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Federation. By Georgia Ferguson. Why did Australia become a nation?.

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by georgia ferguson


By Georgia Ferguson

why did australia become a nation
Why did Australia become a nation?
  • Australia became a nation because of peoples complaint's of railway lines, the states armies and things like exchange rates and trading taxes. In one meeting Sir Hennery Parks mentioned that our armies are like toy soldiers , but if we bound together we could be one of the best armies in the lands people were still not convinced. Hennery Lawson the poet was traveling by train and had a complaint of the hassle it was to get to where he was needed. People were embarrass by things like this and finally gave in to the idea of federation.
how did australia change between 1890 1915
How did Australia change between1890-1915
  • 1890-There was a first discussion over federation.
  • Also in 1890’s women were given very little rights and had to listen and let their husband be in charge and they were not allowed to have land owned under their name. After years of fighting women from all of Australia but indigenous people weren’t allowed to vote to about 1967.
1890 1915

In 1883-1891 railway construction was been made between

The states after a famous poet Hennery Lawson had a

Complaint of customs between states. Also in 1856 Van Daemons land name changed to Tasmania.

The biggest change in that time was in 1901 when Australia became a nation.

who came to australia
Who came to Australia?

During this time people from many countries came to Australia like Chinese, Vietnamese and Asian people. They came to trade produce and products, but rarely were these people allowed off the boat. These people travelled for days and got little pay and little respect.

mary lee right to vote
Mary lee: right to vote

‘What is democracy? A government of the people’ for the people, by the people. How can a government of men , for men, by the men be a democracy? Are women not to be a part of the people?’ Written on the 1st of June 1893 by Mary Lee.

mary lee
MARY lee

In 1821 Mary Lee was born in Ireland. She moved to South Australia in 1879, and was deeply involved with gaining the power to vote. Lee organised many petitions requesting that women should be allowed to vote. Her final petition had the signature of 11600 and was given to the parliament of South Australia in 1894. That gave women the right to vote and run for parliament.

some other great people helping federation
Some other great people helping federation

Sir Edmund Barton 1849-1920

Alfred Deakin 1845-1919

Sir Samuel Griffith 1845-1920

Sir William Lyne 1844-1913

Sir Jonh Quick 1852-1932

Sir George Reid 1845-1918

extra bibliography
  • The websites and books I used were Wikipedia, March to federation the book, Indigenous Australia and Federal Culture.

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