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“That’s Amazing!”

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“That’s Amazing!” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“That’s Amazing!”. Theme 3. “That’s Amazing!”. Name some things that are amazing. Are these things real or imaginary? What makes these things amazing?. Chris Van Allsburg. “That’s Amazing!”. Genre: Fantasy.

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“That’s Amazing!”

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. “That’s Amazing!” Theme 3

    2. “That’s Amazing!” Name some things that are amazing. Are these things real or imaginary? What makes these things amazing?

    3. Chris Van Allsburg

    4. “That’s Amazing!” Genre: Fantasy Characters and events that could occur in real life combine with those that could not.

    5. Purposesfor Reading • Strategy focus: Monitor and Clarify • Comprehension skill: Noting Detail • Vocabulary development • Critical thinking, discussion

    6. Strategy Focus:Monitor /Clarify Monitor: Ask yourself, “Did I understand what I just read?” Clarify: Reread the story, or read ahead to clarify your understanding. Monitoringand clarifying are ways of making sure you follow and understand the story.

    7. autumn draft etched frost mercury thermometer peculiar timid Key Vocabulary

    8. Autumn The season after summer

    9. Draft A flow of air

    10. Etched (v) made a design by cutting lines

    11. frost A very thin covering of ice.

    12. mercury Silvery white metal used in thermometers

    13. thermometer An instrument that measures temperature.

    14. peculiar Unusual, strange or odd

    15. timid Easily frightened; shy

    16. railroad airport seat belt everywhere homesick understand background anything ninety-nine already fireplace ourselves all right forever breakfast whenever everything meanwhile afternoon make-believe Spelling FocusCompound Words • landmark • nationwide • postscript • motorcycle • handkerchief

    17. Grade FourEnglish-language Arts Content Standards Reading Decoding and word recognition Antonyms, synonyms, idioms, affixes Read aloud narrative/expository texts fluently Use a dictionary and a thesaurus Comprehension strategies Comprehend and analyze texts Listening and Speaking Listen and respond appropriately to oral communication Deliver oral presentations with a clear focus Analyze and evaluate oral and media communications Writing Create multiple-paragraph writings Illustrate focus, graphic organize, point of view Write legibly in cursive Demonstrate keyboarding skills Be familiar with computer vocabulary Know the purpose of various reference books Revise and edit own paper for progress Write narratives using related ideas and sensory details Write responses to literature and expository reports Write and speak using appropriate grammar Identify and use various parts of speech Organize and deliver oral reports Know appropriate punctuation rules Correctly spell grade level words Alphabetical order

    18. herself something himself nowhere snowflake home run runner-up nighttime well-known no one crosswalk bathtub bedtime maybe into science fiction light-year videotape field trip toothache Spelling FocusCompound Words

    19. “That’s Amazing!” Genre: Fairy Tale A fantasy story that has been retold through generations and in many cultures.

    20. Purposesfor Reading • Strategy focus: Question • Comprehension skill: Compare/Contrast • Vocabulary development • Critical thinking, discussion

    21. Strategy Focus:Question Question: What is Cendrillon’s carriage made out of? Question: Does she have two evil stepsisters? As you read the story, think of questions you can ask other students.

    22. crossly elegant godmother orphan peasant proud Key Vocabulary

    23. crossly: in a grumpy or grouchy way

    24. elegant: marked by good taste; graceful

    25. godmother: a woman who acts as a child’s parent

    26. orphan: a child whose parents are dead

    27. peasant: relating to a poor farm worker

    28. proud: thinking too highly of oneself

    29. harbor final middle weather labor model chapter special sugar bottle medal collar proper towel beggar battle trouble shower uncle doctor Spelling FocusFinal /er/ and /l/ • shoulder • decimal • trifle • solar • cancel

    30. metal pedal angel total suffer favor bitter feather terror clutter mammal pebble kennel quarter mineral stellar boulder example smaller quarrel SpellingFocusFinal /er/ and /l/

    31. “That’s Amazing!” Genre: Tall Tale Characters with exaggerated qualities and abilities perform fantastic feats.

    32. Purposesfor Reading • Strategy focus: Evaluate • Comprehension skill: Fantasy/realism • Vocabulary development • Critical thinking, discussion

    33. Strategy Focus:Evaluate Evaluate: What details make the story realisticand which details make the story fantastic? Evaluatehow the author and illustrator make the story funny and incredible.

    34. affected horizon miscalculated singe temperature weather vane commotion pasture Key Vocabulary

    35. affected caused a change in

    36. horizon line along which the earth and sky seem to meet

    37. miscalculated figured incorrectly

    38. singe To burn slightly

    39. temperature measure of heat or coldness

    40. weather vane movable pointer that shows wind direction

    41. commotion noisy confusion

    42. pasture land used for animals to graze

    43. dancing skipped hiking flipped snapping raced landed pleasing checking dared dimmed rubbing striped wasting traced stripped tanning smelling phoning fainted Spelling FocusWords ending with -ed or -ing • breathing • tiring • urged • scrubbed • striving

    44. smiled saving dropped rubbed grinning buzzed judged wiped putting scaring folded scarred scared bluffing quizzed whipped called peeled drummed tasted Spelling FocusWords ending with -ed or -ing