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CORE Oklahoma. __________________________________________________. The Office of State Finance CORE HCM Forum December 15, 2010. CORE Oklahoma. __________________________________________________. Agenda Year End Processing Lisa Raihl & Jean Hayes ELM Update, HR Changes & Helpdesk

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Core oklahoma
CORE Oklahoma


The Office of State Finance


HCM Forum

December 15, 2010

Core oklahoma1
CORE Oklahoma



Year End Processing

Lisa Raihl & Jean Hayes

ELM Update, HR Changes & Helpdesk

Stacy Bonner

2011 Training Schedule, January Supp & Off-Cycle & Before-Tax Deduction Priorities

Nancy Tarrant

Core oklahoma2
CORE Oklahoma


Year End Processing

Lisa Raihl – Office of State Finance


Jean Hayes – Office of State Finance


Core oklahoma3
CORE Oklahoma


ELM Update, HR Changes & Helpdesk

Stacy Bonner – CORE

The Office of State Finance


Core oklahoma4
CORE Oklahoma


What’s Happening and What’s on the Way?

ELM and other Upcoming PeopleSoft Applications

Core oklahoma5
CORE Oklahoma




Core oklahoma6
CORE Oklahoma


What is the role of CORE?

  • Keeper of the Software Functionality

  • Partner with OPM to develop Business Processes applying State Laws & Rules to PeopleSoft systems

  • Maintain, Upgrade and Implement New Software Services

  • Support Oklahoma’s HR & PY Professionals

  • Conduct independent HR & PY Enhancement Projects with Agencies

  • Evaluate Business Processes for Agencies

Core oklahoma7
CORE Oklahoma


PeopleSoft System Integration

How is it changing the way the State of Oklahoma takes care of business?

System integration1
System Integration

How is it changing the way we do business?

-No more duplicate entry

-Reducing the error rate

-Provides for more accurate reporting

-Allows for time to do other tasks

Core oklahoma8
CORE Oklahoma


Mandatory PeopleSoft Applications

Optional PeopleSoft Applications

HCM – Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service, Bi-weekly Payroll, etc

Financials – Grants, Contracts, Projects, etc

ELM – Internal Catalog Management

  • HCM – HR & Payroll

  • Financials – Payables, General Ledger, Procurement, etc.

  • CRM – Helpdesk

  • EPM - Budgeting

  • ELM – CORE & HRDS Classes

Core oklahoma9
CORE Oklahoma



Enterprise Learning Management

Core oklahoma10
CORE Oklahoma


What’s is ELM and why do I keep hearing about it?

Core oklahoma11
CORE Oklahoma

ELM: Enterprise Learning Management

ELM is an internet-based training solution that enables the State of Oklahoma to manage, track, deliver and report on learning delivered through established methods, within or outside of the organization.

ELM is the State of Oklahoma’s central system of record for learners, managers, instructors and administrators.

ELM can be utilized at multiple role levels.

Core oklahoma12
CORE Oklahoma

ELM: Why do I keep hearing about it?

  • CORE Training has been in the ELM Environment since August 2009

  • HRDS Training will be in the ELM Environment beginning February 2011

  • HCM Administer Training will no longer be utilized for training in 2011

Core oklahoma13
CORE Oklahoma


How is ELM going to effect my agency?

Core oklahoma14
CORE Oklahoma

ELM: Changes for the Nominating Official

  • Nominating Officials will utilize the ELM system to enroll their employees in CORE and HRDS Courses

  • Paper notifications for HRDS courses will no longer be provided

  • Training notifications will be sent via E-mail

  • Employees will automatically fill classes through a Waitlist as seats become available

Core oklahoma15
CORE Oklahoma

ELM: Changes for agencies using software to manage an Internal Catalog

  • Take advantage of integration with HCM

  • Ability to track training units

  • Employees can enroll in courses and print transcripts

  • Training history follows Learner upon transfer within the State of Oklahoma

Core oklahoma17
CORE Oklahoma

ELM: Changes for the HR Professional

  • Requires maintenance of the Business Email and Phone information

  • If utilizing ELM Manager Self Service, then the Reports To information must be maintained ( also required for Time & Labor Manager Service)

Who is using the elm application
Who is using the ELM application?

  • Since August 2009 - CORE & DEQ

  • 12/1/10 - ODOT, OSEEGIB & CareerTech

  • 2/1/11 - OSDH & OPM*HRDS Classes*

  • 4/1/11- OSF for OFMA

Core oklahoma18
CORE Oklahoma

How are these agencies using ELM?

Core oklahoma19
CORE Oklahoma

For management of the Agency’s Internal Catalog ~ Learning Administrators

  • Enroll individual learners and groups

  • Manage waitlists, approve enrollments and override prerequisites

  • Maintain information for facilities, equipment and other resources

  • Manage enrollment

  • Schedule Learning Activities and Programs

  • Automatically notify Learners by email

Core oklahoma20
CORE Oklahoma



Email Notification

Core oklahoma22
CORE Oklahoma

ELM Self Service allows Learners to:

  • Browse and Search for Learning Activities, Programs and Certifications

  • View Learning History and Program/Certification status

  • Enroll in Activities and Programs (and drop if the employee was self-enrolled)

Core oklahoma24
CORE Oklahoma

ELM Manager Self Service allows the supervisor to:

  • Enroll team members

  • Approve enrollment requests

  • Plan and assign learning for team members

  • Record supplemental learning for team members

  • View the team’s progress

  • Review team members’ planned, current and completed learning

Core oklahoma25
CORE Oklahoma

What other services are available from CORE?

HCM – Employee Self Service

View paychecks and Leave Accruals

Update addresses, contact information, etc

HCM – T&L Phase I - Manager Self Service

Complete Time Sheets

Manager approval of Time & Labor Reporting

HCM – T&L Phase II

Rule Enhancements (Ex: Auto Calc of O/T)

Core oklahoma26
CORE Oklahoma

What else is going on at CORE?

  • Moving to 30th and Lincoln

  • Study being conducted of other applications owned by the State

  • Higher Ed Implementation

  • DEQ and ODOC Go-Live on Grants, Projects, Contracts

  • Currently under consideration

    • Disciplinary Actions and Grievance tracking

    • Electronic Personnel Action Forms for transaction review

Core oklahoma27
CORE Oklahoma

How does your agency get involved in CORE Services?


“ I would like _______.”

“I need to know about _______.”

Core oklahoma28
CORE Oklahoma


Core oklahoma29
CORE Oklahoma


Core oklahoma30
CORE Oklahoma

Question & Answer

Core oklahoma31
CORE Oklahoma


2011 Training Schedule, January Supp & Off-cycle & Before-Tax Deduction Priorities

Nancy Tarrant– CORE

The Office of State Finance


January 2011
January 2011

  • Training and HCM Forum 2011 Schedule


    Please make sure this is distributed throughout your Agency.

January payroll deadlines
January Payroll Deadlines

  • 6 January 2011 - Payroll Deadline for DHS, Biweekly Pay Cycles. EBC Full Sync load will be the Evening of

    6 January 2011.

  • 15 January 2011 - Payroll Deadline for Monthly Anticipatory Payrolls. EBC Full Sync load will be over the weekend of 16 and 17 January 2011.

Taxable income vs before tax deductions
Taxable Income vs Before Tax Deductions


Due to this change in the payroll calculation process, CORE, along with members from the HCM Advisory Board, will be reviewing the Deduction Priority setup.

Watch for future notifications regarding this topic.

Up and coming forums
Up and Coming Forums

  • What do You Want To See?

Core oklahoma32
CORE Oklahoma