  • Germans Attacked for 3 Days Attempting to Take Paris

  • The Allies & Americans STOPPED the Attack! Allies Started to Push the Germans Back!

  • Why Was the 2nd Battle of the Marne the Turning Point of WWI?

The meuse argonne offensive
The Meuse-Argonne Offensive

  • The Final “Push” 1918

  • Goal Was to Push German Forces BACK into Germany!

  • 1.2 Million Allied Soldiers Fought

  • After Months of Fighting, Germany Lost All Land it Had Gained!

Wwi american heroes
WWI American Heroes

  • Alvin York:

    • Attempted to Avoid the Draft

    • Refused to Bear Arms (Religion)

    • Attacked and Killed 25 German Machine Gunners

    • 132 Germans Surrendered to this 1 Man in the Trenches!

  • Eddie Rickenbacker:

    • U.S. Pilot Who Shot Down 26 Enemy Planes

    • Awarded the Medal of Honor

African American Heroes

  • 4 African American Combat Units Received Recognition:

    • 369th, 370th, 371st, 372nd Regiments

    • Awarded France’s Highest Honor: The Croix de Guerre

  • 369th Regiment Spent More Time on the Front Lines Than ANY Other US Unit

  • What Awards Did the U.S. Give Them???

Reasons why germany surrenders
Reasons Why Germany Surrenders!

  • Lost the Meuse Argonne Offensive (Didn’t Want the Allies to Keep Going & Take Over Germany!)

  • Germany’s Navy Mutinied (Refused to Fight Any More)

  • The Central Powers Dropped Out (Didn’t Want to Lose Land)

  • Germany’s Kaiser (Leader) Resigned


  • Comes From Latin:

    • Arma = Weapons

    • Statium = Stopping

  • Warring Countries Agreed to STOP Fighting

  • Armistice Was Signed on November 11th, 1918 @ 11:00AM

    • 11thHour

    • 11thDay

    • 11thMonth

    • WWI Was OVER!

World war i deaths
World War I Deaths

  • 8.5 Million People Died During WWI (1914-1918)

  • Approximately 21 Million Were Wounded

  • Worst Death Totals/War in the History of the World (Until WW2)

Wwi casualties
WWI Casualties

  • Most Casualties:

    • Germany (1.8 Million)

    • Russia (1.7 Million)

  • Least Casualties:

    • US (116,000)

    • Why is That???

Essential questions1
Essential Questions:

  • Do governments have the right to draft its’ citizens? Why or Why Not?

  • As a citizen, are YOU responsible to serve YOUR country?